Best Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online for Free 2019

Have you taken a look at some of the best sports streaming sites out there that offer great live sports stream for you to watch? You will find many great options and programs to choose from when you look around. There is something out there for you whether you are interested in American, Australian, or Canadian football, Soccer, Basketball among many other sports.

best free sports streaming sites

More importantly, these free sports streaming sites can help you get access to live programs that you might not normally get access to. It might be expensive to get tickets to a sporting event where you are. You could try watching sports on television, but you would have to either pay for an expensive television service or package. Even worse, a program you want to watch might not be broadcast anywhere in your area. That program might also be blacked out due to coverage restrictions in your area.

The good news is that there are many good sports streaming sites for you to consider when it comes to watch sports online. The choices you have include many that provide you with easy access to all your favorite programs.

Note: For the best results and for your protection, be sure to use a VPN to get access to any of these free sports streaming sites. A VPN will help you bypass any possible leftover restrictions on the sports programs you want to watch. The fact that you will be kept private and secure while using the VPN helps as well.

What are Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

We have compiled a good list of sports streaming sites that offers live sports streams, news and replays. These are best site to watch your favorite sports online.


Let’s start by looking at what StreamSports has to offer. The live sports streaming site provides a simple interface that makes it easy for people to find the sports programs they want to watch. This includes help for finding major sports from around the world like cricket in India, table tennis in South Korea, rugby in South Africa, and much more.

The popular streaming site’s interface makes it easy for you to find the programs you want to check out. You can use the interface to quickly find individual programs of value, thus making it simple and easy to work with for your entertainment needs.


The simple layout of Stream2Watch is not too elaborate. Stream2Watch streaming site has a simple organization that is easy for all people to use. The streaming sports site provides users with easy to find favorite sports programs from around the world.

The front page includes a full listing of the live sports streams that are streaming right now or what will be coming up in a few minutes or hours. The top area includes links to the various sports programs that you can watch on the site. This includes information on live sports channels that are available plus certain sports from around the world. The website is so extensive in its offerings that you can find handball and snooker alongside football, soccer, basketball, and all the other popular sports choices people can find.

ESPN Player

Formerly known as Watch ESPN, the ESPN Player is a live sports streaming site that lets you watch various ESPN programs online. You can watch many of ESPN’s popular programs on the player including Pardon the Interruption, NFL Live, and First Take. You can also watch many of the live sports programs that are available on the ESPN family of networks. These include Monday Night Football games and various other major league and college sporting events.

The ESPN Player lets you find sports that are carried from around the world. These include games on specialty networks like the SEC Network. Replays of events can also be found a few hours after those games too place. The interface on this site offers a good organization that is appealing and adds a convenient way for people to watch sports of all kinds.

VIP League

VIP League is the next choice to look for when looking for online sports streaming site. This site includes so many popular sports streams that are sorted out by icon on the main website. The VIP League provides people with simple details on all the sports that people can enjoy watching online. The website also offers live television channels and some shows, although those are not as popular as the sports events available here.

You can customize your experience on the VIP League website. You can adjust the settings to showcase the events in sports that you might be more interested in. The multi-language support here lets more people from around the world get access to the streaming sports events they want to watch for free.


The extensive assortment of sports streams that you can watch while on LAOLA1 includes many options from around Europe. The streaming site focuses mainly on soccer programs with access to the Greek Super League, Austrian Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, and other sports events included. Motorsports events are also highlighted here with Formula 1 racing being among the most popular things for you to check out on the sports streaming website.

The site is free to use, although premium users can get access to the sports streams without any commercials before or during their matches. The service still operates quickly for all users and offers the best experience of watching live sports streams online.


FromHOT has a light website layout that is not overly elaborate, but it does focus mainly on offering great sports streaming programs. People can choose to watch the Europsport channels at the top or look for other upcoming or live events listed on the front page of the streaming sports site.

The website offers simple access to many live sporting programs. You can also use the FromHOT client to chat with other people who are watching a sporting event in real time. Be advised though that the FromHOT setup does offer quite a number of ads.


The assortment of channels you can access while on Bosscast site include many that focus on sports from every corner of the world. You’ve got more than a hundred sports channels to choose from. These include Sky Sports, NFL Network, and many others. You can also watch BBC programs through Bosscast.

