puripot P1N: All-In-One Personal Air Purifier to Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Our world is more advanced now than ever in this age. Standard of living is continuously increasing thanks to the technology. However, it is not all positives. Global warming is on an all time high and so is pollution. Increase in the number of vehicles is severely increasing air pollution. Air is one of the resources that human need to stay alive and it can cause a lot of harm after being polluted. Outdoor air can only be purified by planting more and more tress which everyone should. However, the indoors air can be polluted too and equally dangerous. Air purifiers does the job of tree. One of these is the new Puripot P1N.

Created by Dadam Micro inc, Puripot P1N is an all-in-one personal air purifier. Puripot works by eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air. VOCs can lead to diseases from allergies to kidney and even nervous system failure. VOCs are present even in the daily things we use like hair sprays or deodorants. That’s why the amount of VOCs is higher indoors than outdoors. Puripot eliminates these harmful compounds and also deodorizes the air. As VOCs cause bad smell, their removal automatically causes deodorization.

Only deodorization would be of no real use for a purifier. Puripot also performs sterilization. It eliminates things like mold, bacteria, and viruses. Puripot can also protect against infections by producing oxidizers into the air for this purpose. The oxidizers do not remain in the air indefinitely. Instead, oxidizers convert back into oxygen and hydrogen once it has done its work of eliminating pollution.

Puripot also has a process for dust reduction with its lower tank that contains water. Water can reduce the concentration of dust in air by 80%. The water can also act like a humidifier and provides a natural moisture to the room. The water can be replaced by essential oils or any other thing you like for additional benefits.

The reason behind working of Puripot is the Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) photo catalyst technology with visible blue light. Photo catalyst reacts with visible blue light to produce active oxygen. The active oxygen then decomposes, sterilizes and deodorizes all harmful substances and odors present in the air. The best thing about Puripot is that it does not generate any amount of Ozone in the process unlike a lot of the other purifiers. Ozone is dangerous for both humans and the environment. Puripot is also UV-free. That makes it safe for both human and animals residing in the house.

Another advantage that Puripot has over other purifiers is that it does not have any filters. Filters accumulate dirt and cleaning them itself is another messy job. Puripot does not have any need to be cleaned regularly. Its body is also very compact and it weighs even lesser than 1 lbs. Puripot is more healthy, compact and easy to use as compared to the other options. All of this combined makes Puripot best for everyone; user and the environment.

Source – Indiegogo

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