LIGHT WATER – Automatic Outdoor Portable Water Purifier System

Water is one of the fundamental needs for survival. Water is necessary for cells, tissues and organs to keep on functioning. It can flush out toxins and improve overall skin health as well. It is clear that water has tons of benefits for a human body. However, the benefits can be replaced by diseases if the water is not clean. Water pollution is a serious problem which is affecting countless people. Drinking polluted water leads to grave diseases and even death. Thus, it is important to consume clean water. Technology has provided a lot of solutions to these problems. Purifiers and ROs have been a thing for years but time calls for something better. The new Light Water looks to be that thing.

Created by FLEXTAILGEAR , Light Water is a portable water purifying system. There are already enough ROs and water purifiers that are capable of purifying water. But they are confined to the boundaries of a house. You can only purify the water inside your home. You can’t stay at home your whole life and you can not take water filters wherever you go. That’s what Light Water can solve.

Light Water only weighs 220 grams and it is really portable. It can purify any kind of water from any source in outside world. It can purify water from ponds and puddles. That makes it a must have accessory for adventurous people who hike or trek a lot. All you need to do is connect one tube from Light Water to the water stream and another to the container in which you want to store the purified water. Then press the switch present on the device twice and it will filter the water automatically without any long, complex process. What’s responsible for this whole process is the Flex-Filter. It has an ultafiltration membrane which has a filter accuracy of 0.01 micron. After Flex-Filter does its job, the water is further cleaned again through UV sterilization.

The whole process is fast and it doesn’t take a lot of time to purify water. Light Water can clean around 9 liters of water in just 10 minutes. Hence, it is easy to have clean water for a whole group of people while being outside. It is easy to clean the device Light Water as well. You just need to reverse the procedure and backwash it with clean water. It does not need to be disassembled.

light water portable water purifier system

Both Light Water and Flex Filter are available in two different versions; Light Water Mini and Flex Filter Pro. Light Water Mini is even more lighter but it does not have UV Sterilization. Flex Filter Pro comes with anti-clogging technology and a split design. It can remove metals and chemicals which Flex Filter can not. Flex Filter Pro can also improve the taste by adding Chlorine, Benzene and Chloroform.

Light Water has all the quantities of what an ideal portable water purifier should be. While the basic Flex Filter is good enough for casual travelers, Flex Filter Pro is a must have device for anyone who has interest in camping, hiking or trekking.

Source – Kickstarter

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