How to Change VLC Media Player Themes / Skins

VLC media player is a versatile media player for Windows, Linux and Mac platform.

It is lightweight, open source and highly customizable. Moreover it has some video editing features like trimming video, converting videos etc.

After installing VLC media player, you can change default theme / skin to something that you like. You can find lots of skins for VLC media player on internet. VLC media player website also has repository of skins. You can check out that and download themes from there. Changing theme is just matters of clicks.

How to Change Themes / Skins in VLC Media Player

1. Download theme from internet and move theme file to skins folder of VLC media player installation. Theme file have .vlt extension. If theme file is zipped, unzip it.

2. Launch VLC media player.

3. Click on Tools on menu bar and select Preferences. Alternatively use VLC keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P to open preferences window.

vlc media player tools preferences

4. It will open Simple Preferences window. Click on Interface tab if not selected. In Look and feel section, note that Use native style is selected by default. Select Use custom skin.

vlc media player interface settings

5. Now there is an option to select Skin resource file. It has default skin file name. Click on Choose button and select skin file from skins folder and click on Open. This will change Skin resource file name. Click on Save button to save changes.

vlc media player interface look and feel settings

6. VLC media player’s skin configuration is changed but it is not yet applied.

7. Close VLC media player and launch it again. Now you can see VLC media player with new theme.

vlc media player dark theme

8. Once you are using custom skin, it is easy to switch between different themes. Right click anywhere on VLC media player.

vlc media player change skin menu

9. It will pop up a menu. Move over to Interface menu and a sub menu will open. Move over to Select Skin and it will display all the skins available in skins folder.

10. Select the theme that you want to apply and VLC media player’s theme will change to that skin.

Note : You can also develop custom skin. VLC media player provides a separate tool VLC Skin editor for creating custom themes. Just download that and create your own skins.

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