How to Set Homepage in Edge Browser on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 as it comes bundles with it. You can always change default browser on your laptop or desktop. But with new chromium engine, Edge browser is also getting faster and light weight. There are still many people who love Edge browser and use it regularly.

Edge browser by default opens Start page and MSN news feed when you open it. But if you do not like default start page and want to use your favorite website as start page, you can always set home page in Edge browser to your favorite website. Moreover, you can open more than one website as start page in Edge.

Here is step by step guide to change homepage in Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Edge browser by clicking on icon on taskbar or search edge in Cortana and click on Microsoft Edge.

Step 2

Click on Settings and more link present on right corner below close button. This will open up settings and more drop down menu. You can also press Alt + X keys to open settings and more drop down menu.

microsoft edge browser default home page

Step 3

Click on Settings in drop down menu. This will open up settings pane.

microsoft edge browser settings

Step 4

Move mouse over to Open Microsoft Edge with option and click on drop down box below it. It show options for default homepage settings.

microsoft edge browser settings pane

Step 5

Select A specific page or pages from drop down box.

microsoft edge browser settings pane option

Step 6

A new input text box will appear with Enter A URL in text field value.

microsoft edge browser settings pane specific page option

Please enter your favorite website that you want to set as homepage in input text box and click on save button next to it.

microsoft edge browser settings pane default page set



This will change default homepage in Edge browser. If you want more than one website to be launched as home page, click on Add new page option and enter website URL. This way you can have Edge browser start with multiple websites in different tabs.

Whenever you open Edge browser next time, you will have your favorite website as homepage.

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