Best Cigar Travel Humidor 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right cigar travel humidor to suit your needs. We review the 10 best cigar travel humidor on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good cigar travel humidor, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching cigar travel humidor.

You don't have to try out every cigar travel humidor to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best cigar travel humidor to be Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case - Portable Cigar Box with Humidifier Disc & Cigar Cutter | Waterproof | Crushproof | Airtight | Durable (Holds up to 5 Cigars). There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is TISFA Cigar Humidor, Leather Cedar Wood Cigar Case with Cigar Lighter, V Cut Cigar Cutter, Cigar Holder 3 in 1, Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Box with Humidifier (Brown).

Choosing the cigar travel humidor can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated cigar travel humidor. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Cigar Travel Humidor

Review of Best Cigar Travel Humidor

1. Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case - Portable Cigar Box with Humidifier Disc & Cigar Cutter | Waterproof | Crushproof | Airtight | Durable (Holds up to 5 Cigars)

  • SUITABLE STORAGE SPACE - Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case is just the right size to accommodate up to 5 medium ring gauge cigars or 4 cigars that are 52 ring gauge, and there is still plenty of space for your cigar cutter and lighter, ensuring that you have everything you need to savor your cigars no matter where your travels take you.
  • EXCELLENT HUMIDIFICATION - With its built-in humidifier disc, this cigar travel case ensures your cigars stay fresh and flavorful in your travel. Simply add a few drops of distilled water to keep them under the ideal humidity. You won't have to worry about flavorless, dry cigars ruining your mood.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN - Lightweight and compact, this case comes with a string handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere you go, without taking up too much space in your luggage or backpack. (Interior dimensions: 8.2" x 3.8" x 1.55"; exterior dimensions: 8.80" x 5.2" x 2.1")
  • WATERPROOF & CRUSHPROOF - The portable humidor is made of sturdy ABS material, waterproof and crushproof, and with 2 strong locking clasps and inner seals to ensure an airtight seal. The high-density U-shaped foam interior provides superior cushioning to keep your precious cigars safe. It is the perfect choice for all your outdoor activities, such as traveling, fishing, boating, golfing or camping, etc.
  • MADE FOR CIGAR LOVERS - Flauno's high-quality cigar travel case humidor comes with a free stainless steel cigar cutter, making it the perfect gift for cigar lovers, father, husband, friends, and more! Not only does it ensure your cigars remain fresh and undamaged, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your cigar experience.

2. TISFA Cigar Humidor, Leather Cedar Wood Cigar Case with Cigar Lighter, V Cut Cigar Cutter, Cigar Holder 3 in 1, Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Box with Humidifier (Brown)

  • ★EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP★ The exterior of the cigar case is made of high quality LEATHER,soft and comfortable, the interior is made of CEDAR WOOD LINING,polished by hand to create a natural storage space, keep your cigars mellow and fresh. Equipped with REMOVABLE CIGAR HUMIDIFIER can ensure that the cigar maintains the humidity in an ideal environment.The sturdy ZIPPER LOCK design ensures that the cigar humidor box is airtight, and this smooth zipper makes the cigar humidor easy to open and close.
  • ★EXCELLENT TRAVEL HUMIDOR★ Features 2 DETACHABLE CEDAR WOOD TRAYS, can holding 6 cigars in this cigar box, with a 1 in tray diameter that fit for most ring gauge cigars. The interior on both sides is fitted with LEATHER STRAPS to protect cigars from damage. The LEATHER POCKET can hold equipped cigar lighter or other necessary cigar accessories.The exterior of the humidor includes a CARD SLOT for carrying humidity packs you needs when you're on the go, it is a practical and convenient cigar case.
  • ★PREMUIM TORCH LIGHTER★ Our travel cigar case comes with a multifunctional cigar lighter that combines a LIGHTER,CIGAR HOLDER and V CUTTER.The body of the lighter is made of zinc alloy,offers THREE powerful WINDPROOF JET FLAMES that easily ignite large sized objects even in the most windy conditions,sturdy and durable. Cigar cutter is made of STAINLESS STEEL and cut 0.9'' in diameter so you can get a clean and neat cut everytime.The cigar holder is 0.98'' in diameter, can hold most cigars
  • ★PERFECT DETAILS★ There is a flame regulator on the bottom of the lighter for your flame needs,you can also see the FUEL WINDOW on the side,helping you check the fuel condition to refill the gas in time, POCKET SIZE 1.6x0.78x3.2inch so that you can carry it with you or put it in the accessory pocket in the humidor case. Our cigar case and 3 in 1 lighter set are designed to be more convenient for cigar lovers,Packed in an ELEGANT BOX,it is the ideal gift on Thanksgiving,Christmas,Father's Day.
  • ★BEST AFTER-SALE SERVICE★ Every cigar accessories has undergone rigorous inspection, we are always committed to the user's shopping experience, and we take customer satisfaction very seriously, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation, we always welcome your feedback. Any question or problem, contact us and you will get a satisfactory solution in time, thank you for your trust and support.

