The Sodapop Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adds an Intriguing Design to Sound

Norway’s Sodapop has been working to produce a small speaker system for use in any home or office. Today Sodapop has introduced something new and unique in the Sodapop Portable Wireless Speaker.

This product, which is currently being supported on Kickstarter, is designed as a small speaker that produces low frequency bass sounds perfectly. The device works with a very unique design to allow this to work.

How Does It Work?

To use the Sodapop portable speaker the user will connect the speaker onto a bottle. This may entail the basic carrying case that the speaker comes with, but the Sodapop speaker can be affixed onto any other compatible plastic bottle. Ironically enough, it could even work on a plastic soda pop bottle.

The flexible design of the plastic ensures that the sounds coming out of the set can work well. The amount of bass produced out of the speaker is about twice as great as what people might find elsewhere.

The functionality is thanks to the air in the speaker enclosure being moved into the bottle through the membrane. The bottle increases the size of the speaker cabinet, thus allowing more air to move. The additional air in the bottle ensures that the speaker can produce a greater amount of sound. This is needed for producing a more outstanding and warmer bass sound without resulting in a loss of definition within the sound.

An air filter also works to ensure the surface does not struggle with any outside water or other items getting into the bottle. The setup ensures that the bottle will continue to function accordingly without obstructions. This even works well in beach conditions where sand can kick around. If anything, people on the beach will be impressed with how such quality sound can come out of a speaker attached to a traditional plastic bottle.

A Simple Control Setup

The control design on the Sodapop speaker is easy to use. This works with buttons for turning the speaker on and off while also using a simple volume control setup. Separate controls for certain connections are available as well. A small 3.5mm stereo input is included on the back. A micro-USB port is also included for charging up the battery.

The user can also adjust the control the set to turn on the Bluetooth feature. This feature ensures that the setup can work with a nearby device via Bluetooth that it is paired to.

A Strong Battery

In addition to producing outstanding bass, the Sodapop speaker will also last for a while. The user can charge up the 1600mAh 3.7V polymer lithium ion battery to get up to 30 hours of playback on a single charge. The system ensures that the user will get the speaker working throughout the whole day.

The exciting design of the Sodapop Portable Wireless Speaker makes it a unit worth trying out. The layout is small, but it will produce impressive low frequency bass sounds when it is linked up to an appropriate bottle.

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