Best Digital Pet Scale For Cats 2023 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right digital pet scale for cats to suit your needs. We review the 10 best digital pet scale for cats on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good digital pet scale for cats, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching digital pet scale for cats.

You don't have to try out every digital pet scale for cats to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best digital pet scale for cats to be Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale, Infant Scale for Weighing in Pounds, Ounces, or Kilograms up to 44 lbs, Newborn Baby Scale with Hold Function, Pet Scale for Cats and Dogs. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is Greater Goods Digital Pet Scale - Accurately Weigh Your Kitten, Rabbit, or Puppy | with a Wiggle-Proof Algorithm, a Great Option as a Scale for Small Animals | Designed in St. Louis.

Choosing the digital pet scale for cats can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated digital pet scale for cats. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Digital Pet Scale For Cats

Review of Best Digital Pet Scale For Cats

1. Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale, Infant Scale for Weighing in Pounds, Ounces, or Kilograms up to 44 lbs, Newborn Baby Scale with Hold Function, Pet Scale for Cats and Dogs

  • HIGH ACCURACY MEASUREMENT: It utilizes high precision sensors that measures up to 44 lbs. Baby scale that weighs in pounds and ounces and kilogram!.Non-slip, abrasion-resistant rubber feet | Easy to cleanAutomatic switch-off
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It can be used as an infant scale, puppy scale, cat scale. No sharp edges. The large backlighted LCD Display makes it easy to read.
  • HOLD FUNCTION: With an automatic or manual hold function to record the weight of babies. The auto lock function displays the weight when the scale is stabilized enough to detect an exact value.
  • TARE FUNCTION: Equipped with a tare function that allows you to zero out the scale to take into account the weight of, for example, the baby’s blanket - this helps in achieving accurate readings.
  • WEIGHING PLATFORM: The Small Animal Scale & Baby Weight Scale is designed with a curved weighing platform for a feeling of security and comfort.

2. Greater Goods Digital Pet Scale - Accurately Weigh Your Kitten, Rabbit, or Puppy | with a Wiggle-Proof Algorithm, a Great Option as a Scale for Small Animals | Designed in St. Louis

  • A Purrfect Choice: Easy setup and easy function. From opening the box to weighing your furry bundle of love, you’ll never wonder whether or not you chose the right kitten scale: you’ll know you did. Additionally, the tare function makes luring your pet onto the scale easier than ever—drop their bowl of food on top, press the tare button to zero out the scale, and weigh them with the object subtracted from the total.
  • Impawsibly Accurate: Greater Goods puppy scale utilizes a highly-accurate single sensor that can detect weights as small as 5 grams and up to 44 pounds. With this kind of accuracy, you can track the slightest fluctuations in your pet’s weight. Use this pet scale for dogs or cats to keep your fur-baby in tip-top shape.
  • Puprietary Wiggle-Detector: With proprietary technology, we’ve implemented an algorithm that will calculate your pet’s weight accurately, even when they’re being crazy on the scale. Let your wild cat do it’s thing. The wiggle-detector has got your back.
  • True Support: Our friendly team in St. Louis are industry experts at-the-ready to assist you with any questions that might arise about your pet scale. We take pride in our work and want you to have a great experience from beginning to end.
  • Beyond a Purchase: Yes, we design and produce high functioning, aesthetically pleasing scales, but we value the positive impact of a purchase, on a global level, as much as anything. That’s why we only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that aligns with the nature of what you’ll be using.

3. Digital Portable Pet Dog Cat Scale 44 lb x 0.22 lb by IBE SUPPLY (One Pack)

  • Monitor your pet or newborns growth
  • Complete portable, bring it anywhere
  • Scale Dimensions : 13 x 21.7 x 1.5"
  • Smooth contours provide great support for your pet
  • Capacity 44lb / 20kg; Resolution: 0.22lb / 10g

4. MomMed Digital Pet Scale, Portable Pet Dog Cat Scale with Hold and Tare Function, Precision Digital Scale, New Born Puppy and Kitten Scale with Tray for Puppy/Hamster/Little Bird/Rabbit/ Kitten

