Best Awesome Water Guns 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right awesome water guns to suit your needs. We review the 10 best awesome water guns on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good awesome water guns, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching awesome water guns.

You don't have to try out every awesome water guns to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best awesome water guns to be SpyraThree™ Water Blaster Powerful Electric Water Squirt Gun Auto Reload 3 Game Modes LED Shot & Battery Display 50FT Range Premium Summer Beach Pool Toy for Kids & Adults (Blue). There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is 2 Packs Electric Water Gun for Kids [32 FT] Automatic Squirt Guns Pool Toys 800CC High Capacity Water Guns for Adults & Kids Outdoor Beach Swimming Pool Game Summer Party Favor (Blue+Green).

Choosing the awesome water guns can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated awesome water guns. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Awesome Water Guns

Review of Best Awesome Water Guns

1. SpyraThree™ Water Blaster Powerful Electric Water Squirt Gun Auto Reload 3 Game Modes LED Shot & Battery Display 50FT Range Premium Summer Beach Pool Toy for Kids & Adults (Blue)

  • Spyra: The Original Water Blaster – The world's best high-tech water guns since 2018. The king of water guns, the SpyraThree is the pinnacle of water blaster technology.
  • Three Gameplay Modes: Open freestyle shots, rapid bursts, and a powerful single-league blast.
  • Tactical Display: Get live updates on tank level and battery status.
  • Quick Auto-Reload: Tank auto-refills in under 10 seconds. No manual pumping required!
  • Constant Pressure: Experience non-stop action until the tank is empty.

2. 2 Packs Electric Water Gun for Kids [32 FT] Automatic Squirt Guns Pool Toys 800CC High Capacity Water Guns for Adults & Kids Outdoor Beach Swimming Pool Game Summer Party Favor (Blue+Green)

  • AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WATER GUN: The electric water gun upgraded motor and rechargeable battery, no more hassles of manual pressurization and less finger stress on pulling the trigger. With filled water you can fire 160 water blasts at your opponents, 50 min long battery life. Enjoy your summer war party, have an exciting water guns battle with your friends or kids!
  • BATTERY POWERED WATER GUN: The electric water gun's battery supports USB charging for continuous use. Includes two high capacity 3.7V batteries (only need one battery once) and a USB charger. Single battery charging time is 3 hours (Please charge the battery for 3 hours before the first use).
  • SAFE & HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Water gun for kids is made of high quality ABS material. Non-toxic, safe and durable. The sturdy material not easy to break, even for naughty child. The smooth and comfortable handle is easy to grip, won't hurt your kids' hands.
  • FAST SHOOTING: This electric water gun for adults has upgraded motor power for fast firing, range up to 32 feet. Perfect for kids and adults. Water Guns suitable for swimming pool, summer party, seaside, beach, Outdoor and brings you unlimited fun!
  • BLUE AND GREEN 2 CAMPS: This Water Gun has two colors, blue and green, easily distinguish different camps in water battles. (Note: can be exposed to water for a short period of time. But please don't soak for a long time! To avoid causing damage to electronic components.)

3. Electric Water Gun,Squirt Gun Toy,Automatic Water Blaster Gun up to 35 FT Long Range,Outdoor Beach Party Shooting Game Toy with Induction Fire Burner,Ideal Water Gun Toy Gift for Kids & Adults (Blue)