Bosscast also lets you search for programs based on those channels. You can find details on the events or programs that will come up on each channel through the guide. The guide updates regularly with information on all the big live sports events and other features you will enjoy throughout the day while you watch sports online freely.


StreamWoop is an entertaining place for streaming sports events from many places around the world. The free streaming site includes various categories that cover sporting events in Europe and the United States for the most part.

The site also offers sports highlights and replays for people to watch. The site’s interface lets you find many programs of note, but what helps the most is the site’s search engine. With this, you can search for sports programs and replays by team, league, or event. The sports streaming site responds well to typical search queries, thus making it a very convenient choice for your free online sports watching desires.


The idea of a Batman-themed sports streaming site is very peculiar. We have not figured out why the people behind this free sport streaming site choose to use that theme for it either. But what we do know is that BatmanStream has a simple layout that gives people easy access to watch sports online from the comfort of home.

The site promotes itself as being a place that hunts for the best sports streams around. The hunting leads it to many sites where people can find appealing streams of all their favorite sports. The simple interface provides users with a convenient layout for analyzing whatever might be found on the streaming site.


You will have to register for an account with WatchSportOnline to use this site, but once you do you will have access to an entire world of streaming sports on the site. The site provides free HD streams of sports events from many countries.

The process of signing up for an account is easy to handle. You would require an email ID to get onto the site for watching sports online. If you do not want to give your real email address, you can use fake email generator to get disposable email address and register. The email setup ensures that you can get your usage data recorded as WatchSportOnline can find out what streams are the most popular and suggests sports streams based on your watching history. This improves upon how well the service offers live sports streams as the group figures out what options should be focused on above all else.


LiveSport24 is a website that has several entertaining programs for you to check out right now. Get online and find live streams for many leagues and events throughout the world. The sports streaming website even has a dedicated ESPN feed that gives you access to all of the ESPN channels.

Be advised when getting to LiveSport24 that you might have to confirm with your browser that the site is safe to use. LiveSport24 is a safe place to visit, but that does not mean that your browser will recognize it that way. It should not take much time to adjust your browser’s settings to let it access LiveSport24 though.


As the name suggests, CricFree site focuses heavily on cricket. CricFree is a sports streaming site that offers many streaming options for people to check out, including matches from around Australia, New Zealand, India, and Sri Lanka. Chat with other users in real time while watching cricket events too.

Cricket isn’t the only sport that you will find on CricFree. You can also use CricFree website to watch soccer matches. The Eurosport and Sky Sports channels are easy to scan through as well. You can watch these and other networks in real time. Don’t forget to look for the guide to see what programs and sports matches are coming onto those networks throughout the day.


StreamHunter website looks relatively similar to the BatmanStream streaming sports site in that this too promotes itself as a place that hunts down only the best sports streams. The great part of what StreamHunter offers is that the streaming site has an appealing layout that offers different types of sports to watch. The simple interface lets you get to the live sports streams you want quickly. The lightweight nature of the site also ensures you will get on the site fast without having to load too many plug-ins or other software to make the site work.


The attractive appearance of LiveTV streaming site makes it a hit with many fans. The site uses a convenient layout where details on all the sports you can watch online are featured on the site. The space offers full sections where you can watch live sports channels. There is even a section that offers details on the latest betting lines for sporting events. You would obviously have to go to another site to actually bet on those games, but this convenient feature of LiveTV at least lets you know what to expect out of your bets.

The site also includes replays of past games from recent time. The archives go back by a few days so you can catch something that took place if you want to see it again or you need to review something. Perhaps you could look at those older videos when planning out your bets on a match.


The impressive part about using SportLemon is that the sports streaming site has various details on all the sporting events around the world that you can watch in real time. The front page is consistently updated with links to the newest sports programs at any moment, thus helping you reach the games you want to see right away.

The ads around SportLemon site are not all that obtrusive or annoying either. You will have an easier time with getting online and enjoying what SportLemon has to offer so long as you have a proper account on hand for getting your work managed right.