  • 【Ready Out of the Box Use】MomMed pet scales are good tools for monitoring the weight of newborn puppies, tracking your dog or cat’s growth, or determining if a senior or ill pet is losing too much weight. Come with 2 AAA batteries to power on the scale so that you can almost start weighing your baby as soon as you open the box.
  • 【Ideal for Weighing Cats and Smaller Dogs】The MomMed newborn puppy and kittens scale, which not only does a great job of tracking the growth of puppies and kittens, but also other exotic smaller pets like rabbits, ferrets, snakes and even hamsters. The weight range it covers is from 0 up to 33.06 pounds.
  • 【TARE Button】The specially designed TARE button of digital pet scale, which allows you to put extra items on the tray to ease your pet on, such as a snack. Once you put the item on the scale first, you press the button and it zeros the weight at that point, only recording the additional weight your pet adds once placed on the scale. There’s also a UNIT button to weigh in ounces, pounds, and kilograms.
  • 【Multifunction】High-grade ABS environmental protection materials. This new born puppy scale is very sturdy for pets to sit on and delivers readings in seconds, which is a plus for animals that tend to get skittish. The edges of the tray are higher than than one would expect, guarding small pets from easily falling off. It can also make for a great kitchen scale, as it weighs food as accurately as animals. 
  • 【MomMed Support】The tray on this model is designed to be easy to clean. The precision pet scale features precise sensors that keep it accurate within +/- 0.006 pounds (3 grams). The easy-to-read backlit LED display, hold function that prevents the displayed weight from fluctuating, and the lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer. (High Sensitivity: Just a light touch. Don't push too hard the buttons on the panel, otherwise, it will tip over!)

5. Adamson A50 Pet and Baby Scale + New 2022 + Digital Pet Scale for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Puppies, Adults + Small Animal Scale + Great for Newborn / Underweight / Premature + Up to 220 lb / 100 kg

  • MONITOR YOUR PET'S GROWTH: Your pet is your life, so you want to make sure they're happy, healthy and growing well. With Adamson's A50 pet scales for cats and dogs, you can be confident of how they're growing by regularly measuring their weight, at the comfort of your home. You can also conveniently switch between lbs, st, kg and grams.
  • VERSATILE SCALE: Besides the ability to switch between lbs, kg and oz, this scale measures up to 220 lbs / 100 kg. By removing the top tray even adult pet owners can use it!
  • MEASURE IN SECONDS: We know that our little pets jolt around and won't stay still that easily. The A50 pet and puppy scale measures your pet's weight in about 3 seconds. As soon as the weight is measured, the screen locks it, so that you can clearly read it after you hold or move your pet.
  • COMES WITH COMFY FABRIC SLEEVE: We designed this pet scale with a comfortable curvature for your pet, but it may be cold at times, so we've got you covered! You can conveniently use the included fabric sleeve which makes it ideal as newborn puppy scale. Just pull the rewashable soft sleeve around the scale, press on the "Tare" button, and the scale will be at zero, ready to weigh your pet.
  • A 5-YEAR WARRANTY YOU CAN TRUST: At Adamson, customers always come first. That's why we build all our products for longevity with quality and style so that you can count on us. Our Adamson A50 pet and baby scales for weighing are backed by our warranty and our 🇺🇸 exceptional customer service team.

6. Digital Pet Scale LCD Electronic Small Animals Weighing Scale, Kitchen Food Scale, Mini Precision Grams Weight Balance Scale with g/ml/oz/lb for Pup/Cat/Hedgehog/Ferret/Hamster/Tortoise/ Lizard

  • [Multi-Function] This is an electronic scale suitable for weighing new born cats, dogs, small animals like parrots, hamsters.and also can be used for kitchen food.
  • [Various Weighing Methods] Calculated in g / oz / pound, you can switch the unit of measurement with just a button press
  • [Big LCD Display] The size is 40 * 18mm,High-definition LCD screen with white backlight, easy to read data
  • [Material ] Made of high-grade ABS environmentally friendly materials, it is safe and non-toxic
  • [High Precision]This digital pet scale can measure weight (maximum 22 pounds), the smallest division: about 1 gram unit, g / ml / oz / 1b can be switched.

