Touchtype Pro – A Truly Multi Purpose iPad Keyboard Case

Apple’s iPads are easily one of the best tablets out in the market. The huge screens combined with a sleek look and fast processor make it a thing of beauty. However, a bigger screen means a bigger space that your single hand can’t operate on. That’s where Apple’s Magic Keyboard came in. A rechargeable keyboard that you could connect with your iPad and turn it into a laptop. It didn’t solve all the problems though. You need a stand for your iPad, a case for your Magic Keyboard and the whole setup. There are many stands and covers available in the market. But buying and managing separate things is costly affair and it also takes your time. That can be a problem. Solution?

Enter The TouchType Pro.

The Touchtype Pro is a clever new accessory that tries to combine the iPad Pro with Apple’s Magic Keyboard.
The Touchtype Pro consists of a hard plastic case where you place the iPad. The case itself is attached to a flexible cover that wraps around the back of the iPad to create a stand. You can stretch to create the stand and put it on the desktop. When you close it, it extends to cover the front of the iPad too making it look like a closed case. After closing it, it becomes more bulky here but not that heavy.

It also prevents your iPad from falling off with the help of it’s cover that wraps around the top side of the iPad. You can also place your Apple Pencil inside of it. There is also an omnipresent microfiber lining inside of the case to keep the iPad’s screen clean. Microfiber lining also protects iPad from any kind of scratches.

touchtype pro ipad keyboard case

One of the Touchtype Pro’s best advantage is the second case that acts as a holding shell for the Apple Magic Keyboard. The Magic Keyboard’s case can be attached magnetically to the bottom edge of the iPad’s case. By doing this, the keyboard keeps the iPad at an angle and allows you to type without interfering with the Home indicator of the iPad which has been a common issue of other Magic Keyboard accessories. So that is a first big win for TouchType Pro.

Magic Keyboard’s case has magnets at the bottom that can slide across the main cover when it’s unfolded on your desk. This lets the Magic Keyboard act as the mechanism that adjusts the iPad’s viewing angle. You can push it towards the back of the cover. Just slide it towards you or away from you to change viewing angle. You can choose whatever that you find comfortable for viewing and working. There is an option to detach the keyboard case specifically, leaving your iPad straight against the kickstand for you to work from a distance. This flexibility is another win for TouchType Pro.

At the end of the day, TouchType Pro is flexible and versatile. It is maybe the best option for combining the iPad and the Apple Magic keyboard if you do own both of them.

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