VipBox does have an interface that looks similar to VIP League, what with it having several large icons that you can click on for your convenience. But VipBox still makes for a distinct viewing experience as the place offers a variety of sports programs to try out. You can use VipBox to access sports programs and live events from every part of the world. The icons on the front page let you quickly find your favorite events based on certain sports.

VipBox sports streaming portal also offers television channels and shows that you can watch. The selection of programs available varies, but VipBox always works its hardest to find only the best streams available for watching online.

FirstRow Sports

The best part of FirstRow Sports site that makes it best sports streaming site is that the it does not offer anything overly complicated. When you use FirstRow Sports, you will get access to many programs with multiple streaming options. These include high and low resolution streams depending on the Internet connection you have. This ensures you can watch sports live without worrying about lag or other common threats that might come about on your mini computer.

The site also regularly updates live scores. This is a nice feature that does well for helping you see what’s happening in a game even when the stream is not working properly. But this still works best if you have a good connection that works in accordance with your browser, laptop or computer, and router modem among other points.

As for streaming sports, FirstRow Sports has several live television channels for you to watch. You can watch ESPN, Sky Sports News, EuroSports, and many others.

Streaming Sports

While the name Streaming Sports appears to be rather basic in its sound, you might be impressed with what you will come across as you look around the site. The clean interface on the screen lets you find certain sports events in moments. The sections at the top lets you move to specific live sports right away as well.

The advertisements around the site can be bothersome though. Those ads include many that are far too clickbaity in nature. But even with that, you will still find many things to enjoy as you go around online.


SportStream is a popular streaming site that has many sports streams with multiple sources. You can click on any source stream to see which one is right for your watching experience. The streams will vary by program and the time of day, so you might have to use a little trial and error to find the streams that you want to use. But the organization used here adds a convenient organization that fits in with your demands.

SportStream is organized with an assortment of ads for sports betting sites, but those ads are not going to be in your way far too often. These often appear at the start of a sports and sometimes in the middle, but the ads are not all that obtrusive when compared with what you might find elsewhere.


The name MamaHD might sound unusual to many, but it is very easy to take advantage of what the site offers. MamaHD gives you access to many live sports networks from around the United Kingdom and some other countries. You might be surprised over the number of Sky Sports networks that are out there.

You can look around to find some fun games all around the site. MamaHD lists all of its sports on the site to help you see what is available for watching online. The live score section also helps you see everything that is happening at a time so you can figure out what’s happening while online.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a popular American name in the world of televised sports. The group offers many live sports programs including NFL football and various college sporting events. Of course, CBS Sports is the proud home of two of the most popular annual sports events, the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament and the Masters.

CBS Sports site has a watch section that lets you find live sports programs to watch. These include sports programs that are presented by CBS and many of its affiliates. You can also find the CBS Sports Network streaming live through the site.

You can not only access CBS Sports through your computer but also through a smart TV set. The app provided by this group offers a simple organization that lets you watch sports online in real time while being easy to enjoy.


The assortment of television channels that Time4TV has to offer for live sports streaming use is vast. Time4TV has sections dedicated to United States and United Kingdom sports channels. These include many national channels plus ones that come from specific sports or leagues.

There are also some non-sports channels available for streaming at Time4TV. These are mostly news channels, but they are all very convenient for people to watch.

The interface at Time4TV is basic and easy to move around. But you should look at how well the streams work as each screen provides you with multiple stream options. You might have to test out different streams on the same page to figure out which one is right for you. Fortunately, a majority of them are in HD.


As the name suggests, FootyFire is clearly into association football or soccer above all else. But while you can sort through sports streams by country or league, you can also get access to other entertaining online programs through FootyFire. The streaming site has a comprehensive array of streaming links to choose from when you are bored and want to watch sports online.

You would have to watch for the advertisements that come about though. These include bothersome video ads where the audio plays automatically without you clicking on it. You can sign up for a premium account to avoid these problems though.


RedStream is an attractive website known for offering a good assortment of streaming sports options. You can find hundreds of live streaming sports events on the site each day. The site not only makes it easy for you to find streams but to also submit them. The site’s interface has a dedicated section where you can submit sports stream content as it comes along. The setup works well for your entertainment desires and lets you get a little more control over what you might watch.


