Best Cupping Therapy Kit 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right cupping therapy kit to suit your needs. We review the 10 best cupping therapy kit on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good cupping therapy kit, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching cupping therapy kit.

You don't have to try out every cupping therapy kit to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best cupping therapy kit to be ASCLE Cupping Set w/Extra Thick Super Cup, 12-Cup. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is Eambond Cupping Set, Cupping Therapy Sets Massage Back, Pain Relief, Physical Therapy, Chinese Cupping kit with Vacuum Pump for Massage Therapists–Improve Your Health & Wellness.

Choosing the cupping therapy kit can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated cupping therapy kit. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Cupping Therapy Kit

Review of Best Cupping Therapy Kit

1. ASCLE Cupping Set w/Extra Thick Super Cup, 12-Cup

  • ✅ 【Shockproof & Heatproof Cups】 ASCLE cupping set is one of the most used and recommended cupping therapy kit for massage therapists, spas, athletic trainers, elite athletes and other professionals. Premium SUPER cupping cups are made from stronger materials - can withstand at least 7-foot drops & higher negative pressure, and can be sterilized with boiling water. Wider & smoother cup rim provides larger contact area with skin and better airtightness.
  • ✅ 【Skin Friendly】 We care about what goes on your skin and your results. Unlike other inexpensive cups that may look similar, ASCLE professional cupping cups are durable, skin friendly and easy on your hands. We don't add BPA and phthalates - Safe for your skin and the environment.
  • ✅【Health Benefits】 SUPER massage cups are versatile and best for cellulite, muscle, deep tissue, acupressure massage, etc. It is an easy to follow at home solution that encourages proper blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helps reduce muscles soreness, tension and stress, release fascia, relieve common muscle, joint & nerve pain, helps improve muscle recovery and mobility, digestive health, quality of sleep, promote healthier looking skin and pull out toxins from your soft tissue.
  • ✅【Beauty & Skincare】 Vacuum cupping massage helps reach deeper to untangle stuck fascia, release fat cells trapped in the fascia to improve skin firmness & tone, smooth the look of cellulite, stretch marks & scars. “It's my favorite treatment. I weigh 120 but was struggling with cellulite. I've tried many cellulite solutions. Regular thigh massage with ASCLE cupping cups is the most effective systems I've actually seen results with. The massaged areas are softer & smoother than before"- Mellisa.
  • ✅【This SUPER cupping therapy set includes】: ● 01-cup size 2.8"(3 pce), ● 02-cup size 2.4"(3 pce), ● 03-cup size 2.1"(3 pce), ● 04-cup size 1.8"(3 pce), ● Suction pump (1 pce), ● Extension tube (1 pce), ● English user guide & ● Tutorial Videos. You may use a small cellulite cup on arms, legs and stomach, a medium cupping cup on back and thighs and a large suction cup on bum and hips.

2. Eambond Cupping Set, Cupping Therapy Sets Massage Back, Pain Relief, Physical Therapy, Chinese Cupping kit with Vacuum Pump for Massage Therapists–Improve Your Health & Wellness

  • 【Super Value Pack of Cupping Therapy 33 Piece Set: 18 Cupping Cups + 12 Removable Magnetic Massage Points + 1 Extension Tube + 1 ABS Hand Pump+ 1 Gua Sha Tool】Detailed Size: 2.67" cups *6, 2.36" cups *6, 2.0" cups *2, 1.7" U-shaped cups *2, 1.37" cups *2. Comes with a 26.58-inch long extension tube to help you do the cupping yourself ,And a ABS plastic made Hand Pump. We also provide 12 removable bio magnetic points for magnetic cupping.
  • 【Professional Cupping Set】These new cupping therapy sets no longer require the use of fire like traditional cupping therapy. Put a plastic cup on the skin to create vacuum suction Easy to operate, relieve anxiety and fatigue at home, increase body circulation and metabolism.
  • 【Chinese Cupping kit 】Are used for back, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain relif by placing cups on your body, which helps loosen muscles, increase circulation, remove tension, relieve stress,Arthritis Pain Relief, improve sleep quality, sedate the nervous system, relax body and much more.
  • 【U-shaped joint cup】The arc design of the special U shaped joint cup mouth can be better adapted to each joint, it is used for elbows, knees, ankles, etc., with better contact and not easy to fall off. Cupping set for back, neck and leg pain relief.
  • 【Premium Service】: We will provide 1 year assurance and 30 day fully money back or change new. If you have any questions, please tell us at first time. We will provide professional service to solve your problems. There is a totally risk-free purchase.

