KOALA : Super-Grip Phone Harness To Keep Phone Safe from Dropping, Damage and Loss

Smartphones have become a part of our lives. More people now have access to smartphone than toilets. Importance of smartphone might be debatable but its security’s isn’t. Smartphones, like any other possessions require safe handling. The safety includes both hardware and software. For software security, it includes protection from anti-viruses and malwares. Hardware safety includes casings, tampered glasses. But still, these things do not make camera physical secure. You might find it with GPS later but there needs to be something that keeps phone safe from damage and loss. Now it looks like there is a solution.

Created by Hangtime, KOALA is a phone harness. It works just like a harness works for humans. You can cover phone is harness and clip it to clothes. This will keep it secure from falling off and breaking. If it slips from your hands it will just hang down, high above the ground safely. As it always remains on your body hence there is no risk of forgetting your mobile somewhere and losing it. The advantage of a harness over keeping it in pockets is that with the harness you can keep using your mobile.

The major concern about using a harness would be about the harness cable breaking off under the smartphone’s weight. KOALA eliminates that concern as it has strong heavy duty urethane tether cable. The cable can withstand a weight of 45 pounds (20.41 kg) without breaking which is way heavier than a smartphone. The material is elastic and stretchable as well. The cable can stretch up to 4 feet without breaking. The distance also allows for taking solo or group selfies without having to remove the harness.

The harness is made of Silicone and is stretchable as well which makes it suitable for any regular Android or iPhone smartphone. The harness’s design does not block back camera. For clipping, KOALA has a 5-tooth polycarbonate clasp which can clip onto any fiber without causing a tear. The clasp’s grip gets tighter the more it is pulled away which makes it super secure.

KOALA allows you to keep your mobile out in action during whatever you are doing. You can use it to make dramatic funny videos while dancing or record your hiking in first person POV. It is also easy to wear around wrist. The creators claim that KOALA will last literally forever and won’t get torn if used under the limits.

koala super grip harness

The harness looks surprisingly cool on the back of the phone. You can use it with or without any cover on the phone. The harness is available in four different colors; Sunset Red, Deepwater Blue, Hops Yellow and Campfire Grey. You can chose combination of colors to get contrast.

KOALA is one of the more useful accessories a smartphone owner should have. It proves to be even more useful for someone adventurous and tired of breaking and losing their mobiles always.

Source – Indiegogo

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