SOLUS – The Most Efficient Heat Radiator To Revolutionize Indoor Heating

Heat radiators are a necessity if you want to stay warm in the chilly winters. But managing the cost of using a radiator is a major task since most radiators rank low in efficiency. If you are looking for a highly efficient heat radiator, SOLUS might be the best option you have.


It is claimed to be the world’s most efficient heat radiator. It claims to save about 80% to 95% of your cost of heating, depending on the type of radiator you use. Surely, it could help you reduce your electricity bills and cut down on your carbon footprint.

The product is based on a patent-pending technology. It works around the concept of using graphene based heating technology. The product is an application of a graphene based nano tech coating. The coating is five times more efficient than water based radiators. It is also twenty times more efficient than any other electric radiator. Moreover, the coating does not show any kind of oxidative changes even at very high temperatures. Hence, the lifetime of the product is supposed to be almost thirty years.

Unlike conventional electric convection heaters, SOLUS combines both convection and infrared heating to improve the efficiency of heat delivery. Infrared heating works in the same way that the sun does. Rather than warming the air around the heater and working with convection currents to move the heat around the room, infrared heating warms the objects in the room directly.

The product is very slim and light weight. It has a thickness of 10 mm and is only 4.5 kg in weight. SOLUS can easily be set up anywhere and is very user friendly. It comes with a handy remote control as well. Not only are you saving energy, but the product is 100% recyclable and thus, is eco-friendly. The operating voltage range for the product is very wide. It can even work on a voltage level as low as 48V since, the heating element has very less resistance.

The product appearance is very sleek. The product has a reflective black tempered glass to add to its aesthetic appeal. The user can choose to hang it on the wall or keep it freestanding. It can efficiently cover an area of 15 m2 .

SOLUS is a complete package for someone who wants to stay warm without leaving a huge carbon footprint behind. It will help you save on your costs as well as it would cut down the guilt of harming the environment. SOLUS is a good option for anyone who seeks both aesthetic appeal and efficiency.

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