The KNZ SoundFlux Wireless Headphone Offers Some of the Best Sound Around

KNZ is producing a new stereo headphone set called the SoundFlux. This set has become a huge hit on Indiegogo, raising more than $200,000. Pledges for the SoundFlux are still being accepted with more of these headphone sets being made available through the support of the public. The design of the headphone set makes it a popular product, but it is the outstanding wireless and sound processing technology involved that makes it special.

Dual Drivers Make a Difference

The SoundFlux is designed as a dual driver wireless stereo headset. This offers a larger dynamic range than what may be found on many other single driver sets on today’s market.

A dual driver sound system is the key part of what makes the SoundFlux system work. Two 6mm drivers are included to produce a comfortable sound. The separate drivers cover the bass and treble ranges independently, thus allows for a natural production of sound without forcing anything out or potentially causing distortion.

Wireless Power

The wireless functionality of the wireless headset makes it a popular choice for use. This has a 60-foot wireless range with one of the most powerful Bluetooth chipsets around.

The process for connecting the headset to a media source only requires two steps. First, the user removes the SoundFlux headset from its charging case. The case itself is portable and will easily secure the ear buds.

Second, the user will find the SoundFlux set in one’s phone or other device through a Bluetooth menu. This works provided that the headset is turned on. The SoundFlux set will then remember the device and will start up automatically when a proper Bluetooth link is set up. The headset will disconnect and will turn off after the user places it back into the charging case, thus ensuring the set will not use more battery power than necessary.

SoundPass Mode Works

The SoundPass mode feature is an important part of the headset to note. This focuses on controlling how sounds from outside area may come into one’s ears. When the SoundPass feature is off, the noise canceling features of the headset will work. By activating SoundPass, signals from outside an area are processed. The most intense sounds will move into the ear, thus ensuring a sense of awareness of anything significant in a local area. This still works to keep background noises from being too strong in the process.

A Secure Fit

The earbuds used on this headset ensure that the user will keep one’s ears comfortable while using the product. The set uses a design with three different sizes available. Different earhook sizes are also included for added security over the user’s ear as necessary. This produces a better fit than what one might get out of most other headphones. The ear tips are also made with silicone materials.

The design of the SoundFlux headset from KNZ is expected to make a major difference in the headset world. People who are interested in quality headsets should see what KNZ has to offer through its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign is continuing to offer quality products of all sorts for people to try out.

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