Best Kastking Rods 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right kastking rods to suit your needs. We review the 10 best kastking rods on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good kastking rods, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching kastking rods.

You don't have to try out every kastking rods to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best kastking rods to be KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods, Casting Rod 6ft 6in-Medium Heavy - Fast-2pcs. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is KastKing Progressive Glass Spinning Rods, 7'6"- MH -2 pcs.

Choosing the kastking rods can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated kastking rods. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Kastking Rods

Review of Best Kastking Rods

1. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods, Casting Rod 6ft 6in-Medium Heavy - Fast-2pcs

  • 【KastFlex IM6 Graphite Blanks】 - Fish like a gladiator! KastKing Crixus casting rods and spinning rods deliver incredible performance at a budget price. With KastFlex technology, these powerful and sensitive IM6 Graphite rods range in power from a light weight rod to heavy in 5’ to 7’6” lengths. These incredible all-around rods are perfect for any species in freshwater and you’ll also find them perfect as a saltwater fishing rod.
  • 【Golf Style SuperPolymer Handle 】– SuperPolymer handles are comfortable, durable and exceptionally slip resistant giving you maximum control over your fishing rod in all conditions. These performance handles are normally only found on fishing rods costing much more, but KastKing uses them on all Crixus spinning and baitcasting rods to make these the best value of any fishing pole available today. Crixus fishing rods feature a split rear handle design and are finished with a EVA fighting butt.
  • 【Stainless Steel Guides w/Zirconium Oxide Rings】 – As an angler you know that quality components make the fishing rod. KastKing uses only high-quality stainless-steel guide frames with Zirconium Oxide rings that deliver long, smooth casts and durable performance with fluorocarbon, monofilament or braided fishing line. You’ll get exceptional performance from your new Crixus fishing rod with KastKing Made in the USA KastPro braid.
  • 【17 Different Models 】– KastKing Crixus fishing rods are available in 17 different power, action, and length combinations. There is a Crixus fishing rod that is perfect for bass fishing, walleye fishing, trout fishing, catfish, and so much more. There are several perfect Crixus models for inshore saltwater fishing. All Crixus fishing rods are constructed in 2-pcs for easy transport and storage. With PTS (Power Transition System) technology, they’ll feel just as good as 6-pcs rods.
  • 【Performance That You Can Count On】– The new KastKing Crixus fishing rods are designed with performance in mind and loaded with features normally only found on rods costing much more. Crixus is not an old-fashioned fishing pole. Each fishing rod is exceptionally light-weight due to the graphite construction but has plenty of power to handle your best catch. You’ll be proud to own these KastKing fishing rods and to fish with peace of mind.

2. KastKing Progressive Glass Spinning Rods, 7'6"- MH -2 pcs

  • 【100% Phenolic Glass Blanks】The new KastKing Progressive Glass fishing rods will immediately become your favorite rod! The powerful, easy casting, 100% glass blanks will bring back memories of why you love to fish with glass rods. They all feature either Moderate or Moderate Fast actions from light to heavy power ratings for any species you target close to home.
  • 【Traditional Full Length Cork Handles】 The glass blanks simply had to include traditional cork, full length handles. The beauty and comfort of cork has been used in the finest fishing rods for decades and the new KastKing Progressive Glass rods will follow in the tradition of the finest craftsmanship in rod building.
  • 【High Performance/Exceptional Value】 In addition to the custom-tailored actions and beautiful cork handles, we’ve used premium components such as graphite reel seats and solid stainless steel, double footed guides designed to perform with all fishing lines from monofilament to braid, including today’s super lines. And we deliver it all at a price that offers an exceptional value to today’s most knowledgeable anglers.
  • 【9 Different 2 pc Rods】 There is a KastKing Progressive Glass rod designed for almost every fishing situation. From a light power, 5’6” model that is perfect for trout, panfish, and other small freshwater species. All the way up to an incredible, 10’ heavy power rod rated 10-25 lbs for big fish like Catfish and even saltwater bank fishing. At these incredible values, you’ll want more than one Progressive Glass rod for all your fishing adventures.
  • 【Beauty and Performance At Its Best】 KastKing Progressive Fishing rods look as good as they perform! The contrast between the luxury slate blue finish is accented with silver and red features as they blend perfectly into the cork handles. These are classic designs that you’ll want to pass on as new family members take up the sport of fishing. Timeless, dependable, and fun to use. Your new favorite fishing rod.

3. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 7ft - Medium and Medium Heavy - Fast - Twin-tip Rod (2Tips+1 Butt Section)

  • Amazing Quality Carbon Fiber Blank - All Perigee II two-piece fishing rods are constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex blank technology for power, strength, and accuracy. Available in 42 sizes from an ultra light spinning fishing rod to a heavy 7’ spinning rod and a baitcaster rod ranging from medium to heavy power. Use them for bass fishing rods, trout fishing, walleye fishing, or as a salmon rod, catfish rod, steelhead rod, or saltwater fishing rod.
  • Preminm Components - KastKing uses the best quality components in a Perigee II fishing rod. World renowned Fuji O-Ring line guides, tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats, high-density EVA grips, Saf-T Keeper hooker holder, the finest sensitive “bare and beautiful” finish carbon fiber for light weight rod blanks, and outstanding cosmetics. Rod action ranges from baitcasting rods that are fast action rods to spinning rods that cover moderate, moderate fast, and fast action rods.
  • Smooth Power - KastKing PTS (Power Transition System) hybrid spigot joints in Perigee II 2-pcs rods transition power smoothly throughout your fishing rod blank. Specialized high technology computer control wrapping at four angles (0⁰, 45⁰, 90⁰, 135⁰) keeps the power flowing. Whether you choose an amazing and affordable Perigee II casting fishing rod as a bass rod or a KastKing spinning rod as a walleye rod, or for any species, you will agree it feels exactly like a one-piece fishing rod!
  • STEP UP - Throw away your old technology other fishing pole and step into the future of fishing with a dynamic KastKing Perigee II high performance casting rod or spinning fishing poles for bass fishing, trout fishing, cat fishing, walleye fishing or any technique for freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing for red fish, striped bass, snook and more!
  • Comfortable feel - You 'll fish all day without fatigue and have power to spare because Perigee II fishing rods offer high-density EVA handle and ergonomic graphite reel seats, make fishing fun !

4. KastKing Zephyr Spinning Rods, 6'6"- M -2 pcs

  • 【Ultra-Light, Multi-Layer IM6 Graphite Spinning Rods】– KastKing Zephyr spinning rods are designed to be the perfect Ultra-Light/Light finesse spinning rods. The unique, multi-layer carbon construction enhances sensitivity while reducing weight to create the ultimate power and action for finesse fishing techniques. These extremely light spin fishing rods are perfect for crappie, trout, panfish, smallmouth bass and many other warm water species.
  • 【Zirconium Oxide Super Line Rated Guides】 – To achieve the ultimate combination of sensitivity and control, better anglers are using ultra-thin super lines (multi-strand braided fishing lines) for finesse techniques. These super lines require a super slick and ultra-hard guide ring to ensure longevity. All Zephyr fishing rods include premium stainless-steel guides with durable and X-Smooth zirconium guide rings to maximize performance with super lines.
  • 【9 Ultra-Light Weight Spinning Rods】 – The KastKing Zephyr fishing rod series is available in 9 models from an ultra-light 4’6” rod that is perfect for panfish and small trout, all the way to a 7’ Medium power rod that will handle any trout, walleye or bass that swims. You will love the combination of power, sensitivity, and light weight performance with Zephyr spin fishing rods.
  • 【Easy Travel and Storage with 2-pc Designs】 – Even the shortest Zephyr spinning rod, at just 4’6”, comes in 2 pieces for super easy storage and travel. This makes taking a Zephyr spinning rod with you simple and easy even if you’re riding a bike, backpacking, taking a motorcycle trip or just need to keep extra fishing rods in your car or boat. Our time-tested ferrule design ensures that these 2-pc rods will perform like 1-pc rods.
  • 【High Density EVA Handles】 – The thin and light, high-density EVA handles, foregrip and fighting butt complement and enhance the beauty of the bright green rods blanks making for a stunning rod appearance. The EVA material helps reduce weight of the overall fishing rod and is comfortable in your hand, you’ll fish all day with no discomfort.