  • 【EXCELLENT DETAIL DESIGN】- This electric water gun adopts a detachable water tank design, and water can be replenished by opening the lid. The NEWEST 2024 UPGRADED automatic water gun has moved away from the previous model. One-click design, easy for children to use. All you have to do is pull the trigger, and the water will keep shooting out.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL AND USE】- Children can easily assemble the water gun, install the battery and the water tank, including adding water to the tank. Then press the trigger firmly, and the water will continue to shoot.
  • 【SUPERIOR RANGE & IMPACT】- This most powerful water gun has an effective range of 26 feet and a maximum range of 35 feet. One touch firing, continuous, ultra-powerful water blasts explosion electric simulation cool fire burner that takes water fights to an immersive new level with light and sound effects. ( Induction Shooting Special Effects: The water gun is equipped with a cool blue LED sensor light [ individual control switch ] to simulate the special effects of firing, the effect is very powerful day or night. )
  • 【BATTERY PROTECTION AND GOOD WATERPROOF】- The water gun is equipped with a battery protection cover. After installing the battery, use the protective cover to ensure that the battery will not be soaked.
  • 【2 RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES&2 WATER TANKS】- Our water gun comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 tanks (120cc clip +370cc tank) and 2 USB charging cable. Two rechargeable batteries up to 60 minutes of super long battery life, 2 tanks, continuous recycling, enjoy endless exciting entertainment with friends and kids at the beach, pool, backyard summer water party.

4. Quanquer 3 Pack Water Guns for Kids Adults - 600CC Squirt Guns Super Water Blaster Soaker Long Range High Capacity Summer Swimming Pool Beach Outdoor Water Fighting Toy for Boys Girls (Blue)

  • Super Value Water Gun: 3 Pack 600cc water blaster guns for kids and adults. Item Measures 13.8''×6.1''. Perfect summer toys for outdoor playtime, have a great water battle in the swimming pool, beach, or garden! Make summer a blast and beat the heat with these squirt guns!
  • Safe & Durable Water Gun: Quanquer squirt guns are made from high-quality ABS materials, non-toxic, meet US Toy Quality Standard. The water blasters feature a non-slip handle and compact size, lightweight and easy to hold. The cool look and bright color squirt guns will bring endless fun for kids at any children’s pool party or summer activities.
  • Ideal Capacity & Long Shooting Range: Our water pistols hold up to 600cc water. The reasonable capacity lets children can move more freely and run faster in summer games. It can shoot up to 28-32 feet long. Each time filled with water, it can shoot nearly 60 times. Pulling the handle can shoot water directly without waiting for punching. No matter where your opponents are, you can easily drench them within the range.
  • Easy To Use: Our water blaster is easy to shoot. Just fill the tank with clean water, slide the pump handle forward and pull it back to fire. The more pump pressure you give, the more shots you have. The squirt gun can blast water up to 28-32 feet for long-range action and far-reaching water fights.
  • Superb After-sale Service: Providing a 100% satisfaction experience is our main priority to our customers. If you have any questions about the water guns, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours. our customers.

5. Blueyak Automatic Manual Dual Modes Electric Water Guns - 38FT Transparent Automatic Long Range Squirt Guns High Powerful Strongest Water Gun Best Water Gun for Summer Pool Toys for Kid & Adult - Grey

  • 💥【Most Unsurpassed and Powerful Electric Water Gun】-- This is a powerful electric water gun with Automatic Manual Dual Modes design & high water output and a strong water jet. It is powered by an upgraded electric motor, roviding you with excellent firing power with a range of up to 36-40 feet, much higher than other similar water guns on the market. Combined with the manual-automatic all-in-one water gun design, this water gun will bring you more than you can imagine, whether you are shooting at long range or close range.
  • 🌌[Sci-fi Appearance Design] -- This electric water gun adopts a fully transparent body design, and the internal device is visible. When pulling the trigger, the push rod will also drive the gun tail to expand and contract, with a strong force of water column along with the jet out, the technology sense of the design concept embodied in the best. The cool shape makes it the center of attention in the kids' water fight so that your opponents have nothing to hide!
  • ⏲[60 MINUTES OF UNINTERRUPTED WATER FIGHTING] - A newly upgraded electric water gun with a new 1200mAh modular battery and a USB charging cable provides up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted water gun shooting. (200 minutes of charging time for a single battery) Continuously provide long hours of fun for kids to enjoy the excitement of battle without worrying about the battery running out, and play as much as they want until they are satisfied. Brand new water gun shape makes you shine at the summer pool party!
  • 🌊【Large-capacity Water Storage Tank】-- It adopts a 500ml large-capacity water storage tank, allowing you to store a large amount of water at once. Whether it's a sustained shoot or a long gaming session, you'll enjoy uninterrupted water power. One-button water tank replacement design, no need to worry about less water allows you to join the water gun battles faster. Enjoy your summer game!
  • 🎁[IDEAL SUMMER GIFT] -- Blueyak Electric Water Gun is ASTM and CPSIA certified and approved to meet U.S. toy standards. It is made of BPA-free and gentle durable material, which is the best high-quality and durable water gun toy for kids & adults. We are committed to allowing children and adults to enjoy the fun brought by our electric water gun. This water gun is suitable as a birthday gift, Children's Day/Christmas/Halloween, and other holiday gifts for your kids or friends.

