IMILAB EC2 : Cordless Security Camera with AI Technology

There is a difference between a home and a house. A house is just a building but a home is a feeling. What makes a house a home is people living in it. People put efforts in doing so. Along with the aesthetic value, a home needs to be secure as well. It’s not a home if you don’t feel safe in it. People worry about the security of their homes and their loved one’s living in it. Technology has provided multiple devices that help them in doing so. One of such devices is the new EC2.

Created by iMilab, EC2 is a wireless security camera. EC2 is laced with AI technology and cam record videos in 1080p HD technology. Having a good resolution is necessary for a security camera because a security footage is useless if it is not clear. An HD resolution is excellent for getting a good clear view of any area. The footage that EC2 will produce will be equivalent to that of Blu-ray quality.

EC2 has a designated 120° ultra wide angle lens. This makes EC2 cover more area than usual and reduce blind spots. EC2 is also equipped with an automatic infrared light. The light turns on automatically whenever the light is low and sends the camera into a night vision mode. Thanks to the infrared light, EC2 can shoot clear footage of up to 100 meters even when it is dark. Night time is usually thought of as a more criminally active time period. Again, a security camera would be useless if it can’t produce a clear footage of when it is the most important. EC2 provides free cloud storage for saving all of the footage. The cloud does not need any subscription and will be available for lifetime totally free. It also has a 64 GB SD card as a backup storage.

EC2 supports a passive infrared (PIR) thermal sensing technology. EC2 detects any movement made by a heat-producing object within the sensing range and sends an alert. However, this technology can send false triggers if it detects any pet in its range. EC2 uses the AI to reduce such false alarms. EC2 records a small video when there is any movement and uploads onto cloud. There the AI technology determines if it is a human or an animal.

EC2 has a built-in rechargeable battery of 5100 mAh capacity. EC2 can last for 120 days over just one charge. The camera also has a built-in speaker and a microphone. Through the Mi Home app you can communicate with a person in front of the camera through the camera. With this you can manage couriers, naughty kids or notify a waiting visitor. All while being miles away from it.

EC2 can take care of itself as well. It is IP66 certified waterproof and weatherproof as well. It can withstand any temperature ranging form f -4° to 122° F.

imilab ec2 cordless ai security camera

There are two ways to install EC2; drilling screws in a wall or sticking it on an adhesive. It comes with a 360° adjustable ball joint holder frame with which you can adjust it at any angle. EC2 is completely wireless and four different cameras can be interconnected with iMilab’s own wire-free getaway. This composition works like a fully fledged home security system and can cover an entire home.

iMilab EC2 is a capable and helpful security camera which can help people take care of their home and their loved ones. Home security is a necessity these days and there are various home security systems already. But by giving some exclusive benefits, iMilab EC2 holds its own ground as a strong contender.

Source – Indiegogo

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