The X1 Watch Can Handle Video Calls Without Wi-Fi

The need for a Wi-Fi connection for watching video calls can be frustrating. But that problem is a thing of the past today thanks to the X1 Watch. This is a watch which is being promoted on Kickstarter as the world’s smaller smartphone. The X1 can work without the need for Wi-Fi when taking care of video calls or live streaming.

X1 Watch

How Does It Work?

The magic of the X1 Watch is that this model works with a SIM card. This runs on a cellular network, thus reducing the need for a Wi-Fi link. This can work with any SIM card from any wireless network that one might link up to. The card has to be active with a certain network for this to work, so the user will need to analyze how well the design can operate in any situation.

The Android 5.0 operating system is also used on the watch. The design creates a stable and familiar interface that is also simple to operate. This also comes with Messenger and Skype apps. A user can download anything onto the watch in moments.

A Small Size

The screen on the X1 Watch makes it a popular choice for how portable it is. The X1 has a screen that is 42mm long, 12mm thick, and 34mm wide. The screen itself is 40mm in size from one diagonal end to the other.

Even with that small size, the screen is easy to read and use. The display uses a simple touchscreen function that is very responsive and works in moments to provide the user with effortless results.

Many Functions Abound

The assorted variety of functions that the X1 Watch can handle is impressive. Users can not only watch videos and make phone calls but also record things, share photos or videos, listen to music, and much more. There is even a 2-megapixel camera that can be used for taking small photos, thus adding to the general functionality of the watch. Of course, that camera is a vital point of the live video calling feature to see on this watch.

Bluetooth Support

The X1 Watch lets the user hear things directly off of its body, but this can also link up to a Bluetooth speaker. It takes only a few moments to get the watch to connect to a speaker, thus producing a clear and simple design for handling sounds.

Track Your Workouts

The X1 can also be used for tracking a user’s workouts. The design allows the user to link to many smart apps, including the Google Fit and Strava apps. The design can also review the patient’s steps, the approximate amount of calories burned, and the patient’s heart rate. The helpful setup provides the user with better access to all of one’s health information from anywhere, thus making it an indispensable part of any workout routine.

The X1 Watch is currently being promoted and funded on Kickstarter. The company is looking to produce more of these watches and to make them available throughout the world.

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