SMOOTH-Q2 – A Small Size Mobile Phone Gimbal

Tripods and gimbals are two popular camera accessories. Both of these are used for capturing photos and videos at angles that a human hand can not. While tripods stay static in one location, a gimbal can be carried in hand while using. One of these is ZHIYUN Smooth Q2.

Smooth Q2 is portable gimbal that claims to be maybe the smallest gimbals in the world. It does look like achieving the goal as it is only of the size of a cold drink can. It can easily fit in your pockets which not many such devices can boast about. That means you can carry with yourself a camera setup wherever you go.

However, it wouldn’t mean anything if you could carry it with yourself but it is not even usable. That’s not the case with Smooth Q2 here. Its motor can withstand a max payload of 260g and can work for 3000 hours continuously. Q2 has, like its name, a smooth quick latch design for putting in the camera device or taking it out. It takes just 1 second to do so apparently. The latch automatically fits to the size of the device and doesn’t need any adjustments.

It supports 360 degrees of rotation combined with a 3-axis stabilization. The 360° movement allows for a full range point-of-view image or video of a landscape. Its Vortex Mode enhances video recording in the 360° shots. Inside, it has a Tilt motor, a Roll motor and a Pan motor each for its namesake purposes. It also has advanced time-lapse, motion lapse and hyper lapse functions. It also features Active Object Tracking and the famous Dolly Zoom popularized by the great Hitchcock.

Q2 comes with a built-in battery. Q2 has a big 21700 mAh Li-on rechargeable battery. Once fully charged it can last for up to 16 hours continuously. And like a cherry on the top, Q2 has a micro USB port with which you can charge your smartphone. As the battery is 21700 mAh strong, it can charge up a smartphone quickly.

It connects directly via Bluetooth and does not need any application. However, it does have an app named ZY Play that provides some other useful features for video recording. You can choose from a bunch of filming modes. You can also set manual settings for ISO, Shutter speed etc.

The build is not just small but also durable. It is built of an aerospace grade aluminum alloy. The material has reduced the overall weight of Q2 to just 360 grams while giving it durability. The body features one LED indicator and all the controls i.e. two buttons for power on/off & photo/video mod and one 5 way control joystick.

Smooth Q2 is small, portable and yes, smooth. It has all the features one looks for in a way smaller frame that you can keep in your pocket. And it still remains 360 grams light. And none of it forces a compromise on Q2’s actual purpose of a gimbal. A true win-win deal.

Source – Kickstarter

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