Create Beats On the Go With the Oddball

There aren’t as many music-producing items out there as the Oddball. The Oddball is a drum machine tool that lets a user produce music by simply bouncing a ball around. The gadget is appealing for many uses and should be noticed for how effective and useful it is for many music functions.


The Oddball specifically works to produce drum beats. This works with both a ball surface and an app that the tool works with. The layout makes it one of the most exciting products around thanks to how well it can create great beats anywhere one goes.

Two Key Parts

There are two important points to see in the Oddball. First, the ball works as a percussion trigger. When it is bounced off of a surface, a series of sensors will link to a Bluetooth app.

Second, the app is used to read the signals produced by the ball. The app will work provided that a proper Bluetooth link is enabled.

The app can be adjusted to change the sounds produced by the ball. This is to create intriguing beats that come with many drum effects. The user can program a beat to loop and even have it play over an existing tune on one’s device.

The app will also have a social environment where people can share the beats they have created with others. This all adds a fine collection of beats for people to enjoy as they head down the street and enjoy the sounds.

Pressure Sensitive

The body of the Oddball can identify the pressure or force used when it bounces. The measurement is utilized to identify how intense a drum beat or other percussive sound should be.

The sturdy design of the ball ensures that it can be bounced around in many surfaces. This adds an exciting approach that makes this work quite well. The shatter-proof body of the Oddball is a vital part of what makes this work that all people should notice.

Work With Many Balls

The Oddball is designed to work with several balls at a time. A user can link the app to a speaker and have many balls work at once. This allows the user to produce more intricate beats and can even create them with other people at the same time so long as they have their Oddballs.

What About Power?

The Oddball has a built-in battery that is housed to keep the unit works through many impacts. The unit is also water resistant, thus keeping the battery from wearing out from regular use. The battery can also be powered up through a USB connection thanks to the included cord and charger that comes with the ball.

Available Through Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign is going on right now to help raise funds to get the unit ready for sale. The campaign will help to get the product in development and eventually ready to ship out. This should help ensure that the product will be more appealing for many future uses.

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