The Airo Vision+ Will Change the Coffee World

The Airo Vision+ looks very different from many other coffee makers. The Vision+ offers a distinct layout that appears to look like a slight faucet, but there is much more to the coffee maker than this.

Made in Italy by Sviluppo Italia Industries, the Vision+ is being supported on Kickstarter. The main prototype has already been developed and fully tested. The support on the Kickstarter campaign is being handled to support the development of the product and how it can be designed.

airo coffee machine

An Unique Design

The design of the Airo Vision+ includes a flat surface that has a control setup for preparing different types of coffee. The buttons let people product small and large cups alike as well as espresso.

The coffee dispenser has a metallic appearance. The height of the dispenser can be adjusted to fit the cup or mug. The lack of a circle or other surface on the body ensures any kind of mug or cup can be added here.

The side of the tray even includes a power setup that may be used for charging a wireless phone. This feature is optional on select models.

A Corian surface is included on the top. The Corian design produces a great organization that adds an outstanding appearance for all to check out.

Simple Pod Support

The Airo Vision+ supports pods that may be inserted into the tap area. The pod will be analyzed by the coffee maker with the proper amount of water moving into the unit, thus ensuring the right amount of coffee or tea is produced.

How About Water?

The design of the coffee maker works with a one-liter reservoir for handling water. But the unit can also be added directly to a water line to produce a consistent amount of water. The water will come out to the machine only when needed, thus ensuring the user does not require more water than necessary.

Anti-Drip Support

The anti-drip system in the coffee maker is a vital feature. The design ensures that the tap is sealed off after the coffee is distributed. Since no fluids are left in the area after the coffee is produced, limescale buildup is dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Wireless Charging Area

Coffee maker also has wireless charging area to charge smartphone.

Uses Less Power

The design is also environmentally friendly. The coffee maker uses about a third of the power as another traditional model.

A battery can be used as well. Select models will come with a battery that can be charged up and can work for about six hours at a time. This allows the unit to be added in many spaces around an area, although the user can still work with a standard water connection to make it even easier to use. This does not take much time to produce either.

The beauty of the Airo Vision+ is something that will change the coffee making world forever. People who are interested in this innovative solution can visit the official Kickstarter page for the product to learn more and to order the product through a pledge for one’s support.

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