FIDO : A Minimalist Safe Smart Lock

Home security is always a concern for us. We want our possessions and loved one’s safe and there are multiple devices that help us in doing that. CCTV cameras have been in use forever, but they sometimes prove to be not really effective. Since then a lot more advanced devices like smart locks and smart alarms have come into existence. One of these devices is the new FIDO.

Created by UJIA Smart Lock company, FIDO is an award-winning smart lock. FIDO replaces your traditional locks as a more secure substitute. Locks can be easily broken and it leaves your home security at stake. FIDO, however, is completely unbreakable.

FIDO automatically locks itself once you exit and shut the door. It has four different methods of being unlocked ; Bluetooth, Fingerprint Scanner, Smartphone App and Inducted Access Card.

You can connect your smartphone with FIDO via Bluetooth and lock or unlock the door easily. FIDO supports fast, secure and accurate 360° Live Fingerprint Scanning. Third option is backup Door Cards that come handy in emergencies like in situations when you don’t have access to your smartphone. You can also use FIDO’s app to lock or unlock it. With the app you can also manage users or grant remote entries or check logs. With remote entries you can allow temporary access to someone from the app.

You can also generate E-keys and share them with people you want to give access. It poses no risk as you can manage all the E-keys right from your smartphone app. You can also integrate FIDO with home assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant and control it with your voice with ease.

FIDO has a top class 28-bit encryption for security. It has a total of 3.4*10^38 number of combinations which is impossible to crack with brute force. It will take decades to try all of the possible key combinations. And if someone tries to open the door with physical force, it will trigger FIDO’s alarm system and will also send a notification to your smartphone. FIDO has physical security for itself as well as it is waterproof.


FIDO works on 2 Triple-A batteries inside of it. It consumes less power and it will last 1 full year on one set of batteries. It is easy to replace the batteries as well. Plus FIDO will notify you before the batteries run out.

FIDO has no cables or complex installing process. All it needs is a screwdriver and 5 minutes of time. It looks just like a door handle and works in both directions. As it looks just like a normal door handle it won’t raise a suspicion in anyone trying to trespass and the alarm will get them caught. It won a Red Dot Design Award for its design for a reason.

FIDO sounds like a perfect home security device with the convenience and security it provides. It might not beat a complete ecosystem but it is one of the best options for basic home security.

Source – Indiegogo

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