Enos One – Best Affordable High-End Smartphone

Enos Labs is all set to roll out an affordable high-end smartphone in the market. As per the claims made by the experts and the specifications listed on the Kickstarter website, Enos One is a power packed, convenient to use, beautifully designed and Android 9.0 based smartphone that comes at an affordable price.

enos one

Now, let us have an in-depth view of the specifications part of the highly anticipated Enos One:

  • Enos One works with LTE and GSM network bands, including the likes of Verizon and Sprint.
  • It comes with Dual 4G LTE support.
  • Boasts impressive 6.2″ Notched Display.
  • Features an in-display Fingerprint Sensor.
  • Incorporates an Octa-Core CPU along with 6GB Ram and 128GB Rom
  • It comes with USB-C port.
  • For connectivity, the latest smartphone supports NFC
  • Enos One comes with an impressive Dual Rear Camera setup- a pure delight for Shutterbugs!
  • Enos One is powered by a spectacular 3850 mAh battery and comes with optimized energy saving management mode.


1) Affordable Price

In the last few years, the number of flagship releases has increased and brands spend a fortune in framing the marketing strategies and promotional advertising for the products. Consequently, the prices of the smartphones has sky rocketed and don’t fit the budget of the masses. Enos Labs with its newly launched product Enos One is aiming to target the masses with this budget-friendly and power-packed affordable smartphone. Instead of spending much on promotion and market, the company is looking forward to delivering a quality product at an affordable price.

2) Packed with Long-Lasting Battery and Supports Wireless Fast Charging

Enos One is powered by a huge 3850 mAh battery and comes with an optimized energy saving mode. The battery ensures absolute experience without any break in between. The latest smartphone also comes with Qi wireless charging technology. The company claims that if you’re using an official Enos wireless charger, the device can be completely charged in less than 80 minutes.

3) Spectacular 6.2″ Notched Display

Enos Ones comes with a spectacular 6.2″ notched display. The phone has an incredible ultra-high screen to body ratio of 90% and offers amazing visual quality. This is evident from the fact that every time you light up the phone screen, you fall in love with the device instantly.

4) Beautifully Designed

There is no denial in the fact that Enos One is a perfect display of art. The phone comes with a beautiful design and is delicately crafted in a manner that it fits in the hand of every user. The phone is made from the glass and comes with a stainless-steel frame.

5) Features In-Display Sensor

Enos One comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor i.e., the fingerprint sensor is hidden beneath the display. As per the recent updates and reports, it is being rumored that the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology used in this phone allows fingerprint recognition in 0.2 seconds. Thus, allows the users to access their phone, really fast!

6) Powerful Processor

To deliver maximum performance, Enos One comes with an octa-core processor that is clocked at 2.0 GHz. Along with an octa-core processor, the phone is coupled with an impressive 6GB of RAM for lightning-fast performance. It is a perfect device for gaming, clicking images or watching videos!

7) AI Enabled Advanced Face Unlock Feature

The future is here! Enos One is incorporated with a new Face ID technology for unlocking the phone. The 16.0MP camera on the front ensures that the phone is capable to recognize 3000 facial features and can process the face in 0.2 seconds. Thus, from security point of view, this feature does wonder. The face unlock feature is designed in a manner that it can read faces everywhere: irrespective of the surroundings-indoors, outdoors and even in the darkness.

8) Good camera quality-A delight for Shutterbugs!

Enos One comes with a rear dual lens camera setup that allows the users to click some crisp photos in daylight and lowlight as well. Coming to the front camera, the phone comes with a 16MP camera that allows the users to click the perfect selfies-Bliss for Shutterbugs! The images captured by the front camera are enhanced by the optimized facial beauty algorithm embedded in the system. Even in the dullest of the surroundings, the camera manages to click some excellent shots with crystal-clear precision. So, get ready to capture some perfect selfies and shine in every memorable shot.

Enos One is definitely a thumbs-up from our side. The fully-loaded and highly anticipated phone is expected to hit the markets soon! Till then, fingers crossed.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to get more updates!

Source – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enoslabs/the-worlds-most-convenient-smartphone-enos-one

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