FocusBuds – Smart Earbuds for Increasing Focus & Productivity

Earphones have been our companions since forever now. Listening to your favorite music on your earphones can fix any bad mood and situation. Earphones are easy to carry along anywhere for listening to music whenever you want. This is the reason why earphones are usually a must have accessory for travel. Technology is constantly making earphones better and better. It includes being wireless, waterproof etc among many other features. New earphones still keep coming out with even better features. The newest one to join that list is FocusBuds.

Created by Potential X, FocusBuds is a pair of smart earbuds. FocusBuds claims be the first ever productivity boosting earphones. Focus is always required for doing literally any work. Increase in focus means increase in productivity. FocusBuds use EEG Neurofeedback for training your brain to increase and improve focus.

FocusBuds makes your brain move into flow state where it completely ignores all distractions and focuses on one task. It has embedded biosensors that track your brain’s activity and remind you to refocus whenever you are distracted. It has a total of 8 EEG built-in sensors inside. With the help of machine learning, the sensors track your brain in real time and then learn according to feedback. Whenever you lose focus, FocusBuds send you an audio alert to refocus. The earbuds also have noise isolation which eliminates any audible distractions. It  increases productivity by 20% and the focus level up to 400 metrics.

FocusBuds work over Bluetooth 5.0. It is more stable than the previous versions thus creates a stable connection. A stable connection then results in an audio without any noise and distortion. Bluetooth 5.0 is more secure as well. As FocusBuds work completely on Bluetooth they do not have any messy wires. It also means they need a battery of their own to work which they do have. FocusBuds can provide up to 8 hours of nonstop EEG Neurofeedback and music together. It can last for 14 hours for audio use only. For only EEG use, FocusBuds lasts for 13 hours. A simple switch on the bud switches EEG on and off.

While EEG is a very useful feature, the main purpose of earphones is listening to music. FocusBuds’ sound drivers are said to be created by award-winning sound engineers and produces HD sound. FocusBuds also have a built-in microphone. The microphone also helps in making calls. Thanks to the microphone, the buds operate Siri or Google Assistant. They can be connected to FocusBuds and can be controlled over voice command with the microphone.

focus buds productivity boosting earbuds

Potential X also promises of incorporating an intelligent music platform in further updates. With the help of machine learning, FocusBuds will learn what type of music boosts one’s productivity. Then based on this feedback it will generate personalized music suggestions. This will increase the productivity even more as you improve your focus while listening to your favorite music.

All these features make FocusBuds a very useful gadget in this age of stress and tension. They serve their purpose of being earphones but also actually help in improving focus. This makes FocusBuds a must have gadget in this age.

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