6. Strongest Electric Water Pistol with 400 Ammos, Transparent Automatic Squirt Guns High Powered IP67 Waterproof, Bodinator Classic Water Gun Summer Pool Toys for Kids/Aldults

  • 【Powerful Electric Water Gun】This is an electric water gun with strong power and large water output. It is driven by an upgraded electric motor, which provides you with excellent water injection power and an excellent shooting range of up to 26 feet, which is much higher than the market on other similar water guns. Whether you are shooting long range or close range, this water gun can bring you surprises beyond imagination.
  • 【Technological Appearance Design】This water gun adopts a fully transparent gun body design, and the internal device is clearly visible. When the trigger is pulled, the push rod will also drive the expansion and contraction of the gun tail, and the design concept of technology is vividly reflected. The cool shape makes it the focus of children in the water battle, and it is a very suitable gift for children.
  • 【Large-capacity & Dual-purpose Water Storage Tank】It adopts a 500ml large-capacity water storage tank, allowing you to store a large amount of water at one time, and is equipped with a 50ml capacity spare magazine, which is more convenient to carry. Whether it's a sustained shoot or a long gaming session, you'll enjoy uninterrupted water power.
  • 【Long Battery Life】Using a 1200mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery, it can play continuously for 3 hours when fully charged, which is much higher than other similar water guns on the market. Continuously supply your long-time game fun, let you enjoy the excitement of the battle, don't worry about the battery running out, you can play as much as you want until you are satisfied.
  • 【Strong Waterproof Capability】This water gun has excellent waterproof ability. It has been precisely designed and efficiently sealed to ensure that it will not be affected in water, even if the water gun is soaked in water, there is no problem. Unlike most electric water guns on the market that cannot be soaked, you can enjoy the fun of fighting in the water without worrying about the performance and durability of the water gun.

7. Skirfy Electric Water Gun for Adults Kids, Transparent Automatic Water Gun Waterproof,33Ft Shooting Range & Battery Powered Squirt Gun,Swimming Pool Beach Outdoor Toys for Kids

  • 🔫【Automatic Water Refilling】 This water guns for adults features a unique automatic water suction design. Simply immerse the tip in a water source and pull the trigger to quickly and effortlessly refill the toy gun, saving you from the hassle of frequent refilling and allowing you to focus more on the fun of shooting.
  • 🔫【Excellent waterproof capability】 This water guns for kids ages 8-12 has excellent waterproof capability. With precision design and efficient sealing, you can enjoy shooting fun in the water without any issues, even when the water guns is submerged in water. Unlike most water gun pistol on the market that cannot be submerged, it provides an unparalleled experience for swimming, surfing, or water parties.
  • 🔫【High Capacity and Impressive Range】 With a filled water tank, this high-powered water guns can continuously fire over 260 shots, reaching distances of over 33 feet, and can be powered by batteries for over 5000 shots, keeping you in the water game at all times. You can engage in epic water battles and enjoy the thrill of chasing and hiding in a wider area with your friends. This automatic water gun will bring you an unparalleled shooting experience.
  • 🔫【New Design Concept】 This electric water guns for adults is made of transparent ABS material, giving it a crystal-clear appearance and a unique transparent beauty. Made of high-quality ABS material, this powerful water gun is non-toxic and safe.The rounded edge design ensures the safety of your child's hands. Parents can play and enjoy the hot summer days with their children.
  • 🔫【Perfect Choice for Summer Fun】 This pool toys for kids ages 8-12 is the perfect choice for your summer fun. Whether you are at beach parties, family gatherings, camping trips, or other summer activities, this kids toy gun will add fun and excitement to your events. It is an essential entertainment tool for summer activities and the perfect Birthday gift for kids and adults alike.

