WalkOVR – World’s Most Compatible, Practical, Functional Locomotion System for VR

The virtual reality revolution has exploded over the last few years. While we’ve seen improvements in visuals, games, and head-mounted displays, the way we experience virtual reality hasn’t changed much over the last few years. We get bigger screens or better picture quality but that’s it. There hadn’t been any huge development. We can see and hear with the VR and even feel now thanks to new gadgets. But it can’t be truly Reality until we can move in it. It’s not really fun if you are playing a game with running but you are actually just standing in one place clicking buttons. We need to move.

Enter, WalkOVR. WalkOVR is not a VR headset but a functional motion suit. It has built-in motion capture algorithms that track the user’s body movements and translates them into Virtual Reality. WalkOVR consists of four tiny nodes with built-in motion sensors and algorithm. These nodes capture your lower body movements and transmit them to your gaming device via Bluetooth.

You can walk, run, crouch, slide or do whatever you want to do. And it will transform directly into whatever game you are playing.

You can define the game play area according to the real life play area. If you are playing in a small space, you can decide how far your character moves according to the space around you in real life. It provides you infinite space to move virtually even when you have limited space in the real world.

While using other standard VR headsets, there are usually complaints of motion sickness. It happens when your brains detects it sees a movement but there is no movement in your other body muscles and gets confused. But in WalkOVR you are actually moving so the chances of getting motion sickness are greatly reduced.

Another benefit of using WalkOVR is that it keeps you active. While playing video games you are mostly sitting down or laying down for long periods. This inactivity can make you lazy and put on weight. But with WalkOVR, you are not only eliminating the risk of putting on weight but you actually have chances of losing some pounds too. You are working out while playing your favorite games. It also helps you keep your natural body posture. Most people slouch while playing video games which proves very harmful for our bodies in the long run. It can also provide you statistics like the amount of time you played, the amount of time you ran and the amount of calories you burnt while playing.


WalkOVR doesn’t have any complex setup. It has nodes with straps that are to be strapped to user’s knees, ankles and the torso.

It is compatible with all of the popular VR games like Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, Dead Effect 2 VR and VRchat to name a few. As WalkOVR is not a headset, you need an VR headset. There is nothing to worry as WalkOVR is compatible with all of the leading VR headsets.

WalkOVR is a must have accessory of any die hard gamer. A casual gamer looking for fitness should have it too as it provides a more fun way of losing some pounds.

Source – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/walkovr/walkovr-worlds-most-compatible-locomotion-system-f#

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