Feed2All is the next option to explore when you’re looking for a free sports streaming site. It has many sports streaming options to work with. You can find streaming sports channels plus individual games on various links. The design of the site lets you find many games of note as you demand them.

Be aware of how you load things up on Feed2All. You must be cautious as the site is filled with lots of pop-ups.

Sony LIV

Sony LIV is a website operated in India by Sony Pictures. The website has been known for providing people with access to many Indian shows in real time as well as older episode streams. But Sony LIV is different in that it also offers live sports events.

With Sony LIV, you can watch soccer and live cricket matches among other events. The events are streamed in HD with no lag issues, thus ensuring you have more control over your viewing experience. Sony LIV also offers apps for your mobile devices and even something for your smart TV set.

You would have to ensure you use a VPN that works with an Indian IP address for this to work though. The standard comes as many of the programs on the system are regionally locked. It is very easy to get a VPN to work for this intention though.


This next option in free sports streaming sites provides you with several choices for streaming that go beyond regular programs. You can not only find live sports programs and TV but also live radio. The radio setup lets you hear stations from around the world, including many that offer live sports streams. This will work for you if you have a slower computer or connection and you can only get the audio for something right now.

But when you are looking to watch live sports streams with all the video included, WiZiWiG will give you the help you need for getting online and watching what is out there. The diverse assortment of streams lets you find the programs you want in the quality you deserve.

Don’t forget about the WiZiWiG forums. This is a place where people can communicate with each other about the favorite sports they are watching.

12th Player

12th Player is a free online sports streaming site that places an emphasis on soccer, as the name suggests. It has football streams from all parts of the world. The events are organized based on what is next regardless of your time zone. You can use the details to see what is available next for your sports watching plans. You can plan a whole day of watching soccer by looking at the schedule that 12th Player uses.

But 12th Player is about more than just soccer or football. The streaming site has several tabs on its screen that let you switch between many sports. The simple interface of 12th Player makes it a necessity for all sports fans to use.

Be advised that the advertisements on the site tend to be rather tough to clear out. These include ads that get in the middle of the stream on occasion. Although the site is free, those ads can still be a burden to many users who just want to watch live sporting events in peace.


The layout of ATDHE does not take much time for you to load up. The slim layout makes it suitable for use on mobile devices, but the HD streams look best on a larger computer monitor.

The streaming website lays out its selections based on both the sport in question and the type of feed you want to access. In fact, you might be surprised at how well ATDHE concentrates on American sports. The site even offers streams of professional wrestling events if you are into them.

There are not too many advertisements on ATDHE. In fact, most of those advertisements are for sports betting sites. This is appropriate, what with those sites taking in bets on all the sports you can watch while on ATDHE.


The live streaming offered by SportP2P makes it best free sports streaming site worthy of your time. With SportP2P, you can look for live sports in many forms. These include soccer matches from specific leagues that you can search for by name.

The assortment of sporting streams that SportP2P offers is extensive. When you click on a link, you will see what domain the link is attached to. You can use this to figure out which places are the best for your streaming demands. This transparency lets you know what you are entering into as you look for popular sporting streams of all kinds.

The advertisements featured here are not overly obtrusive or difficult to view either. The simple organization that comes with what SportP2P offers makes it a useful choice for watching sports online that you are going to love trying out.


MyP2P is a little different in that it has a URL with an unusual character in its layout. Also, the name gives the impression that this is more of a P2P sharing site than sports streaming site.

But one thing about MyP2P that many people forget about is that the streaming sports site offers various links to individual programs. You can find four or more source links to certain sports events depending on what you are searching for.

This feature works thanks to the site’s focus on producing a viewing experience that concentrates more on unique sports streams. The people who go on MyP2P can submit and offer their own live streams in real time. These allow people to find live sports stream through different providers and choose the ones that they like the most.

The assorted variety of live sports events you can find on MyP2P make it best sports streaming site. You can watch many favorite sports events online while also looking at the top bar to see what events from popular sports are available to stream.

beIN Sports

beIN Sports has been known for being one of the top sporting networks in Europe thanks to its diverse array of programming. You can use the beIN Sports website to watch many programs from the network. You can use this by getting a VPN ready so you can quickly watch live sports events.