3. Travel Cigar Humidor Box Case Double layer design with Cigar Accessories Hygrometer&Spanish Cedar &Humidifier &Cigar Cutter & Cigar Stand &Cigar Punch CutterHold 8-10 Cigars Waterproof Case Crushproof

  • Excellent storage space:The double-layer design can better protect each layer of cigars and prevent the cigars from being damaged due to mutual extrusion of the two layers of cigars,Separate accessory storage space can make it easier to organize the cigar box, and accessories will not move around in the cigar box due to the movement of the cigar box
  • With rich and beautiful accessories:A stainless steel cigar cutter, a stainless steel cigar holder, and a mobile cigar puncher are very suitable for travel. The travel cigar box is equipped with Spanish cedar paper, which can purify your cigar and make it more fragrant
  • PROTECT YOUR CIGAR:Protect your cigar – anti extrusion, waterproof, sealed ABS plastic design, (the shell can float in the water) two solid locks, the best protection against lifting. The built-in two-layer independent cigar storage space and independent accessory storage space can completely protect your cigars and other cigar accessories.
  • Best travel cigar box cigars: Our travel cigar box can store up to 10 cigars. Cigar boxes are ideal for commuting, weekend vacations, golf outings, longer vacations, travel to dry or wet places, boating, camping, fishing. Best cigars for men
  • BEST CIGAR GIFT SET FOR MEN: cigar humidor box with cigar accessories, If there are any questions you can always find us

4. USEWIRE Cigar Travel Humidor and Cigar Lighter Set, Portable Travel Cigar Case with Humidifier, Hygrometer, Cigar Lighter, Cigar Cutter, Travel Humidor Holds 4-5 Cigars, Cigar Gift Set (Black)

  • Travel Cigar Humidor: Made of high quality ABS material, it is pressure resistant, waterproof and shatterproof. Sturdy locking clasp and silicone sealing ring can keep your cigars sealed so that they won't let any moisture out. The interior is designed with a sponge padded village with pressure-proof and cushioning features to ensure your precious cigars are safer.
  • Excellent Design: Travel humidor has a hygrometer embedded inside to help you keep checking the humidity condition of the room and replenish the water in time to maintain the flavor of your cigars. The built-in humidifier prevents fluctuations in humidity, allowing you to better control the humidity inside your humidor and keep it in perfect condition at all times while traveling. Just fill the humidifier with distilled water or humidifying liquid to prevent your cigars from drying out.
  • Portable Travel Cigar Humidor: Size 9.0*5.2*2.0in with rope handle, easy to carry, no matter where you go, you can carry your cigars and cigar accessories and enjoy your cigars while resting. This portable cigar case is perfect for business trips, golf, fishing, hiking, camping and other activities.
  • Cigar Lighter: Multi-functional butane lighter, the butane lighter is made of high quality zinc alloy for durability. The lighter features 4 sturdy turbocharged burners designed with high jet technology that creates a strong and powerful turbojet torch flame that can easily light your cigars.The built-in cigar punch is made of stainless steel with a 0.29-inch diameter cutter, the sharp cutter cuts cleanly. The cigar holder is set on the top of the safety cap and has a diameter of 0.59 in.
  • Excellent Details: The bottom of the lighter is equipped with a flame adjuster, which makes it easy to develop the desired flame intensity by turning.Cooling holes on the side are designed to provide ventilation, heat dissipation and rapid cooling. Built-in visual fuel window makes it easy to check fuel levels and refill butane in a timely manner. The perfect multi-functional cigar accessories, great for indoor or outdoor use.

5. SEMKONT Cigar Humidor, Portable Travel Cigar Box, Double Cigar Humidor with Separate Storage for Cigar Accessories, Cigar Travel Case with Cigar Lighter and Humidifier, Holds 5 Cigars (Black)