8. Funwee Electric Water Guns for Kids Adults, Full Automatic Water Reload 250+ Water Blasts, 32 FT Range Waterproof Squirt Gun Water Blaster Soaker, Summer Outdoor Pool Auto Dinosaur Toy Gun for Boys

  • 【Automatic Electric Water Gun】Point/Pull the trigger to single/burst shot the most powerful water gun automatically.
  • 【Automatic Continuous Water Filling】Dip the front of full auto water gun into a water source, automatic water gun will automatically suction and fully water reload in 15 seconds.
  • 【High capacity & Long Target Range】More than 250 times continuous high power water blasts per fully water reload & over 32 feets long range distance & fully battery supply over 3000 water blasts to keep you always online.
  • 【Durable & Reliable & Safe】Battery powered motorized water gun is made of high quality robust ABS material casing with precise and thick internal structure to make the strongest water gun. Specially soft water blasts design even at point blank, it's safe and suitable for kids. Water gun electric is the best gifts for your kids & boys & Girls.
  • 【Important Tips】User should strict accordance with instruction manual while operate the fully automatic water gun. Do not shoot at anyone's face or eyes. Battery may need to be fully charged for the first time to use due to transportation & storage. Any issue and question, please let us know, our team is here for you 24/7.

9. Electric Water Guns, VATOS 2 Pack Rechargeable Water Pistol Guns for Kids & Adults, Automatic Fastfill Squirt Gun Blaster Up to 26FT, Summer Water Fighting Toys Gift for Outdoor Pool Beach Yard Party

  • 🌊Long Range & High Capacity: Automatic water guns shoot long range up to 16-26ft every pull of the trigger. With universal bottle mouth - 25mm, powerful water shooters can freely squirt water up to 300-650ml (only include 200ml bottles; you can use 550ml adapted bottle). Providing you a fast-paced and long-lasting water war experience.
  • 💕Safe & Durable Water Pistols: Featured with non-tocix, leak-free, eco friendly and high quality ABS materials, VATOS Squirt guns are ergonomically designed for kids & adults. Automatic water guns are lightweight, smooth and comfortable to grip. Bring you endless fun with the water blasters for summer parties!
  • 🔫Easy Refill & Fast Shooting: Open the lid, fill the tank of water soaker and twist a appropriate bottle, then pull the trigger to rapid shoot bursts automatically by battery powered. You can launch a constant stream of water. Rechargeable battery with long endurance gives you endless summer family fun during parent-child time.
  • 🤩 Super Value Water Gun: Our water guns contains 2 x 200ml bottles, 2 x rechargeable batteries, 2 x screwdrivers and 2 x USB chargers. The protective cover can ensure the battery not to be soaked. Super long endurance and continuous cycle use, you can enjoy exciting water game with no interruptions, and play with your pets.
  • 🎅 Cool Gifts for Kids & Adults: VATOS water guns will bring you unlimited surprising entertainment and precious experience, which are perfect gifts for boys girls. Whether in your yard, lawn, swimming pool, waterpark, beach sand water battle or water party, let's enjoy the cool summer with these water squirt guns.

10. SPYRA – SpyraTwo WaterBlaster Red – Automated & Precise High-End Premium Electric Water Gun

  • SpyraBlast Technology: Every pull of the trigger discharges a powerful individual blast of water with unprecedented precision.
  • Non-stop action: To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraTwo into a water source and fully load and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds.
  • Superior Range: Individual water blasts have an effective range of 33 feet and a maximum range of 50 feet.
  • Maximum firepower: A full SpyraTwo shoots 22 water blasts before it needs a water source to reload, the integrated battery lasts all day (2000 blasts).

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