UB+ E2 – Spherical Hi-Fi True Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker with Implosive Bass

Everyone loves music. Different people like different genres but still the love for music is shared everywhere. People like different platforms for listening too. Some like it with their earbuds in solace. But there are also people who love to blast it out loud. Loudspeakers, in-wall speakers and home theaters are popular since a long time and have advanced recently. There are mini speakers and Bluetooth speakers and waterproof speakers etc. Still, a lot of new ones keep coming out with some new features. One of them is the UB+ E2.

UB+ E2 is a Hi-Fi TWS wireless Bluetooth Loudspeaker. The very first noticeable feature of UB+ E2 is its design. Instead of a traditional square or rectangular box, it has a spherical unibody design. The product looks beautiful but aside from aesthetic reasons, the design enhances the sound and the bass. One of the reasons is that a spherical frame is naturally the strongest to sustain the air pressure of large volume sound. Another reason is that edges, corners or parallel walls can cause resonance and internal diffraction which in turn causes audio distortion.

For connection it uses TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology combined with Bluetooth 5.0. TWS connects with both the channels present inside instead of just one channel and then the second channel connecting to the first one. Bluetooth 5.0 enhances this experience of listening by providing a stable connection without any audio loss or distortion. That combined with its advanced Qualcomm chip produces a high definition lossless audio. The Qualcomm chips also makes possible the support for ultra-HD files like SBC, AAC, aptX or aptX LL.

It can produce a 95dB strong clean and clear sound.

A bass is an important factor about an audio device. UB+ E2 has a bass port reflex system on its back. This makes UB+ process really low frequencies and reaching up to 45hz of bass. Inside, it has a strong amplifier of 25W. It also produces a 3D surround effect that makes things ever better.

As UB+ E2 is wireless, it works on a built-in battery. A battery may concern users but not here. UB+ E2’s battery takes up to 6 hours max for a full charge and it can up to a maximum of 30 hours of playtime over just one charge. It has a USB Type C port for the charging purposes which can also be used for connecting your smartphone.

There is also an UB+ app with which you can connect your smartphone. It allows you to power on/off the speaker or control volume, play and pause, modify playing mode presets, select different input sources i.e. Bluetooth, AUX, USB easily with just your smartphone.

ub+ spherical tws hi-fi speaker

It weighs only 0.98 kg and has a diameter of just 10 inches (25.4 cm). UB+ speaker is easy to carry and it has a leather strap for holding which makes it even more easier. It also has a tripod-like wooden leg stand to place it on.

UB+ E2 has the best speaker design both aesthetically and effectively. With no compromises on audio quality and a great bass technology UB+ E2 is a strong contender for the top spot in this field.


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