Best Toilet Enzymes 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right toilet enzymes to suit your needs. We review the 10 best toilet enzymes on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good toilet enzymes, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching toilet enzymes.

You don't have to try out every toilet enzymes to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best toilet enzymes to be Walex Bio-Pak RV Black Holding Tank Deodorizer and Digester, Natural Enzyme Formula, Alpine Fresh Pack of 1 (10 count). There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment 12 Pcs for 1-Year Supply, Dissolvable Packs with Easy Operation, Durable Biodegradable Enzymes for Wastes, Greases & Odors.

Choosing the toilet enzymes can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated toilet enzymes. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Toilet Enzymes

Review of Best Toilet Enzymes

1. Walex Bio-Pak RV Black Holding Tank Deodorizer and Digester, Natural Enzyme Formula, Alpine Fresh Pack of 1 (10 count)

  • No need for special toilet paper
  • Deodorizes and breaks down waste and paper
  • Pre-packaged portion control - no measuring or pouring
  • Non-staining color
  • Septic tank safe

2. Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment 12 Pcs for 1-Year Supply, Dissolvable Packs with Easy Operation, Durable Biodegradable Enzymes for Wastes, Greases & Odors

  • EFFICIENT BIODEGRADATION: Each pack of Vacplus septic tank treatment is formulated with billions of active septic tank enzymes that can efficiently dissolve grease, paper, and other wastes, which reduces buildups and prevents them from overflowing, saving the trouble of costly maintenance for septic tanks.
  • EFFECTIVE REMOVAL: The enzymes in the septic tank treatment can dissolve organic wastes adhering to the sewer pipelines, thus effectively removing odors caused by these wastes in your bathroom. You can rest assured that this efficient septic tank cleaner will make your bathroom time way more pleasant.
  • EASY OPERATION: Vacplus septic treatment is super convenient to use for maintenance. You only need to monthly drop a pack into the downstairs toilet bowl and flush the toilet until the pack is swept away. Each pack of Vacplus septic tank cleaner lasts for 1 month in a septic tank of 1000-1500 gallons, and the 12 packs in total can continuously clean septic tanks for a whole year!
  • NEUTRAL FORMULA: Vacplus septic tank cleaners are made of neutral ingredients without any corrosive substances and chemical additives. Vacplus septic tank cleaners will not damage the home pipelines at all.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The neutral ingredients make the septic treatment suitable for almost all septic systems and sewage systems. It can be widely used for household septic tanks, commercial sewage tanks, and sewage tanks in boats or RVs. Just one cleaner keeps numerous septic tank problems away!

3. Roebic K-37-Q Septic Tank Treatment Removes Clogs, Environmentally Friendly Bacteria Enzymes Safe for Toilets, Works for 1 Year, 32 Fl Oz

  • SAFE FOR ALL PLUMBING. K-37 works in both your septic tank and drain fields. It prevents the clogging of inlet and outlets that can lead to unpleasant odors and overflowing receptacles
  • RESTORES THE NATURAL BALANCE OF SEPTIC TANKS. Promotes the efficient and rapid breakdown of solids, thereby reducing sludge and scum levels and resulting in reduced odors, less clogs and more efficient system operation
  • PATENTED ROETECH BATERIA. Roebic K-37 Septic Tank Treatment contains exclusive Roetech bacteria that keeps your septic system running smoothly and preventing common septic problems
  • ECONOMICAL. The concentrated easy to use K-37 can treat a 500-Gallon septic tank. Treatment lasts for a full year
  • BIODEGRADABLE. Safe for the environment and contains an aerobic spore-bearing bacteria that's resistant to soaps and detergents

4. Septic Boost Septic Safe Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Acid-Free Toilet Cleaner with Enzymes for Septic Tank Treatment - Effective Cleaning & Deodorizing Bio-Based Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner (32 FL Oz)

  • Gentle Cleaning Power: Our non-corrosive formula is designed to be safe for toilet bowls, pipes, and natural stone surfaces. Ideal for both home use and in RVs, ensuring a sparkling clean without causing damage.
  • Septic System Safe: Unlike other toilet bowl cleaner gels that contain harmful bleach or acids, our proprietary formula is bio-based, preserving the delicate balance of microorganisms in your septic tank. Maintain a healthy septic system without compromising its efficiency.
  • 2-in-1 Septic Treatment & Cleaner: Septic Boost goes beyond traditional cleaning. Infused with natural enzymes and probiotics, it not only cleans your toilet but also nourishes your septic tank, promoting a thriving microorganism ecosystem for long-term septic system health.
  • Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaner: Derived from bio-based ingredients, our cleaner reduces the need for chemical-based alternatives, contributing to a safer home and a healthier environment. Make a conscious choice with our eco-friendly solution.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Our family-owned business in San Clemente, CA, takes pride in crafting an eco-friendly cleaner that meets the highest standards. We stand behind our products and offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

