VentiFresh ECO – Portable and Eco-friendly Air Purifier & Odor Eliminator

A home is just a house without people living in it. People put a lot of effort to turn a building into a home. It includes decoration, renovation, security measures etc. A home needs to be pleasant, positive and secure. However, other than looking good, a home needs to be smelling good too. Just like outside air pollution, there is air pollution inside a home as well. This leads to a smelly and unhealthy atmosphere inside the house. Air purifiers solves problem of indoor pollution. There are a lot of different brands of air purifiers available today. One of these is the new VentiFresh ECO.

VentiFresh ECO is a portable and eco-friendly air purifier created by VentiFresh. VentiFresh uses a semiconductor deodorizing technology combined with a standard air ventilation technique. The semiconductors used in this technology consist of a photocatalyst and UV LED. A photocatalyst is a natural or synthetic substance that accelerates the rate of a molecular reaction using energy from light, without consuming itself. Its UV Photocatalysis technology is inspired from NASA itself.  VentiFresh ECO uses a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) containing compound as photocatalyst.

A motor fan sucks the bad molecules in the air into a compartment of the purifier. The fan itself is dust-proof and won’t let dust pile up on itself. The motor fan is noiseless as well. The UV light energizes the photocatalyst which then breaks down the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in the air when it comes in contact with it. It converts the VOCs into CO2 and water after breaking them down.

VentiFresh ECO works without any filter which means it does not store molecules  anywhere. Air purifiers with filters always need to be replaced or refilled but that’s not required in ECO.

VentiFresh ECO has 3 different operating modes ; Quiet Mode, Turbo Mode and Standby Mode. Quite mode makes the lowest amount of noise when in use. Turbo mode results in 30% faster processing speed and thus cleans the air faster. In Standby mode, the device turns on calming mood lighting and rests in standby. There is a button the surface to switch between modes.

ventifresh eco next generation odor eliminator

For using VentiFresh ECO you only need to connect it to a power outlet or a power bank via a Micro USB. It comes with a gel pad with which it can be stuck onto any surface you want. It also comes with a silicone ring that protects the surface of ECO.

The dimensions of VentiFresh ECO are 63 mm x 51 mm. It is as small as a regular lemon. VentiFresh ECO weighs only 70 grams which makes it very easy to carry it anywhere. It is handy to carry along on any trip and use in any hotel room that you are staying in. All of this makes ECO a very useful gadget that can actually help to improve one’s health. It does not require any chemicals and is totally eco-friendly. Thus, ECO takes care of both the people and the environment’s health.

Source – Indiegogo

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