Best Alarm Clock Apps 2019

Do you like getting up early? No way. That is your answer. Well no body likes getting up early. But there is no escape from it. Whether you are working person or student or traveler, you have to wake up on time to start your day. There are alarm clock apps that can make getting up early a pleasant experience. Best alarm clock apps comes with amazing features and offers lot of customization. We have curated list of top alarm clock apps to start your day.

Best Alarm Clock Apps 2018


Experience best three panel clock app for free

This free app designed for android is one of the most loved alarm clock apps. Timely is famous for its amazingly designed alarm clock allowing you to experience three panel settings for alarms including Main clock, timer mode and stop-watch. The feature of quick settings and provision of multiple simultaneous alarms is what made it one of the best alarm clock apps.

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Gentle Alarm

Get the best features of several alarm clocks in one app

One of the paid alarm clock app is Gentle Alarm that is worth trying. Loaded with multiple features and tweaks including: Multiple alarms, smart alarm, recurring alarms, puzzle mode, alarm profiles, and configurable ringtones has made Gentle Alarm number two in this list. One of the most impressive features is the ability of the alarm to get linked to the internet radio station. These features are definitely worth paying money for.

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Now Get up to click with Alarmy

One of the best paid android and iOS alarm clock apps is Alarmy. The best part about this application that made this application counted in this list is the feature of camera linked to it. The alarm in this app won’t go off until you do not take a picture of location you had set on the time of setting the alarm. Most of the people set the alarm picture to their bathroom sink that forces them to get out of their bed. If you are among the lazy souls, this application can change your entire world.

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With AMDroid you can add geofences

The alarm clock with amazing name AMDroid is the combination of the neat and flat material aesthetics that makes it unique and fun. This app is loaded with the useful settings that would definitely help over-sleepers. The feature of multiple alarms with individual settings makes it even better. Other features that it has are one-shot recurring alarm and countdown timers.

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Get Weather and news at the end of your Alarm

This android and iOS supporting alarm clock application is one of the cutest applications designed in clocks. The cute theme designed is mesmerizing and fun. AlarmMon is themed around cute cartoons and stickers and there are types of alarms. With this one can incorporate character and games that would make sure that you are awake. There are many free and premium alarms that one can select from.

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Wake Alarm Clock

Configure your alarm Clock App with Wake Alarm Clock Easily

One of the clean, minimal interface with the facility of gestures and motion controls providing a great effect for styling, makes it one of the top ranking alarm clock application. Based on the analog theme all the users can set the alarm by winding the dial. The best part about this application is, it is very easy to operate by flipping the iPhone upside down and alarm is turned off. This app is a paid app.


Caynax Alarm Clock

Make it easy to operate alarm clock with Caynax Alarm Clock

Caynax Alarm Clock is the extremely well designed with the crazy amount of customization potential. As far as the settings are concerned there are several kind of options available in this including: quick, cyclic, timely and everyday alarms.

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Good Morning alarm Clock

Now get all intelligent alarm clock with sensor

The app designed by the Prolific developer Apalon has the sleep scene in the mind with this Good morning Alarm Clock. Setting up the target wake-up time and then setting their phones on their bed is all it takes. The sensors in the app are designed to note and record the sleep movements for detection of light and deep sleep with the help of which the alarm wakes you up in the time frame of the set time during your light sleep cycle.


Carrot Alarm Clock

Now no snooze option just wake up with Carrot Alarm Clock

This app is for lazy people who can not leave bed easily on time. This app is designed to wake the lazy people off bed with surety.  You just can not turn off alarm by pressing some button. You have to play some brainy mini-games to turn it off. This feature makes sure that you are completely awake to play games.


Wake and Shake Alarm Clock

One of the merciless alarm clock apps is Wake and Shake Alarm Clock

This is one of the merciless alarm clock that takes no prisoners. There is no snooze button in this Wake and Shake alarm Clock. There is no control over volume of alarm. You have to shake your mobile phone vigorously to turn off alarm.

There is option of deciding the intensity of shaking required to turn the alarm off. There is an additional feature to gamify the alarm.

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