5. Rid-X Septic System Treatment 3-Monthly Supply Dual Action Septi-Pacs - 3.2 oz

  • No.1 Brand in septic system treatment (based on National Nielsen data)
  • Helps prevent septic backups by continuously breaking down household waste (along with occasional pumping)
  • Pre-measured, easy-to-use dissolvable pouches that are safe for use in pipes and tanks
  • Natural bacteria and advanced enzymes start working immediately to break down paper, protein, oils and grease
  • 1 Pouch of our powerful concentrated formula is 1 monthly dose for septic tanks between 700-1500 gallons. To use, just place a pouch in your toilet and flush

6. Unique Super Digest-It Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener, Powerful Clog Remover for Toilet, Sink, Shower, Bathtub, Metal Pipes, for Household Use, 32 fl. Ounce

  • Unclogs plumbing without acid. Super Digest-It uses the power of enzymes to break down debris and waste that is clogging your drains, allowing you to unclog your drains without acids or lye.
  • Trusted for over 20 years. Fixture-friendly Super Digest-It uses acid-free ingredients, instead of heat, to open drains. This makes it the go-to product for conscious consumers who are looking for more responsible alternatives.
  • Activated bio-enzymatic cleaners penetrate water and clogs. Safe to use in toilets, garbage disposals, showers, bath tubs and metal pipes. Septic safe. Helps prevent clogs when used as a monthly maintainer.
  • Unlike traditional drain cleaners (and even other supposedly “safe drain openers”), Super Digest-It unclogs drains without releasing harsh fumes.
  • Unique drain cleaning products are Formulated With Trust and produced in our Denver, Colorado facility. Our commitment to transparency means you always have honest information available to help you choose the products that are right for your home.

7. Camco TST Blue Enzyme RV Toilet Treatment Singles | Features a Biodegradable Septic Safe Formula, a Clean Scent, and is Ideal for RVing, Boating, and More | (8) 4 oz Bottles (41501)

  • RV Toilet Treatment: Contains an enzyme complex that digests waste, tissue, fats and proteins; Activates when diluted
  • Ultra-Concentrated Formula: Just (1) bottle treats up to 40-gallons; Stops odors for up to 7 days
  • Environmentally Friendly: All components are biodegradable and septic safe; Does not contain harmful formaldehyde, pesticides or biocides
  • Great Smell: Clean scent; Quantity: (8) 4 oz. bottles
  • Made in the USA: Product is proudly made in the USA

8. Walex Bio-Pak RV/Marine Natural Enzyme Black Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, Waste and Paper Digester, Camper, Boat, Camping Cassette Toilet Cleaner Pods, Tropical Breeze, 10 Pack

  • NATURAL WASTE BREAKDOWN - Bio-Pak Natural Enzyme Deodorizer Waste and Paper Digester swiftly breaks down waste and stubborn toilet paper, keeping your holding tank sensors working effectively and system running smooth. No more clogs or backups and no need for special RV grade toilet paper.
  • ENZYME BASED HOLDING TANK DEODORIZER - Bio-Pak marine and RV holding tank deodorizer tabs contain powerful enzymes that liquefy waste and tackle unpleasant smells, making your trips more enjoyable. Say goodbye to embarrassing odors with your boat, camping toilet, and RV toilet tabs.
  • VERSATILE FOR ALL TANKS - Our marine and RV tank deodorizer for black tank cleans tanks from 2.5 gallons to up to 40 gallons. Dissolves immediately upon contact with water. Just Drop it in - no messy spills. Non-staining color. Ideal for RVing, boating, boondocking, and portable camping toilets.
  • TROPICAL BREEZE 10 PACK - Experience a refreshing tropical breeze fragrance that transforms your environment with our marine and RV drop ins for toilets. Plus, our boat and RV toilet deodorizer is septic system safe and campground friendly. Nature and comfort coexist!
  • MADE IN USA - Walex has been a global leader in developing and manufacturing premium odor control and sanitation products since 1987. As a family-run business, Walex takes pride in manufacturing premium products that customers can trust.

9. Natural Elements Drain & Septic Treatment | Drains, Septic, RV, Toilets, Grease Traps | Natural, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable | 2 Lb

  • ✅ Contains enzymes and bacteria count of 5 BILLION to combat clogs and keep pipes flowing freely. Contains cellulase enzymes for rapid degradation of toilet paper. Digests organic wastes in Septic Systems, Pipes, RV Holding Tanks, Drains, Toliets. Contains up to 5X more bacteria and enzymes.
  • ✅ Dramatic reduction in volume of organic waste. High performance, scientifically validated and verified, proprietary 5-strain bacteria blend chosen to specifically degrade organics in septic tanks resulting in less pump-outs.
  • ✅ Effective Odor Reduction, prevents clogging, sewage backups, and odor drafts from plumbing. Removes fats, oils, an grease. Breaks down paper and restores natural drain and septic health.
  • ✅ For Emergency Lateral Line Opening, Use 1 Canister. Enhanced with free enzymes to speed up degradation.
  • ✅ Repopulates septic systems with beneficial sewage-degrading bacteria as the population decreases due of the use of disinfecting cleaners. Enhance the Natural Biology of Cesspools, Septic Tanks, and Drainage Areas

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