7. Newborn Kitten & Puppy Weight Scale, Digital Pet Scale with Cat Toys, Multifunctional Small Animal Kitchen Food Scale, Weighing Max 33lbs, Tray Size 12" x 8", Not for Adult Cats/Dogs (White)

  • Newborn Small Animal weight Scale: This is a small mini digital pet scale with a 12" x 8" inch tray designed for newborn pets. Only suitable for newborn kittens, puppies, mice, rabbits, hamsters and some small reptile pets. Not big enough for an adult cat/dog, Please carefully check the size and weight measurement range before buying to suit your small pets.
  • GOOD DESIGN: The portable design of pet electronic scale makes it possible to use it for different things, the tray made of high-grade ABS eco-friendly material is safe and comfortable for newborn pets or kittens. Cat chew toys can help kittens relieve stress and keep them energized and happy.
  • LCD Display: High-definition LCD display with white backlight, this LCD electronic scale can be easily read from any distance or angle, even in dark places.
  • Accurate Measurement: The digital pet scale uses a highly accurate sensor that can detect weights as small as 3 grams and as high as 33 pounds. Units of accuracy (g/lb:oz/oz/ml), with this accuracy you can track the slightest fluctuations in your pets weight, In addition, digital scales can not only weigh small animals, but can also be used in kitchen food scales, allowing you to accurately weigh nuts, grains, fruits and more for precise portion control and healthier cooking.
  • Worry-free shopping experience:For all customers who have purchased our digital pet scales, we will provide friendly customer service and promise to do our best to solve the problem for you. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us via order information or email. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

8. MINDPET-MED Digital Pet Scale, Baby Scale, with 3 Weighing Modes(kg/oz/lb), Max 220 lbs, Capacity with Precision up to ±0.02lbs, White, Suitable for Infant, Puppies, Mom

  • 🐾Multi-Function Digital Scale:This digital scale can measure the weight of small animals, cats, puppies, newborns, babies, infants, toddlers, children, adults accurately and the height of baby, ensure accurate assessment of breastfeeding and complementary feeding.
  • 🐾Good design: The free tray with a maximum length of 60 cm(precision of 1mm) is easy to clean, easy to use, and pack to small sizes, The tray design allows it to hold different items, and its material is safe and comfortable for infants. Once the baby outgrows the tray, open the swivel lock at the bottom, the scale can also provide weighting when taking off the removable tray.
  • 🐾High precision sensors:Precision up to ±0.02lbs(10g), Max:220lbs; Capacity (0.07lbs-220lbs/30g~100kg), (lbs/kg/oz)switchable,Touch button ON/OFF, Zero function, HOLD function, The Hold function keeps the accurate weight numbers not be fluctuate on display because of pets/infants move too activity.
  • 🐾LCD display with blue backlight, high contrast for clearly reading even in dark, Runs on two AAA alkaline batteries
  • 🐾One year warranty on the products, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

9. Digital Pet Scale , Multifunctional LCD Electronic Kitchen Food Scales , Vegetables Fruits Scale Kitchen Scale, Pet Scales for Dog/Cat/ Hamster/Tortoise/ Lizard Small Animals (White)

  • This electronic scale is specially designed for newborn pets, It is only suitable for weighing pets in the infant stage or small pets (such as parrots, hedgehogs or small kittens, puppies, etc). The tray is only 11.6 inches long. If you need to weigh The weight of a large pet or adult dog or cat, Please add a Cartons or other container as shown in the picture 7.
  • This digital pet scale can measure weight range:0.1lb~22lb (Maximum designed load capacity is 22 lbs . It is recommended to control it within 15 lbs).
  • The digital LCD display is white backlit and the size is (40 * 18mm), which is easy to read clearly even in the dark.
  • Suitable for monitoring growing weight of cats, dog parakeets, hamsters, and other small animals.
  • This digital pet scale smallest division: about 1 gram unit, g / ml / oz / 1b.oz can be switched.Weighing range 1G-10KG.Scale size: about 16x19x5cm / 6.3x7.48x1.9 inch.

10. Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Smart Weigh Baby Scale, Weighs [LB/ST/KG], Accurate Digital Scale for Infants, Toddlers, and Babies, Newborn/Puppy, Cat – Animals

  • Simple and comfortable design: The surface is smooth, slightly curved and wide, bringing a sense of security and comfort.
  • High-precision measurement: Its high-precision sensor can provide a weighing capacity of 20kg/44 lbs, with 10g increments. Easily switch between lb, kg, and st.
  • Tare function: The easy-to-use tare function can reset the scale to take into account the weight of the baby blanket, which is conducive to accurate readings.
  • Multi-function: accurate weighing of newborn babies, Newborn/Puppy, Cat, so as to monitor health and weight changes at any time.
  • Material: The main material is ABS food grade material, with overload indicator and low battery indicator. If you have any questions when using it, please contact us, thank you.

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