SQUEGG – The Smart Squeeze Ball

Looking for an easier and convenient method of grip training? Then, guess what today we have a unique solution to your problem. Yes, you read it right, the smart squeeze ball or SQUEGG is a revolutionary product that allows the users to strengthen their grips, gain flexibility during rehabilitation after wrist or palm injuries and above all it’s a good way to take a small break from hectic schedule.


SQUEGG is a smart squeeze ball which is uniquely designed and comes with Bluetooth enabled connectivity option with an aim to help the users attain better grip strength and relieve stress.

Areas of Application

SQUEGG can be used anywhere and at anytime. You don’t have to think for it and believe me, it’s a good activity.

Some of the applications of smart squeeze ball are:

  • As a pre-workout or post-workout activity.
  • During a phone call.
  • While listening to music.
  • While hanging around or sitting freely.
  • During work hours to relieve stress.
  • On your way to the office.


SQUEGG is equipped with the latest generation high-tech sensors which are covered by soft and durable silicone. The use of silicone makes the device ultra light and highly portable thus makes it convenient to use and carry it wherever you go!

The smart squeeze ball offers incredibly accurate readings and doesn’t require to note individual readings down as in case of traditional spring grips for measuring grip strength. This device easily fits in day-to-day life due to its amazing features and many benefits. It helps in gaining grip strength while recovering from wrist injuries during the rehab period. The inbuilt-sensors make it easier to record and estimate the improvement and grip strength statistics. The exercise routines are simple for using SQUEGG and the best thing is overall progress is stored online. All you have to do is download and install the official SQUEGG-the smart squeeze ball app for your iOS/Android device.

SQUEGGing-The Healthy Art!

The art of “SQUEGGing” becomes more competitive and fun when you pair the device with your smartphone and try awesome games embedded in the smartphone app. You can challenge people and play games. Consequently, with the passage of time, it helps in developing strength and adds fun to day-to-day life. As the whole counting part is done by the smartphone app, you will never lose the track of your progress and improvements using the smart squeeze ball.

SQUEGG is quite an essential product in the training routine of tennis or squash players, rock climbers or players of any other sport where grip strength is essential. Plus, it also has therapeutic effects and helps in relieving stress.

SQUEGGing helps relieve stress level and prevents anxiety and panic attacks. It is definitely a relaxing break for strained palm and isn’t boring like traditional squeeze balls!


SQUEGG definitely deserves a thumbs up! SQUEGG is a useful aid for gaining grip strength. Due to its small size and ultra light structure, it can be carried anywhere and can be used anytime. Plus, it comes in two amazing colour options: coral or mint for users to choose from!

Source : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1143584128/squegg-the-worlds-first-smart-squeeze-ball

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