Wunder360 S1 – A Portable 3D Scanning And 360 AI Camera

The interesting design of the Wunder360 S1 camera makes this a unit unlike anything else. Designed in Shenzhen, the Wunder360 camera has raised nearly half a million dollars on Indiegogo. This has quickly become one of the most popular cameras for people to check out in any form.

wunder360 s1 3d scaning 260 ai camera

The camera is promoted as being the first 3D scanning and 360-degree AI camera in the world. The design allows the camera to capture more items in various places. The arrangement ensures that the camera will continue to work effortless and be easy to support in many situations where one wants to get a good shot ready.

The Main Function

The functionality of the Wunder360 camera makes it a distinct camera unlike anything else in the world. The camera uses a strong 360-degree collecting setup that reviews everything in a local area. This can review items from many sensors all around.

The video stitching feature is appealing and is worth exploring. The design ensures that more items can be caught from many places, thus making it easy for people to enjoy a great shot.

Smart Tracking Works

For video recording purposes, the Wunder360 camera uses a smart tracking system. This allows the user to touch the screen on a control to focus on a certain object. The camera will keep its attention on an object and will keep a focus on it without producing a shaky or difficult to control effect. The organization of the camera ensures that the image being taken will be handled accordingly.

The design pairs with a smart EIS algorithm to create stabilized shots. The risk of a shot being shaky or unsteady due to constant moving and shifting will be minimal thanks to the design offered here.

Simple 3D Scanning

The other features on the unit include an easy 3D scanning system that analyzes more items in a local area. The 3D scanning helps to identify items based on how deep and far they are, thus creating more accurate shots all around. The functionality produces the most accurate displays for use in many conditions, thus creating an effective setup for use.

Cloud Help

The cloud service platform offered for the Wunder360 camera includes many features that help get the camera to keep working quickly. The cloud system will include a universal 3D content player and 3D reconstruction feature to produce realistic images.

People can also use the cloud network that comes with the camera to store 3D content. A virtual reality tour guide is also included to help people program different things that may appear on a screen and messages for those who access to fun functions and controls on the camera. This adds a special design for helping people to get the most out of their camera control setups.

The Wunder360 S1 camera is still being promoted on Indiegogo. People can pledge to get a camera sent out to them when the product is made available. The strong support for the camera has helped make it a big hit that people are already looking forward to enjoying and using.

Link – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wunder360-s1-first-3d-scanning-360-ai-camera-vr-adventure#/

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