SUGAR – A Mobile Hotspot Router with 2.4GHz/5GHz/60GHz Multiple Concurrent WiFi

SUGAR is a small mobile hotspot router. It has a built-in Qualcomm QCA6320 chipset with support for multiple Wi-Fi concurrent bands. SUGAR operates at different Wi-Fi bands of 2.4 GHz, 5Ghz and 60Ghz. It can provide up to a maximum of 4600 Mbps speed on the go at 60Ghz. 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands provide 300 Mbps and 433 Mbps speed respectively. The 60 Ghz band has the shortest wavelength. Short wavelength means higher frequency which results in faster speed. SUGAR uses the 60Ghz band but automatically switches to the other most stable network when it is not available. It’s not just fast but also more secure as public wifis are risk prone.

For connection, SUGAR uses a millimeter wave beamforming technology instead of traditional antenna technology. It detects the signal directions and locks on to the wi-fi signal. This results in better signal transmission and a more accurate connection. It can connect upto 12 devices at the same time. SUGAR supports any device that has a wi-fi feature. It can also work over a SIM Card. SUGAR has a micro SIM card slot that is 4G unlocked. You can additionally purchase a USB cord extension dock with which you can connect your desktop or a modem.

It also has an microSD Card slot which can be used for media streaming to any or all connected devices. You can play microSD content on any connected device you want. SUGAR supports any microSD Card up to 128 Gb storage. Other than that, it has 1 USB Type-A, 1 USB Type-C and one 1gbps Ethernet cable slot.

Another bonus feature about SUGAR is that it can be used as an additional battery or a power bank. It works like a 4000 mAh battery pack with which you can charge your mobile. That capacity can charge a smartphone two times which can prove to be really helpful in situations of emergency.

sugar hotspot router

SUGAR’s dimensions are 90 x 33 x 13┬ámm and it can fit right in the pocket of your pants. It also weighs only 203 grams and is lightweight and easy to carry.

SUGAR is a powerful network hub that you can carry with yourself all the time. You can even use it to stream content on your TV or chromecast or anything that supports DLNA. And to top it all off you can even charge your smartphone with it. It is an all-in-one device which someone should really consider if they are looking for a router or a device like this.

Source – Kickstarter

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