Mokacam Alpha 3 – The World’s Most Advanced 4K Action Camera

Action cameras came into popularity with the launch of GoPro cameras. Action cameras come handy when you want to capture the action while you are being immersed into it. These are compact handheld cameras that you can keep with yourself wherever you go while whatever you do. A lot of action cameras have come out just recently. One of them is the new Alpha3 that looks to stand out from the lot.

Alpha3 is a 4K action camera. It has a 16-MP camera as compared to 12-MP cameras of most of the other options in the market. It provides a bit-rate up to 90mbps.

Alpha3 is built as the world’s most advanced 4K action camera. The first feature of Alpha3 that supports this claim is its touch screen. The screen is 180° tiltable. It makes it possible to achieve tricky angles while clicking pictures which are not possible otherwise. The screen is also 45% larger than other cameras present in the market.

Alpha3 works on a 1.2 GHz Ambarella H22 Quad-core processor and Sony IMX577 camera sensor. The combination of these two makes Alpha3’s SoC the most advanced SoC ever in the market. It supports Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range technology which is one of the most effective tech to improve image quality. The Alpha3’s SoC supports DOL-HDR in both photo and video mode. It works up to 4k @60fps which is missing in any other competitor device in market.

Alpha3 can also record videos in 1080p 240fps for a 8x slower ultra slow motion.

Alpha3 has Electric Stabilization that helps in making smoother videos while moving. It removes the shakiness from the videos and make it stable. Alpha3’s super advanced SoC supports ES up to [email protected] It works even with the HDR which is another feature missing in other devices in this line. The SoC also supports automatic distortion correction up to [email protected]

Due to its advanced SoC, the power consumption of Alpha3 is just 1.5W, resulting in much longer battery life at the same capacity as of the other action cameras in market. It can last up to 1.7 hours on continuous recording at 1080p. The battery is removable and replaceable.

Alpha3 comes with built-in waterproofing. It will stay safe at up to 3 meters deep in water even without any case. If you add the waterproof case, it can stay safe up to 200 ft / 60 meters underwater.

There is a 37 mm adapter for installing extended lenses and mounts for mounting the camera to bikes or tripods etc.

mokacam alpha 3 action camera

By using the Mokacam app, user can directly download the clicked images and videos to their phone through Wi-Fi connection. There is a Micro HDMI port which makes it possible to show pictures and even live stream through Alpha3 to your TV in Full HD.

With the most advanced SoC out there and unique features like flipping touch screen among others, Alpha3 really does look like the most advanced action camera out there. Thus, a perfect addition for anyone who likes adventures and keeping their memories.

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