5. KastKing Royale Advantage,Casting Fishing Rods 7'MH

  • Ultra-Light and Sensitive: Royale Advantage fishing rods are made from strong and sensitive IM6 graphite blanks and KastFlex technology. The blanks are designed to be lightweight and responsive, giving you the sensitivity you need to detect even the slightest bite.
  • Durable Guides: Royale Advantage fishing rods feature stainless steel guides with Titanium Oxide Ceramic Rings, which ensure that your line flows smoothly and without resistance. This ensures that you can cast your line further and with more accuracy, giving you the chance to catch more fish.
  • Comfortable: Royale Advantage fishing rods have custom kastKing reel seats, EVA handle, fighting butt, and foregrip, provide a comfortable and secure grip, allowing anglers to fish for hours without fatigue.
  • 17 Different Rods: The KastKing Royale Advantage Twin Tip Fishing Rods range of 8 spinning and 9 casting rods. With such a diverse selection, you can be certain that these fishing rods will meet to your different needs.
  • 2-pcs Rods with Extra Tips: The Royale Advantage rods allow for precise casting and improved accuracy, and every rod comes with an extra tip section so you can keep fishing even if one tip is damaged or broken.

6. KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods, Casting 7ft -Heavy Power-Fast-1pc

  • SENSITIVE & STRONG KastKing KastFlex fishing rod blanks. All Royale Select fishing rods are constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks giving each casting rod and spinning rod incredible performance, sensitivity and power
  • FUJI FISHING LINE GUIDES for superior casting distance, and accuracy while dissipating heat more efficiently. Fishing reel seats are made of high-strength nylon for a solid base, all-day comfort
  • ONE PIECE bass technique lengths & actions are designed with bass fishing anglers in mind and helps you be more successful no matter which technique you use from flippin' rods to drop shot drop shot rods, or Texas Rigging, or swimbait rods
  • 2-PIECE FISHING RODS PERFORM LIKE 1-PIECE RODS KastKing Power Transition System amazing spigot joints transition power smoothly throughout the fishing rod blank. Specialized computer controlled wraps keeps power flowing from fishing rod tip to handle
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY KastKing fishing rods deliver quality from design to the finished product. Fish with peace of mind with KastKing baitcaster rods and spinning rods. Use a KastKing fishing pole on your next bass fishing or trout fishing trip

7. KastKing Spartacus II Twin Tip Fishing Rods, Cast - 7'6" - H Power - Fast

  • All-Day Comfort: The KastKing Spartacus II Fishing Rod features a Stryker Green main body and a slip-resistant rubber cork handle that delivers exceptional comfort, especially during long fishing trips.
  • Strong & Sensitive Construction: Made from 24-ton carbon fiber and IM6 graphite blanks, this fishing rod offers unbeatable strength and sensitivity that allows you to detect even the slightest bites, increasing your chances of catching your desired species of fish.
  • Smooth Casting Experience: The PTS Power Transition System and Tangl-Free Stainless Steel Guides ensure increased casting distance and accuracy, while ultra-thin Zirconium Oxide Rings reduce friction and prevent line tangling for a consistently smooth casting experience.
  • Extra Tip: KastKing Spartacus II Fishing Rod are available in 14 size options, including 8 spinnning rods and 6 casting rod models. Spartacus II Fishing Rods are 2-piece rods and comes with an extra same tip section for additional convenience to your fishing trips.
  • High-Performance Fishing Rod: The Custom KastKing Foregrip includes a patented hook keeper integrated into the handle, providing easy bait storage. These features make the KastKing Spartacus II Fishing Rod a high-performance and reliable choice for all your fishing needs.

8. KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 7ft -Medium Heavy - Fast-2pcs

  • ULTRA-SENSITIVE KastFlex IM7 CARBON BLANKS - KastKing Resolute fishing rods are designed to deliver tournament performance at a value price. Sensitive and powerful IM7 KastFlex carbon rod blanks give you a light rod ranging from ultra-light to heavy powers in 4’6” to 7’6” lengths. With KastKing’s Power Transition System, these incredible performance rods that feel like 1-pc rods are designed for all freshwater species and also fishing pole models for most inshore saltwater fishing rod needs.
  • AMERICAN TACKLE MICROWAVE AIR GUIDES – American Tackle has won numerous fishing tackle industry awards for their innovative MicroWave Air Guide Systems. These patented new fishing line guides improve casting distance and accuracy. It’s why KastKing uses them on all Resolute fishing rods. The stainless-steel frames and Duralight top guide perform great with all fluorocarbon, monofilament and braided lines. Reach new distances with KastKing Resolute fishing rods and AT Microwave Air guides!
  • AMERICAN TACKLE REEL SEATS - A fishing rod is only as good as its components, and if your fishing reel doesn’t stay firmly in place, you’ll never be satisfied. KastKing insures solid reel placement by using only American Tackle, Bravo 2-pc reel seats on both casting rod and spinning rod models. These two-piece reel seats are light, durable and hold reels securely in place under the pressure of powerful fish. Casting fishing rod models include a trigger for improved performance and control.
  • GOLF-STYLE SUPERPOLYMER GRIPS – SuperPolymer handles and fighting butts are comfortable, durable and exceptionally slip resistant giving you maximum control over your fishing pole in all conditions. These performance handles are normally only found on fishing rods costing much more, but KastKing includes them on all Resolute spinning and baitcasting rods to deliver even more quality and value in this fishing rod performance series.
  • 27 DIFFERENT MODELS FOR ALL FISHING CONDITIONS – If you need a freshwater rod fishing for crappie, or as a bass rod, trout rod, walleye fishing rod, or targeting pike, salmon or steelhead, there are Resolute fishing poles made for you. If you love inshore saltwater fishing, you’ll find a fishing pole model with the right length and action that you can count on. You’ll be amazed at the exceptional value of KastKing fishing rods.

9. KastKing Royale Charge Spinning Rods, 6'0"- UL -2 pcs

  • 【KastFlex IM6 Graphite Spinning Rods】 –KastFlex IM6 Graphite blanks are highly sensitive, light and incredibly powerful. The high carbon construction enhances the slightest bites and provides the power to penetrate hooks quickly and consistently, so you land more fish. These extremely light spin fishing rods are perfect for most freshwater species and there are even models that will perform in some inshore saltwater applications.
  • 【Titanium Oxide Performance Line Guides】 – Titanium is strong and resilient and when used to create guide rings, provides unmatched durability. This is perfect for today’s super lines (multi-strand braided fishing lines), that are so popular for today’s anglers. LTS, Titanium Oxide guides won’t groove under the pressure of powerful fish and deliver incredible casting distances. All Royal Charge fishing rods include premium stainless-steel guide frames with durable Titanium Oxide rings.
  • 【16 Moderate Fast and Fast Action Spinning Rods – KastKing Royal Charge spinning rods will put a “Charge” into all your favorite fishing species! The Royal Charge fishing rod series is available in 16 models from 5’6” to 7’6”, all with Mod. Fast to Fast actions and power ratings from Ultra-Light to Heavy. “Charge” into fishing performance for freshwater species like trout, bass, walleye, pike, etc.
  • 【Easy Travel and Storage with 2-pc Designs】 – Every KastKing Royal Charge spinning rod is made in 2 pieces for super easy storage and travel. This makes taking a Royal Charge spinning rod with you simple and easy. Ride a bike, pack into your favorite lake, carry multiple rods with ease or just keep an extra spin fishing rod in your car or boat. Our time-tested ferrule design ensures that these 2-pc rods will perform like 1-pc rods.
  • 【High Density EVA Handles】 – The thin and light, high-density EVA handles, foregrip and fighting butt complement the graphics and color of the rods and helps reduce overall weight. It’s comfortable in your hand and provides all day performance. Everyone will know you are in “Charge” of your fishing experience when they see the flicker of your fluorescent orange Royal Charge fishing rod.

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