SliceCharge Pro : World’s Fastest 3-in-1 6-coils Wireless Charging Mat

Wireless charging has been in existence for a while now and it’s development is blooming cheek to cheek with it’s popularity. Wires are becoming a thing of past when it comes to mobiles. Be it your earphones or your chargers. The idea might come off as basic and one dimensional but some tweaks and implementations do make for some futuristic developments. While the likes of Apple and Samsung are clouding up most of the space on the top in this division, there is always someone new popping up here and there. One of those is the SliceCharge Pro.

SliceCharge Pro

Hard Cider Labs launched their SliceCharge last year. A 3-in-1 wireless charging mat. Received as a cheap substitute for Apple’s then announced AirPower, it came off as great idea but a lackluster product.

Enter SliceCharge Pro.

A true update to the SliceCharge. A faster 3-in-1 charging mat consisting of a 6 coils construction that was missing in the SliceCharge. You can put your mobile anywhere on the mat and it will charge. You can charge another device or your Airpods simultaneously as well. And lastly, you can charge your Apple watch as with the designated in-built Apple Watch charger, which again, was missing last time.

It is manufactured by a third party developer but it is certified by the MFi program of Apple so you don’t have to worry about the quality and support.

Before going deeper into that portion, let’s talk about what comes to our notice first when you are using it. The looks and the build quality. It looks pretty much the same as the previous one with an oval shaped aluminum frame covered under fabric. There is a little stand provided if you want to place your mobile leaned against it vertically. The original SliceCharge’s design made it unable for watches with some types of band to be charged as you couldn’t lay them flat on the mat. That, however, has been solved here with the specific Watch Charger being included with a little flip-up slot to place your watch on. Last but not the least, it comes with a Type-C USB port which you will use for charging the mat alongside the power brick that is provided.

Coming to the insides, a standard wireless charger uses 1 or 2 charging coils to charge a single device at a time. SliceCharge Pro, here, consists of 6 charging coils to support the charging of 3 devices at a time. Out of the 6 coils, one coil is specifically designated for the Apple Watch Charger while other 5 coils are overlapped and can be used for two other devices.

Dubbed the “Full Area Charging” technology, you can charge your device in any position or any area on the mat. The Watch Charger slot is an exception however. It can only be used for a watch and the watch can only be placed there for it to be charged.

The charging mat provides upto 30 Watts of power supply. That provides a maximum of 10 Watts power to each of the three devices being charged at a time. Which, according to the company, results in 30% faster charging speeds.

Once fully charged, it provides enough power to get your mobile and smart watch charged at the same time more than once. That combined with its compact design makes it an amazing traveling gadget.

If you bought the original SliceCharge last year, you can get SliceCharge Pro for absolutely free with just $10 shipping charges.

The Apple AirPower is yet to come out. While SliceCharge Pro might not be better or even equal to the AirPower, it is the only thing close to it.

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