The sports streaming site lets you watch beIN programs in real time as well as see many live sporting events carried by its family of network. Some replays of events can also be found online. The site lets you see many fun things and to get the most out of your viewing experience.

You might have to adjust your VPN location multiple times when using this site though. beIN uses different regional blocks based on the markets that people are trying to watch their sports programs from. You should not have to spend lots of time to get a VPN location switched though, thus ensuring your streaming experience will keep on going.

Sky Sports

You have read about Sky Sports quite a bit in this guide. But have you considered how Sky Sports has its own sports streaming site? The British sport network lets you watch all the Sky Sports programs on all of its networks. The programs are sorted by the network you wish to watch.

The programs offered come on channels like the F1, Action, News, and Golf channels. There are also channels devoted to soccer and cricket. One particular channel is exclusively devoted to the Premier League.

You can also watch many videos relating to programs and sporting events on the free sports streaming site. These videos include highlights and news reports on everything of interest to people. This all works without any geographic blocks provided a VPN is installed on your computer or other device. The great point here is that you will have many useful choices to work with when finding sports programs to watch on Sky Sports.

BBC iPlayer

Another British option to find, the BBC iPlayer is noteworthy for helping you find programs from all of the main BBC networks. You can use this with a VPN to find out what’s happening on the BBC as well as its news channel and other networks.

But even with that, the BBC iPlayer does not provide you with the option to watch live sporting events as they take place. Rather, you can use the iPlayer to catch highlights of what’s happening in the sporting world. The clips, interviews, features, and other points on the iPlayer make it an inviting tool for your playing use. In addition, the iPlayer offers replays of some older sporting events, although the selections will be varied based on when you look for them.

The sports included here focus mainly on programs the BBC has been airing. These include many soccer and rugby events among other points of note.


Reddit is known for being a popular site where people can chat with one another about anything they want. But did you know that Reddit can be used to help you find live streams? You might find many of these sports streams when you go around Reddit to see what is open.

These are subsites or subreddits on Reddit that provide you with access to soccer, MLB, and NFL streams. You can access these places on Reddit through the /r/soccerstreams, /r/nflstreams, and /r/mlbstreams subreddits. These places are easy to use and access as they offer more ways for you to find the live sporting events you want to watch online.

Many other smaller subreddits are available too, but you should be cautious when figuring out what is available and how well you can enjoy certain programs through those sites. Reddit is known for being a place where unscrupulous people might hang out at. Make sure any sports streams you come across while on Reddit come from trusted and worthwhile sources.

The subreddits also have information on the tools you need to watch sports online for free and what to do when finding safe stream options. The support that the Reddit community offers is great, what with Reddit offering a way for people to watch sports programs online for free.


Hotstar is a site owned and run by Star India, one of the top television service providers in that country. You don’t have to be in India to see what Hotstar has to offer, so long as you have a VPN.

Hotstar focuses mainly on programs for people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other surrounding areas. You can watch many television channels from that part of the world and even get access to various Bollywood films, not to mention plenty of music programs. The sports streaming site also lets you find programs based on the certain language you are looking to watch for something.

But what does Hotstar have when it comes to sports? Hotstar offers many cricket, soccer, tennis, and auto racing sports events. You can watch various sports streaming programs on the site as well as some of the region’s popular sports channels. While Hotstar does indeed focus mainly on cricket above all else, the live sports streaming service does add a nice approach that is worth checking out.


Hulu is the final choice you have for your online sports watching needs. It has been noted for being a popular place that offers access to many streaming television shows as well as some original programs. Live streams of certain networks are available through Hulu as well.

Hulu has grown in recent time to offer live streaming of ESPN and other sports networks. You can get access to all the live sports streaming you want to watch through Hulu.

Be advised that you would have to spend money on a monthly account to use Hulu. You could access some of Hulu’s features for free, but that would require you to view far too many commercials. Also, you might not have access to every sports stream offered on Hulu.

A Final Note

You should see that the options you choose from when finding a best sports streaming sites for sports have all the options you want to utilize when watching sports online. But be sure you look at how well you can get online and that you have a proper VPN on hand. Do check out the various streaming sites for sports that you can use to get the most out of your sports viewing desires.

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