The RIDM Body Composition Analysis Tool Identifies the Body’s Functions In Under a Minute

People who want to track their muscle mass, body fat, and other vitals can use the RIDM Body Composition Analysis tool. This product is being developed and is currently being supported on Kickstarter with the goal of getting the product delivered in December.


The vital part of the RIDM tool is that this is a Body Composition Analysis or BCA tool. The unit identifies many functions in the body similar to what a bio-electrical impedance analysis machine would handle, but this is designed to be compact and easy to support in many conditions.

The Main Goal

The RIDM tool helps to analyze the patient’s body composition. This includes a review of one’s muscle tissue, fat content, and other vital points. The product helps people to review how their bodies are functioning and developing, thus improving upon how easy it is for people to control their lifestyles.

BIA Is Key

The BIA process used by the tool is important to note. With BIA, an alternating current goes through the body. This creates a review of electrical resistance to identify the body mass, body fat total, and other factors in the body. Part of this comes from a review of the total body water value as the resistance produced moves through the entire mass.

Simple To Use

The process for using the RIDM device is easy to work with. A person can place one’s fingers along the body of the unit. This will work for about a minute as the device uses BIA to identify many factors in the body.
A person can use this on the hand, but a segmental mode may also be utilized with the participant holding the unit outward and with the person using this on the knee or calf.

An App Readout

The device will wirelessly communicate with an app a person will download. The app will read all the details on how well the device is reading one’s key signs. This includes a look at how well one’s weight is read out, how a person’s body fat total is listed, and so forth. The work produced by the device will move onto the app to give the user an idea of what is happening in one’s body, thus making for a simple approach for reviewing functions that can make a difference.

Also, the device works on a battery that will last for days after it is fully charged up. In fact, the device can work for about five months of regular use after it is charged up all the way, thus making it a very convenient and easy to use setup.

The RIDM is currently being supported on Kickstarter as the next big thing in the world of fitness tracking. The device will help anyone who needs assistance with keeping tabs on how one’s body is functioning. The simple layout and easy to use app improve upon how a person will see what is going on within the body, thus improving upon a person’s fitness goals.

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