  • Double layer design:Double travel cigar humidor for storing cigars and cigar accessories separately,Avoid damage to your cigars and accessories by crushing them against each other,Separate accessory storage to keep your cigar cutters, lighters and cigar punches separate from your cigars;The cigar storage compartment makes it easy to organize your cigars without them shaking as the cigar humidor box moves and bumps, always keeping your cigars intact.
  • Waterproof and durable:Travel cigar humidor made of sturdy ABS material.Internal adopt foam design,with anti-pressure and cushioning function,Protects your precious cigars from damage,Sturdy metal clasp and wrap-around seals,Effectively ensures that the cigar case is completely sealed and waterproof.
  • Portable cigar humidor:Lightweight and compact portable cigar box,Carry your cigars and cigar accessories with you wherever you go,Enjoy your cigars while you rest!Great for golf courses, fishing, boating, hunting or camping trips, and everyday use.
  • Perfect Set:Cigar case with 3 in 1 cigar lighter,for all your cigar enjoyment needs;powerful triple jet cigar lighter,easily ignite items in any environment;The bottom of the lighter has a fire regulator,to meet your free grasp of the firepower;transparent body design,convenient for you to check the fuel condition and refill the fuel in time;Our cigar box and cigar lighter set are the perfect combination to provide cigar enthusiasts with the ultimate in convenience.
  • Optimal travel size:This travel cigar box size is: 8.86*5.31*2.17 inch,Unique cigar storage space,can holds 5 cigars with 52 ring gauge,oPerfect for taking your cigars with you when you on travelffer perfect storage environment for cigars;Separate compartment for cigar accessories,Makes it easier to store and pick up cigar accessories;The travel cigar case also comes with a hand rope,Easy to carry your cigar case in your suitcase or hang on your backpack.

6. Flauno Cigar Travel Humidor Case, Leather Cigar Case with Cedar Wood Lined, Portable Travel Humidor Box with Cigar Accessories (Cigar Lighter, Cigar Cutter and Cigar Holder)

  • Experience the Luxury with Flauno: Indulge in the rich aroma and sophisticated style of the Flauno Spanish cedar wood and PU leather cigar case. Meticulously designed with a focus on elegance, our premium PU leather exterior exudes opulence, while the authentic Spanish cedar wood interior ensures optimal moisture retention and enhances the flavor of your cigars.
  • Suitable storage space - This cigar humidor case holds 4 cigars up to 56 ring gauge and 6.8'' in length and the cigars can be secured with the grooved cedar wood tray and leather strap. The cedar wood tray is removable so that the humidor can hold more cigars.
  • High quality cigar accessories - The cigar travel case comes with a triple jet flame cigar lighter with cigar punch and cigar needle, a guillotine cigar cutter and a cigar holder. The interior of the humidor is designed with slots for storing cigar accessories and humidity control bag. It is convenient when you want to bring your cigars to an outing along with all your cigar accessories. (Humidity control bag is not included)
  • Great cigar case for traveling - Flauno cigar case is compact and can easily fit in your luggage bag. And the outer layer of the travel humidor is filled with sponge, which can effectively prevent crushing or bumping during the travel, keeping your cigars safe. If your looking for a travel size cigar case, this is the one to get!
  • Gift for the cigar aficionado - This is a nice travel humidor set that looks and feels impressive. It's elegant and very appealing to carry with you on any occasion. Ideal to anyone considering this set for themselves or as a gift to cigar lovers.

7. Kyrgyzst Cigar Case - Travel humidor with Cigar Accessories, Cigar Cutter & Spanish Cedar & Cigar Holder-Holds up to 5 Cigars -Crushproof, Airtight Seal-Cigars Gift Set for Men

  • ✅ Enhanced Flavor and Humidity - Pure Natural grade A Spanish cedar wood gives off a unique aroma to keep your expensive cigars fresh and fragrant, and it releases water vapor when the cigar humidors is dry. When the portable humidor is too much moisture,cigar accessories absorbs it to maintain a stable humidity level in your cigars
  • 🥇 Cigar Case Kit - The humidor cigar box have 3 pockets specially designed for holding Cigar cutter, Cigar holder and Cigar punch(Not included humidity packs).Perfect to hold 5 cigars,well neat and easy!There’s an attached handle for can pack this in your suitcase,or the car under your seat and then share with friends, family, or clients if the situation calls for it
  • ☔ Waterproof & Crushproof -The Cigar Travel Case Well made is extremely tough and durable, seals tightly,waterproof,Keeps everything you need inside and locks tight. when your drives or flights are bumpy ,The Travel Humidor still kept your cigars remain fresh and protected
  • 💼 Portable Cigar Box -Take Humidor Cigar Box golf outings ,camping, snowboarding and on a boat,motorcycle, fishing ,hunt , kayak,car RV ,by car, plane and cruise ship,The cigar humidor is perfect for throwing in the suitcase or the golf bag.going on long for vacations trips in the heat, sun and moisture
  • 🎁 Cigar kit Gift - This cigar humidor nicely Giftable packaging, It was a cigars and whiskey themed men’s gift, Suitable as a Christmas gift, bday gift, anniversary. Travel humidors for cigars is a perfect investment or gift, surprise your loved ones today. We back up with the lifetime warranty!