3. Premium Quality Cupping Set w/ 19 Cups ***BEST CUPPING SET IN KOREA***

  • NOTICE to all customers: Please notify K.S. Choi Corp - your seller- directly and immediately for any issues with the extension tubes. We will send you a replacement extension tube for all tubes deemed faulty within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • 19 x Plastic Cupping Cups (Premium Quality, 13 of the 2" dia cups, 1 of the 1.8", 2 of the 1.6", 2 of the 1.3", and 1 of the 1.1" dia cups), 1 x Hand Pump, 1 x extension tube (optional), 1 x Carrying Case (Professional Look).
  • Acuzone Cupping Sets are used by 2016 Rio Olympic Athletes Magnificent quality plastic cups with shockproof & heatproof that can be sterilized with boiling water.
  • It is the finest baby bottle plastic material used for strong, clean, and leaves no marks and scratches easy.
  • The Manual is included (One page). Illustrates how to use the set. (This manual does not illustrate cupping techniques)

4. DEFUNX Cupping Set 24 Cups - Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy Pain Relief Cupping Therapy Set

  • Chinese Cupping Therapy Set ● Cupping Therapy is an ancient Chinese method of massage for comfort. Cupping Set is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction in order to reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage ( remove toxins from your body ). So, cupping is the best deep tissue massage available, with a good penetrating effect and a big drawing strength, improve the muscle immunity and function.
  • Vacuum Cupping Set with Pump ● With those new cupping set massage therapy cups, there is no need to use fire as the traditional cupping therapy any more. This vacuum cupping therapy set is easy to be handled and safer to be used for self-treatment at home. Easily use pressure release valves.
  • Exquisite packaging brings more convenience to your storage ● Every cup has its place: 4 cups OD 2.68" OD, 4 cups 2.36" OD, 4 cups 1.97" OD, 4 cups 1.65" OD, 2 cups 1.26" OD, 2 cups 1.1" OD, 2 U-shape cups 1.97" OD and 2 U-shape cups 1.57" OD. In addition to the cup, this set also includes a hand pump gun, a 25-inch long extension tube, a Guasha tool and an instruction manual in English.
  • DEFUNX uses vacuum cupping set massage therapy cups that are engineered with high grade plastic to provide superior suction & control. The new vacuum cupping is much easier to carry and cooperate but with a safer and convenient way.
  • Important Note ● Please clean the skin surface and remove body hair before cupping. Because an unclean, hairy skin surface will affect the cup's suction. Do not perform cupping therapy when there is a wound, infection, burn, or inflammation on the skin surface. Do not take a bath, swim, or drink for 8 hours after cupping.

5. REVO The Original 4-in-1 Smart Cupping Therapy Massager, Red Light Therapy for Targeted Pain Relief, Knots, Aches, Muscle Soreness, Circulation & Tighter Skin, Portable Electric Cupping Kit

  • 🛡️ THE ORIGINAL 4-in-1 SMART CUPPING THERAPY MASSAGER: Our smart cupper is flameless and the first heated electring cupping with heat, massaging, red light therapy and dynamic suction
  • 🔍 A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN FEEL AND SEE: Reduces muscle tension, knots, pain, and the appearance of cellulite as well as scar tissue in targeted areas. Simply apply the cupping device to your back, arms, or legs for an ultimate at-home or on-the-go cupping massage
  • 🧠 SMART CUPPING MASSAGER BENEFITS: Suction cupping promotes circulation while drawing toxins to the skin and reliving your body of inflammation. Traditionally this is done at spas but with our electric cupping massager you can do it anywhere
  • 🔥 BUY 2 AND MAKE IT A CUPPING THERAPY SET: Our cupping set massage therapy cups allow you take at home cupping to the next level so use the electric cupping device for ultimate cupping scraper results in pairs
  • 🏆 2 YEAR REPLACEMENT POLICY: At REVO we care about your experience with our products, pledging to replace your smart cupping kit if you're not satisfied with the cupping kit for massage therapy in any way

