Masterkey 4.0 – Projector & Keyboard Combo for Smartphone

The Masterkey 4.0 is a projector that is very different from what people might expect to find. This is a dynamic project that offers a brilliant function for linking to a computer or mobile phone. This can take anything on one of these smaller screens and post it all the way on a larger wall. The unit creates high-resolution displays that will light up any spot and bright entertainment and presentations from a small unit to the big screen in more ways than one.

masterkey projector

With the Masterkey 4.0, the user can project a screen at up to 120 inches in size. This is useful for entertainment purposes like watching streaming sports or movies, but it can also work for when someone wants to make a presentation. The attractive body of this unit and its convenient Bluetooth connection for securing a larger display makes this a vital tool for many uses, especially for presentations.

How Does This Work?

The Masterkey 4.0 works with a small design that is very interesting and useful. The design works with a layout where the user can get a large display out by linking the unit to a smartphone or other screen. The unit connects via wifi or bluetooth to a phone or screen and then moves the content on that screen over to a larger surface. The user can pivot the device to produce a better readout on a surface.

The Bluetooth connection used by the Masterkey is vital for use. The Bluetooth help produces a detailed organization that works in a few moments to produce a better layout all the way through. People should see how well this part of the Masterkey works when getting anything prepared for use.

How Is It Powered?

A rechargeable battery is included on the inside of the device. This battery helps to keep the setup online and ready for a while. The charging setup also has a simple design that makes it easier for the user to power something up in moments.

Virtual Keyboard Function

A virtual keyboard layout can be produced on one end of the Masterkey. The layout produces a keyboard display that projects onto a flat surface. The user’s pressure will help to trigger many keystrokes. This is ideal for when a person needs to work on something through a smartphone but the on-screen keyboard is too small and hard to use.

Don’t Forget Facial Recognition

The facial recognition feature is a good point for use. The system identifies facial responses of people in an area during a presentation. This can help anyone who wants to identify things that might take place during a presentation, thus making it more viable and helpful for many programming needs one might have.

The Masterkey 4.0 is currently being promoted on Kickstarter. People who want to get more out of their virtual projects will be impressed with how well the design works and what people can expect to find out of this popular and powerful unit. Promote it on Kickstarter today and expect to get a model delivered in February 2019.

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