MIVO – True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with Nonstop Playtime

People across the globe love music. Be it pop or metal, everyone has a liking for some kind of music. Preference matters and so does the medium of listening to it. Earphones and headphones have been in use for a long time for that. They have been in constant use while new technology advancement taking place more and more over time. One of these changes is turning wireless. Wires can be a mess and hence people are moving away from them. There are a lot of wireless earphones out there. One of these is the new MIVO.

MIVO is world’s first earbuds with a perpetual power source. Battery life is always a difference maker and MIVO looks like a winner here. MIVO can be recharged nonstop on the go anywhere. The earbuds can be magnetically connected with a cord that carries a battery. The cord battery is Lithium-Polymer and is rechargeable. The magnetic head is a pinpoint instead of any other bulky connector and doesn’t feel heavy. It only takes 45 minutes to charge battery. And one charge lasts for 4 hours. However, connecting with the cord can provide a solid 19 hours of playtime. There a optional charging case to further increase the battery life. The case takes the playtime to 29 hours. The case too takes 45 minutes to charge. The band needs only 30 minutes of charging. When you are not charging, you can put the cord around necklace by connecting its own two magnetic ends.

MIVO is more than just battery however. MIVO provides True Wireless Stereo sound as both the earbuds simultaneously gets signals. Inside, it has an Airoha AB1536 chip. The chip supports audio codec up to 24bits, 96kHz and an advanced packet loss concealment technology. MIVO’s every sound chamber has a 14 mm driver that takes care of bass and balancing frequencies.

It also has dual microphones that produces a clear and stereo sound during recording or calls. It also has echo cancellation and wind noise suppression technologies for a clearer sound under different conditions.

MIVO works over Bluetooth 5.0. It stays in connection within a range of 20 meters of the device. Once paired with a device, the earbuds will automatically connect to the previously paired device when taken out of the charging case. The charging case also shows the remaining battery or charging status.

MIVO has its own app, Talkman. Using the app, two smartphones can work as walkie-talkie. Any messages sent on the phone would be streamed directly to the earbuds. The reply too can be sent directly from the earbuds without touching the smartphone.

mivo true wireless stereo earbuds

MIVO has an IPX5 rated body that can endure perspiration and rain. The outer body has no physical buttons but a touch sensitive area which acts to control various functions. For example ; pressing on for 5 seconds would turn the earbuds on or off.

MIVO might be the longest lasting pair of wireless earphones out there right now. As there is no compromise on quality, the battery life alone makes MIVO worth a shot.


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