Woojer Edge – Feel Sound and Experience Fully Immersive Audio

We live in the age of technology. It has introduced us to devices and gadgets that could only be imagined in previous eras.  No one knows what the future might behold but the present technology keeps more and more such gadgets coming. One of these is the new Woojer.

Woojer is a device made for music but completely different and as the creators promise, better than traditional headphones or earphones. Instead of putting something inside your ears, you need to wear over your body. It is available in two types ; strap and vest. The strap can be wrapped around your belly or chest while vest can be worn like a regular vest. Instead of making you hear sound through your ears, Woojer makes you feel it through your whole body.

Woojer uses their own patented haptic technology for working. Inside the strap, resides a polyphonic Osci TRX52 haptic transducer. The oscillating frame that produces frequencies up to 500Hz and then plays them. These frequencies also include subsonic frequencies of 1 to 20Hz that are inaudible to human ear. Thus instead of the sound’s audible part, Woojer makes you experience the sound’s movement. It does not produce any sound while working either.

The vest has some exclusive specs of its own. Instead of just 1 there are 6 Osci TRX52 haptic transducers inside of the vest. The haptic transducers are in pairs of two in the front, back and the sides of the vest.

As Woojer is only producing the sensation, it lets you connect an outside device for listening purposes. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on board. It also supports TRRS headphones connector. Both the vest and the strap have built-in analog headphone amplifier.

For connectivity, Woojer uses Bluetooth 5.0 along with CSR APTX low-latency. There is also a USB Type C port that provides option to play audio from another device. All of it needs battery to work and both the vest and the strap have built-in batteries. Both the batteries are of 3350 mAh and are rechargeable. However, they differ in the voltage as the strap has a 4.2V battery while the vest has a 14.5V battery. It takes around 3 hours for a full charge and Woojer lasts for 8 hours over a single full charge.

woojer edge

Buying Woojer also gives you access to Woojer’s Haptic Metronome app. App provides controls to fine-tune the rhythm and the tempo of the vest or the strap. It also helps in improving tempo control and rhythm which you can use in practicing musical instruments like a guitar.

Woojer weighs only 200 grams and doesn’t feel heavy on body. The straps are stretchable and easy to adjust to fit any size. On the outside, Woojer has volume control buttons and two LED indicators.

Woojer is an exciting piece of technology which looks like is here to stay. This is something that one just needs to experience if one can. A true coming of the age product.

Source – Kickstarter

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