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Discord has become a widely used client for text and VOIP chat. In just a few years it has replaced all legacy systems for in game communication. It was built targeting mobile gamers making performance of paramount importance. It works perfectly on all kinds of devices and integrates with major apps to allow easier communication. The app works at a minimal footprint on system resources enabling smoother gameplay. Thus, the app is good alternative to communication apps like Slack and other business apps for team communication. It has been highly appreciated by critics and loved by users of all genres. Its ability to embed bots through its API has made it even more extensible. Let’s review some of the best discord bots used by users.

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The Top Discord Bots Of 2018

1. Rhythm

Rhythm is probably the most popular discord bot on the web right now. It is a high-performance music management bot with awesome features that help you manage nearly every aspect of your music. Rhythm bot is feature rich and supports playback from multiple sources. Most users love this bot due to its lag free experience and stable playback.

Rhythm has an auto play feature that allows you to manage your music playlist with the automated bot. Once you have setup your playlist, the bot automatically fetches all your music and queues them when your guild is empty. You can also modify the server prefix to any character you like. It also includes a service to fetch the lyrics of the music being played on your server. Music bot has a search feature that can help you find the right song among your queued songs. It has a powerful settings panel that can be managed easily for better performance and easier administration.


2. Vexera

Vexera is a multipurpose discord bot with a focus on music and other pointless commands. It is widely used by music lovers and words flawlessly on any discord server. Its commands are also intuitive and put the intended tasks at your fingertips. You can control the music either in-channel or through the web panel provided by the bot. It also includes an advanced permissions system that helps you control the members on your server. It includes numerous automation like welcome messages and farewells.


3. Pokecord

Pokecord is a Pokémon inspired discord bot with some awesome features. It brings the classic game from the animated series into your discord server. It is a gamification bot that allows you to play with Pokémon right inside your server. Users can catch Pokémon, that randomly appear on your server. They can then train the Pokémon, battle with their friends and even trade them. It is a widely used bot that has been lauded by numerous users and critics. In less than a year the bot has over a million users across hundreds of thousands of servers.


4. Mee6

Mee6 is a community moderation bot with some powerful features that make it one of the best bots for Discord. It has been highly appreciated by users and has 2nd largest user base among all bots. Its feature list is quite vast thus helping you manage your server efficiently. The updated 2nd version is even more powerful and offers numerous features generally unavailable in other bots. It has an auto moderation feature that can take your place when you’re not present. It can control most information in your server and also welcome yours on your behalf. You can also choose to remain updated with the latest information from major social and video websites.


5. Bastion Bot

The Bastion bot is another multipurpose discord bot with automation features. You can automate nearly all things on your server with the Bastion Bot. It is about to release the 7th version that is supposed to have hundreds of new features. It is one of the most powerful bot for Discord but has more than necessary commands. Although the number of commands make it powerful, it also makes it quite bulky at the same time. If you have a large active server, you can automate the bot to play games with users and keep them engaged.


6. BoxBot

BoxBot is a gaming bot where you can open boxes to receive items that you can use to attack your friends. The arsenal of weapons you collect can be used to battle your friends and increase points that are ranked based on your performance. There are 4 types of boxes that you can receive in the gaming bot. You can also opt out of the game while being in the same server. But you can only opt out of the same for once in 24 hours. The bot is fun game that can be used to keep your members engaged on your server.


7. Auttaja

Auttaja is a very useful bot that does a lot of things at once. It is a must have for all kinds of discord servers. Auttaja bot is a multi-functional bot mainly used for moderation. It can mute spammers on your server that post unnecessary material. This discord bot can verify new members and also detect VPN connections to your server. It takes care of advertisements and other auto invitations from uninvited users. Auttaja also includes a community polling system for your voting requirements.


8. Guilded

The Guilded Bot is among the top gaming management bots for your discord server. It is used by hundreds of teams to manage their gaming teams. Guilded bot has a host of features not found in most bots built for gaming. It has an integrated doc, forum, calendar, media, rosters, recruiting and streams. This bot also has insights about your players and a matchmaking service that help you create your perfect gaming team. It has been used in top gaming competitions worldwide.


9. Fredboat

Fredboat is another music bot for your discord server. It is popular for managing and playing music in your discord server. It is mainly used for high quality music and has an excellent passer that improves music quality. You can easily integrate the bot with your server and get started in no time. It has very few commands that makes it easy to use. It supports nearly all popularly used music and video sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Vimeo and others. Spotify playlists can also be played with the bot with a simple link.


10. AnthBot

Anthbot is another highly customizable bot that allows you to manage your server more efficiently. It can customize nearly everything in your server and help you keep your members engaged. It also delivers notifications from Facebook and twitter through their social APIs. Interestingly you can also integrate your Reddit, Twitch and YouTube account to receive notifications right in your discord server. You can also reverse notifications and post to external services like Telegram and others.


11. Aethex

Aethex is another moderation bot popular among users. It has excellent feature crammed up in a very few commands that can be used to manage your server. Aethex bot has a bunch of features that can be used for server moderation, music management and other utility commands. It also has a chat management and allows you to kick and ban users. It can help you manage user roles on your server along with the ability to enable or disable commands on your server. The bot also includes a global social command with a reputation system that enhances user engagement.


12. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is another moderation bot with excellent features for user engagement. It has nearly all common features found in most moderation bots. It has a levels system that offers a reputation to users for their engagement in the server activities. The interface is visually interesting and also includes a credits system. The users can purchase currency in the form of credits that can be used for customization and additional commands. It also has a personalization system that allows users to showcase their profiles and ranks while changing their backgrounds.


13. PenguBot

Pengubot is another multipurpose discord bot with moderation and fun features to keep the users engaged. It has a set of features common to all major server types. It includes basic music management, user engagement and server moderation features for all users. You can also generate random jokes from some of the major sources of the web. With emoticons and comics, the Pengubot is the minimal bot you might ever need for your discord server.



Discord has hundreds of bots for nearly every task you can imagine for your server. The powerful integration features of Discord allow anyone with basic development knowledge to create automated bots for users. Thus, you can find hundreds of bots in each category of your task management on your server. Although most of the servers often crash or just go down after some time, a few of them remain the personal favorite of thousands of users. The above bots have been serving their users for a very long time. They have been constantly evolving based on user feedback and should continue to do so in the near future. Select the right combination among the above bots to suit your server’s requirements to ease management and enjoy your server.

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