6. AIKOTOO Cupping Set Massage Therapy Cups Cupping Kit for Body Cellulite 24 Suction Cups

  • New Vacuum Cupping Therapy- Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian method of massage. Unlike traditional cupping therapy set, our cupping set uses vacuum massage cups that are engineered with high grade plastic to provide superior suction & control for cupping whole body. The new vacuum cupping is much easier to carry and cooperate but with a safer and convenient way.
  • Benefits of Using Cupping Therapy Sets- Cupping sets are used to relieve back, neck and leg pains by placing suction cups on your body, which helps loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, sedate the nervous system and much more.
  • Hijama Cupping Set Includes- 20 flat mouth cups in 6 different OD, ranging from 1.18" to 2.72" and 4 u-shaped cups with OD 2.04" and 1.69" . It comes with a 26.7-inch long extension tube to help you do the cupping yourself and a ABS made Vacuum Hand Pump to adjust the degree of suction from Gentle to Strong. We also provide a Gua Sha scraping tool.
  • Easy To Use &Reusable- The Chinese Cupping therapy set is easy to reuse and operate for home self-healing. Use pressure easily to release the valve. Clean skin thoroughly and remove body hair before Cupping Therapy . Excessive body hair will result in weak suction. After cupping therapy there will be a variety of skin reactions.NOT WORRIES, these bruises are usually painless and disappear within a few days of treatment.
  • The package should arrive with a Instruction Book( in English). If you received the Cupping Therapy Sets without instruction book, please tell us, we will send you the Instruction of PDF FORMAT. And if there's any problems, such as quality or missing cupping kit, please feel free to let us know, thank you

7. Myofascial Releaser Professional Cupping Therapy Set - 18 Multi-Sized Vacuum Cups with Two Hand Pumps and Detailed Cupping Book - Massage Cupping Set for Massage Therapists

  • Free Replacement Cups: Satisfaction Guaranteed on your Cupping Therapy Set. Your Cupping set was crafted from high-quality and durable materials, so you can be confident that it will last. However, if you have any problems with your registered cupping set, we will replace that item for free.
  • Professional Cupping Set: This set comes with 18 multi-sized massage cups, 2 hand pumps, an extension tube, a plastic carry case, 12 magnets for magnetic therapy, and a detailed instruction booklet. Plus access to US-based customer support.
  • Cupping Set for Massage Therapy: Your Cupping Therapy Set encourages proper blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helps remove stagnation and eliminate toxins from your soft tissue. Cupping therapy has been proven to provide multiple health benefits as a holistic and safe treatment.
  • Health Benefits and Cellulite Cupping: Your Professional Cupping Set will help to promote relaxation, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle recovery. Cupping Therapy Set can even be used as a cellulite massager for cellulite reduction.
  • Massage Cups: This Cupping Kit contains everything you need to perform cupping therapy easily. Our massage cups are made from Polycarbonate (PC) plastic which is denser and stronger than more commonly used Polystyrene (PS) plastic. The Cupping Set is perfect for professional therapists, clinicians and those who just want to use it in the comfort of their own homes.

8. AIKOTOO Cupping Set - Cupping Therapy Set w/ 12 Massage Cups for Pain Relief Physical Therapy Body Massage Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy Vacuum Cups with Pump

