PELICANstand – The Most Versatile Book, Tablet, Laptop Stand

We live in an age of gadgets and gears. There are more devices to use than ever for various tasks. Using them has a lot of benefits but overuse can definitely stress both us and the device. People often use computers or laptops for a long period in a bad posture. Bad posture can lead to slouching which can affect one’s personality. Even worse, it results in bad bone health later in life. It hands you lifetime of neck and back pain. That’s where stands come into play.

One of these is the PelicanStand created by Richard Greenwood. It is an adjustable stand that is suitable for various devices. It is stretchable up to a maximum height of 580 mm or 22 inches. This height takes the device you are using to your eye level. As it stretches up to almost 2 feet (0.61 meters), it is suitable for taller people too. This has benefits for not just the posture and the bones but also for eyes. An inclined angle of viewing can cause bad effects on eyesight. Be it reading a book or working on a laptop, keeping it on eye level is beneficial for both eyes and the posture. You can place it anywhere; be it a bed or a couch.

The stand is completely foldable which makes it portable. It folds down to a size of a small laptop and easy to carry in a bag anywhere. After being folded, its thickness is reduced to just 15 mm. It weighs only 840 grams which makes it easier to carry. It is made of durable plastic to keep it from breaking under the weight of laptop or tablet.

The base plate where the device would rest is adjustable at different angles. The plate has a grill designs which allows passing of air and keeping the device safe from heating. Below the plate their are clips for holding papers. It helps to keep important papers at one place while working on your laptop. It has pelican feet in the base of the stand which provides stability and keeps the stand from falling.

The mind behind PelicanStand is Steve Kwon, a well-known name in the world of technology. Steve Kwon is an ex-vice president in LG and responsible for the inception for many devices. It includes VHS recorder, electric typewriter, digital audio tape recorder, foldable phone etc among many more.

pelican stand

PelicanStand is a useful device for anyone who spends a lot of time working on laptops. It works same for book readers as it act as book stand as well. You can also place your smartphone on it while watching any show or movie. It helps you keep a good posture which helps later in life. It is lightweight, slim and portable which you can carry while you are traveling. For anyone wanting a device like this for laptop for online college or tablet, PelicanStand is one of the top contenders to consider.

Source – Indiegogo

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