Best Free Music Download Websites 2019

There are so many websites on internet that promises free music downloads. But most of these websites are illegal, spammy and crappy.

Finding real genuine sites that offer to download free musics legally is herculean task.

free music download websites

We have curated and handpicked list of best websites to download free music legally without paying anything. Most of the free music listed on these download websites is legally free or has creative commons license. That means you can listen, copy, share music downloads with friends without worrying about legal issues.

All these music download sites provide option to download free songs in various format. But most popular format for downloading music is MP3. Main reason for popularity of MP3 format is that you can play these mp3 music files in computer, mini laptop, smartphone or mp3 player. Other thing is mp3 download files are small in size and does not take long time to download and easy to transfer between various devices through wi-fi or bluetooth network.

Once you have finished free music downloads, start your favorite music player and listen to great music with best wireless headphone or best bluetooth speaker or best standing speaker. If you do not know what song is this, always use song identifier tools and apps.

1. Jamendo

Jamendo is the first platform to offer legally free music downloads.

More than 40,000 artists from over 150 countries share more than 500,000 songs for free. All tracks are offered under Creative Commons licenses so you are free to play, copy and share wherever you want.

Jamendo provides easy way to discover new music by listening to radio stations or exploring communities, playlists or selections. Users can check most popular tracks or latest releases or trending tracks from various music genres to quickly find out musics for free download or listening. You can also search for your favorite artist, album or track to see if it is available for download.

For smartphone users, Jamendo has free music apps for android and iOS platform. More>>

2. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade Music is a simple music platform that connects artist with with fans. It lets artists and labels exchange free music for email addresses and postal codes of fans. It is as simple as that. Artists get data to know where their fans are located and fans get legally free musics to download and enjoy.

NoiseTrade website has nice responsive design that works on all devices. Fans can discover new music to download by exploring various sections on website like top downloads, most recent releases, new and notable artists etc. Other notable features of NoiseTrade site are instant downloads, personalized fan profile, download history. If you like music from some artist, there is an easy way to pay tip. More>>

3. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is another website to get musics download free. As the website name suggests, all music on this website is free to legally download and all the music audio has been hand picked by established audio curators. Downloading music is really easy process. Just browse through various genres of music or check listing of curators or check weekly or monthly trending charts. Select the music that you like and click on down arrow to start downloading. There is no need to sign-up on website with email address. Free Music Archive also free music streaming apps for android and iOS.

You can also listen to full streaming version of track before downloading. More>>

4. SoundClick

SoundClick is the best free music community that offers free legal mp3 music downloads from signed and unsigned bands. There are 3.4 million member on this site and more than 5 million free music tracks available for music lovers to download. More than 6000 bands join SoundClick every month and more than 60000 new songs are added each month.

Users can browse through music charts and genres to find songs they like. Users can then add song to playlist or listen through live streaming or download free music song to play offline. There is also section for featured artists and bands.

Members can create profile pages, create playlist, connect with bands and like-minded people. More>>

5. BeSonic

BeSonic is one of the oldest platform for music promotion. It works with companies in music world and media partners to use its platform for promotion purpose.

It has songs from various genres like Rock & Alternative, Pop & Electro, Hip Hop & Urban, Jazz & Blues, Mixed Up. Users can download shortened version of songs without registration. Sign up is required for downloading complete song.

Website has easy to navigate layout to quickly browse through recommendations, charts, new songs, new artists, most wanted song etc. More>>

6. PureVolume

PureVolume is a website for discovering and promoting new music and artists. It provides independent artists a platform to showcase their talent and stream music and make their songs available for download in mp3 format.

Website has easy to navigate layout and there are various sections like Top Songs, Top Downloads, Featured Album, Picks & Promos, Today’s Top Artist to discover free music downloads easily.

Users can also sign up and create their profile to interact with their favorite artists and other fans who have same music interests. More >>

7. Freegal

Freegal has database of 13 million songs (including Sony Music’s catalog) and 40000 music videos. While other free music download websites require no registration or simple registration, Freegal requires that you are a member of participating public library. Well it may seem like a big hindrance but most of the public libraries are members. It currently supports libraries from Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bermuda, Germany, USA. You can check if your library is participating by using Freegal’s library finder.

Browse through Top Albums, Top Singles, Featured Artists and Composers, New Releases, Genres to find out your favorite music and download it for free to enjoy it wherever you like. More>>

8. Internet Archive’s Audio Library

Internet Archive’s Audio Library has biggest collection of free music downloads ( alternative news programming, Grateful Dead concerts, Old Time Radio shows, book and poetry readings, original music). There are approx 3.5 million music tracks available for download. Most of the tracks are from English language but there are many tracks from more than 100 other languages.

There is an option to sort music by most viewed items, title, date archived or creator and filter result by language. Free music downloads are available in mp3, ogg format. More>>

9. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is leading social network for music lovers. Users can listen to music, create music and share their favorite music with everyone.

Not all music tracks are available for download on SoundCloud. Tracks that are available for free download have Download button beneath wareform. You can always listen to streaming song if it is not available for download.

Users can download free song music after logging into SoundCloud account. More>>


Though is a music streaming website, it has collection of free music downloads that you can get on your device and listen offline.

Apart from downloading, you can explore vast catalogue of music on and connect with other people who share same passion for music as you. More>>

11. ARTISTdirect

This website offers streaming music service. But it has a section for free music downloads. Users can download music without registration. More>>

12. Amazon

Amazon has few thousands songs available for free download. You can browse through Amazon website and sort music by genre, artist, release or customer reviews. To download free music, you have to make purchase though you do not have to pay anything. Once you have finished purchasing process, mp3 songs are available for free download. You can download free mp3 songs either through Amazon app or directly. More>>

13. Vimeo

Vimeo used to offer music downloads under Creative Commons license but they closed music store service from November 1st, 2016.

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