FLIT-16 – A New Generation Folding Ebike

Technology has changed a lot of things from how they used to be. More and more services are getting technological upgrade. E-mail, messenger replaced snail mail, telegram etc. E-books, reader apps replaced books. And now we are getting electric vehicles. Electric scooters and electric bikes are getting mainstream. This is a good step as it reduces the use of non-renewable fuels as well as pollution. They can not replace long distance vehicles but can surely be great options for short distances.

FLIT-16 is the newest one to join the growing list of e-bikes. Developed by its namesake FLIT, FLIT-16 is a foldable electric bike. As the foldability and portability is the major selling point of FLIT-16 let’s see how good it fares.

According to the FLIT developers, it takes only 10 seconds to fold or unfold the FLIT-16. A good feature here is that you can fold it into such a way that it leaves the wheels free for you to roll it down the ground. But if you want to pick it up instead then you can fold it one step further and do it. It just takes 3 steps of folding to roll it and a 4th one to completely fold it. As it weight only 14 kg it is not difficult to pick it up and carry with you.

However, it does not mean they have ignored the performance factor. It has 220W Bafang rear hub motor that offers great acceleration and also gives a boost while biking up a steep area. You get a speed of up to 25kmph from FLIT-16. It has a custom-built patent-pending suspension unit of its own. It consists of rubber discs sandwiched between hard aluminum discs. The unit is only 5 cm short and weighs just 120 grams. It is not only strong inside but outside as well. Its frame is built of heat treated 6000 series Aluminum alloy. The alloy is not just strong but also resistant to corrosion.

FLIT-16 electric bike also takes care of the rider’s safety along with its own. It has two front and rear integrated LED lights that helps you see the way in case you are riding in dark. They can be turned on or off with the display present on the handlebar. The display also shows stats like speed or battery levels. The handlebar even has a USB port which you can use for charging your smartphone on the fly. This is a bonus and very useful addition.

flit-16 folding ebike

All of this is powered by a built-in 1.2 kg (2.6lbs) custom-built 7Ah Lithium-Ion battery. The battery has LG cells insides and holds a maximum of 250Wh power capacity. Its voltage capacity is 36V. It has enough power that can keep it on road up to 50 km on one single charge. It takes 3 hours for getting fully charged.

FLIT-16 sounds like a perfect option for short travels if you want something like that. It is strong, portable and can even charge your phone while riding. And you are even helping the environment while doing. What’s there not to like.


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