Nebula Cosmos Max: 4K Home Cinema with 3D Audio

Cinema is a universally enjoyed form of entertainment. Everyone loves watching movies whatever the genre they might like. Movies make you think, laugh and even teach some morals. There are a lot of ways of watching movies in this age of technology. You can watch any movie on even your mobile. However, it can not replace or replicate the experience of a theater. But everyone can’t go to a theater every day either. Home theater solves this problem. It replicates the experience of cinema within the comfort of your home. There are a lot of options to choose a home theater you like. A new one to join the list is Cosmos Max.

Cosmos Max is a home cinema created by Nebula. What makes it stand apart from others is that it is the world’s first home cinema with a 4K Ultra HD resolution. The projector projects a 4K picture on the desired surface which can go up to a size of 150″. Cosmos Max also has a smaller version of itself named Cosmos. It supports a resolution of 1080p only. Cosmos Max’s picture is 1500 ANSI Lumens bright while Cosmos’ picture is 900 ANSI Lumens bright.

Both the projectors use Digital Light Processing which preserves the details while making the picture bright. Both versions feature HDR10 which enhances colors and increases contrast. The projector can auto focus instantly when the picture is projected. It features keystone correction which makes sure the picture is produced in a square shape even if the projector is at an angle. It also has Hybrid Log Gamma which automatically detects and upscales any non-HDR content into HDR to make it look better. This makes watching old serials or movies way better. Dynamic Smoothing is present in there as well. Dynamic Smoothing increases frame rate of the picture so that it can show fast paced visuals without any problem. It helps a lot while watching sports or playing games.

Cosmos and Cosmos Max also keep up in the audio department as well as video. Cosmos has 2 10W speakers while Cosmos Max has 4 10W speakers. The audio system comes with Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension. To top it off, Cosmos’s speakers produce a 3D 360° audio. Cosmos produce a lot of sound but very less from within itself. Cosmos work in silence without producing any noise. Its fans produce only 32 decibels of sound which are not audible while watching content.

Cosmos use an LED bulb instead of a traditionally used UHP lamp. LED bulbs prove to be more efficient and longer lasting. Cosmos can apparently last 41 years of 4 hours daily usage.

nebula cosmos max

Cosmos can work on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, MirrorCast or directly via Nebula app. It also supports connectivity via USB or HDMI. Cosmos works on Android 9 and supports a lot of android apps. You can stream from Hulu, Netflix etc directly through Cosmos.

Cosmos and Cosmos Max both are full of features that are must in a good home theater system. It also includes some exclusive features that are not present in a lot of other such systems. They also come with a warranty of 12 months. All of this makes both Cosmos and Cosmos Max two strong competitors in the game.

Source – Kickstarter

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