8. CiTree Cigar Travel Humidor, Cedar Wood Leather Cigar Case with Cigar Accessories Gift Set, Brown

  • Premium Cigar Travel Humidors/Portable Cigar Case, zipper lock closure
  • Comes with a refillable 3 jet flame lighter (BUTANE FUEL NOT INCLUDED) and a Premium Cigar Cutter. Has everything you need to store and transport your cigars in safety and style.
  • Interior cedar wood tray secures with a leather strap to separate and protect up to four cigars with max length 7.0" and ring gauge 56.
  • Suitable for home use or travels, such as Vacation, Camping, Road Trips, or Anywhere away from home. Size: 8"x5"x3.3", Wight: 1.48lbs.
  • Top-notch customer service. 30 days Hassle-Free and No Questions Asked return and money back policy.

9. Stogie Safe Travel Humidor Cigar Case Travel - Fits up to 11 Cigars- Waterproof Crushproof Cigar Cases for men | cigar travel humidor case for cigar humidors travel

  • Travel Cigar Humidor w/Hygrometer: Our portable cigar humidor is the ultimate way to travel & keep your cigars safe. This cigar travel case has a built in hygrometer to monitor humidity, airtight seal, waterproof up to 100 ft & floats! Our cigar humidor travel case fits up to 11 Petit Corona cigars and measures 8.3” x 4.9” x 1.5” on the inside & 9.3” x 5.7” x 1.6” on the outside.
  • Crush Proof ABS Plastic: This portable cigar humidor case is made from strong, ABS molded plastic that has an airtight, waterproof seal & can withstand 100 pounds of force! Its protective foam inserts are removable & keep cigars in place. We also included a wrist strap on the side to easily carry the case around
  • Built in Hygrometer & Wide Design: This portable humidor cigar box is one of the only portable humidors with a built-in hygrometer to monitor humidity. Our humidor holds 5 large Churchill and can fit up to 11 Petit Corona cigars. You can add even more by removing the bottom foam. The best travel cigar humidor case available.
  • Perfect for Travel: This rugged style cigar travel humidor case features a premium, lightweight plastic shell that can carry plenty of cigars, cutter & lighter for a weekend guys trip. Plus, our travel cigar portable humidors for cigars smell proof containers & foam insert keeps cigars in place so you don't have to worry about rough TSA agents dislodging cigars all around in your cigar humidor case.
  • Great Gift Idea for Men: This is the best cigar case for men and sure to put a smile on his face. This travel cigar case makes the perfect cigars gift set for men, your dad, boyfriend, brothers and friends. The durability makes it the perfect cigar accessories & humidors, blunt holder, or weed box smell proof for any fishing, boating, hunting or golfing! Cigar sets for men gift cigar humidor accessories can also be a stash box smell proof cigar accessories case. Excellent cigar cases for men.

10. Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor - Large Portable Travel Humidor kit with Humidifier, Cigar Cutter, Cigar Punch, Cigar Holder, Waterproof & Crushproof, Airtight Seal Cigar Case, Holds up to 40 Cigars

  • UNWAVERING PROTECTION - Crafted from robust ABS with high-density foams interior, our cigar case is a fortress for your cherished cigars. Waterproof, shock-resistant, and sealed with precision, it guarantees perfect protection. (And if you ever encounter a snug seal, effortlessly open it with the pressure relief valve. )
  • AMPLE CAPACITY, PERSONALIZED ORGANIZATION - Flauno portable cigar case is tailor-made for your diverse collection. With 2 foam pads featuring horizontal U-shaped slots, it embraces up to 18 long-sized cigars (including Double Corona and Lancero sizes). Additionally, 2 foam pads with vertical U-shaped slots securely cradle up to 36 standard cigars with a 50-ring gauge. Our case offers flexibility and perfect organization for every cigar connoisseur.
  • YOUR PERFECT CIGAR ENSEMBLE - Flauno travel cigar case is the ultimate companion for cigar aficionados. It boasts a complete set of accessories, including a humidifier disc, cigar cutter, punch, and a dropper. Plus, we've added 2 extra cigar stands for those enjoyable moments of sharing cigars with friends on the golf course!
  • PERFECT HUMIDITY - Flauno travel humidor boasts an integrated cigar humidifier, providing your cigars with the ideal environment. Add a few drops of distilled water using the dropper, and let the humidifier do its magic for the ultimate cigar experience.
  • YOUR CIGARS' TRUSTED TRAVEL COMPANION - Flauno cigar case ensures your cigars are securely protected during travel, fishing, boating, golfing, camping, or any outdoor escapade. Embrace the freedom to explore without worries, knowing your precious cigars are flawlessly shielded.

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