Apollo – 4K UHD Touchscreen Monitor for Entertainment, Creativity, Productivity

Television has been a source of entertainment for over decades now. Before there were laptops and smartphones, there were televisions. They have always been a part of the household while undergoing great changes. Television has changed a lot in terms of size, quality and many more things. LCD, LED, OLED monitors have come into existence. One of these is the new Apollo 4k monitor.

Created by its namesake company Apollo, Apollo is a touchscreen TV monitor. It has a big 32″ screen that has an Ultra HD 4K resolution. The screen is also a touchscreen with support of a maximum of 10 touch points at one time. Apollo also supports use of stylus and offers an optional stylus.

Apollo comes in three variations; Standard, Profession and Premium. All three models have an i7 processor inside clocked at 1.8Ghz. What makes the difference is the graphics. Apollo Standard has integrated graphic card. Profession variant has NVIDIA GTX 1050ti and Premium has a NVIDIA GTX 1060ti graphic card. Apollo can work as just a TV or a computer. The graphic card makes it possible to play video games on it as well. Integrated Graphics in the Apollo Standard is not capable of playing newer games but the NVIDIA in Profession and Premium can run a lot of big games.

For storage, both the Standard and Profession versions have 256 GB SSD drive. Standard has a 1 Tb HDD while Profession has a 2 Tb HDD drive. The Premium also has 2 Tb HDD and 512 GB SSD. Standard and Profession have 16 GB of ram while Premium has a 32 GB ram.

The monitor is only 11 mm thick which is just a slight bit more than the thickness of a smartphone. It has a flexible hinge for giving itself a base to stand against. With the help of the hinge, Apollo can be put in a desktop mode. The hinge can be stretched to give the monitor any angle from 15° to 95°. Apollo is based on Windows operating system and has a licensed Windows 10 Pro inside.

All versions of Apollo have dual front-facing cameras. They can be used for video calling or video recording. The cameras are 5 megapixels with support for night vision. Apollo has dual hi-fi microphones for audio purposes during calls. For connectivity, Apollo has 4 USB ports and one HDMI port.

Apollo also has a smaller Lite version. The screen is just 27″ instead of 32″ but with the 4K resolution. It also has just one front camera instead of two and also just one microphone instead of two. It does not have any graphics card.

Apollo offers performance, space-saving and variety all of it. It can be used to replace both your television and computer. Or you can just get the Lite version if you only need a 4K UHD monitor. Whatever the version might be, Apollo fares well on it.

Source – Kickstarter

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