  • 【Unique Design】– ● Unique Ox horn cup design can withstand higher negative pressure for greater suction & suitable for Moving(Dynamic)/Static/Wet/Drying Cupping. ● Stronger & More Durable : Cups are made from crack-proof materials which can withstand 8-Foot Drops. ● Smooth & Wider Rim of the Cups :Cupping is more convenient and comfortable.
  • 【Multi-Size Cupping Set】– Aikotoo hijama cupping set includes- 12 cups set with 7 different sizes of cups: 1 Ox horn cup OD 3.15", 1 Ox horn cup OD 2.88", 2 cups OD 2.75", 2 cups OD 2.39", 2 cups OD 2.10", 2 curve cups OD 1.80", 2 cups OD 1.59". ● Vacuum Suction Hand Pump (1 pcs) ● 27-inch long extension tube (1 pcs) ● Extra yellow sealing valve (2 pcs) ● English Instruction Book (1 pcs). The cupping set of 7 sizes can meet the cupping needs of any part of your body.
  • 【Benefits of Using Cupping Therapy Sets】– Cupping is a good myofascial and deep tissue massage. This cupping set with pump provides suction cups for body massage therapy, which can encourage proper blood flow, relieve pain, improve sleep quality, loosen muscles, lower blood pressure and much more. The cupping kit is a good massage tool for cellulite and muscle massage.
  • 【Widely Used】– Aikotoo cupping cups are durable and easy on your hands, suitable for Massage Therapists and Home Use. The body massage cups can be applied to the soft tissue of the neck, shoulders, back, legs, upper arms and thighs to create negative pressure, which can help release tight muscles and draw out toxins. Our cup design makes it easier to do moving cupping.
  • 【Free Replacement】– Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your cupping device. we will offer replacement service if your product is deemed faulty within 3 months from delivered date.

9. talpore 5-in-1 Cupping kit for Massage Therapy with 15 Levels of Suction and Red Light, Targeted Treatment of Muscle Soreness and Back Pain After Exercise, Portable Electric Cupping Therapy Set

  • 【5-in-1 Smart Electric Cupper】 This is the first intelligent cupping massage tool with up to 15 levels of suction (LEVEL) and temperature (℉). It has five functions: heating, flameless electric cupping, gua sha, red light and dynamic suction. It is recommended that when using the talpore for the first time you select 1 level of suction and cupping for 1 minute, and after you get used to it, you should not cupping the same part of the body for more than 5 minutes each time.
  • 【A Breathing Cupping Device】 Turn on the device defaults to deep negative pressure mode, press lightly (MODE) for three seconds and then switch to dynamic suction mode. talpore can be targeted to reduce muscle tension, soreness, pain in the target area, as well as post-exercise fatigue.
  • 【Low Noise and Portable】 After our careful design, talpore cupping massager is almost no noise. It is very portable, after charging it, you can use it in various places, including gym, swimming pool, home, yoga,outdoor sports, office.
  • 【Multi-part use】 We have designed two different sizes of cupping kit for massage therapy. It is not only a back massager and shoulder massager, it is a electric cupping therapy set that can massage other parts of the body. WARM TIP: Be sure to tighten the cupping kit when replacing it, otherwise the talpore will not work properly. It is recommended to buy two or more so you can massage different areas at the same time.
  • 【Effective & Durable】 After talpore massage, impurities and oil stains from the cupping area will remain on top of the cupper, wipe it clean or disassemble it to clean it. After the massage if left red or purple marks, this is normal, 3-7 days will disappear.

10. MUCHOO Cupping Set Professional Chinese Acupoint Cupping Therapy Sets Portable, Suction Hijama Cupping Set with Vacuum Magnetic Pump Cellulite Cupping Massage Kit 22-Cup

  • Cupping set is for cupping thereapy that is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian method of massage and it is the best deep tissue massage available.
  • The suction pressure provided by vacuum cupping set can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.
  • Cupping therapy sets are used to relieve back, neck and leg pains, stiff muscles,relieve anxiety, fatigue, migrane, rheumatism and even cellulite.
  • Hijama cupping kit set include 22 pieces plastic cups: 2.75"(D)-4pcs,2.36"(D)-4pcs,2.04"(D)-4pcs,1.77"(D)-4pcs,1.38"(D)-3pcs,1.18"(D)-3pcs),hand pump gun,extension tube, gua sha scraping tool and massage oil.
  • Notice: 6 months quality serivce, please contact seller firstly if you meet any problems. CAUTION: Thoroughly clean skin and remove body hair before cupping. Excessive body hair will result in weak suction.

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