TRACPOINT – A Portable Ergonomic Wireless Mouse with Presenter

We live in the age of wireless. Wires are slowly and gradually going out of the business in every field of technology one by one. There are wireless chargers, wireless monitors, wireless earphones, wireless mice and what not. Wires are a mess and being wireless makes your works easier and increases productivity. As it has portability, you can use it for working anytime and anywhere. Now we already have a lot of wireless devices, a lot of new ones still keep coming out. They might have some new or improved features compared to the predecessors. One of these is the new TRACPOINT.

Developed by SwiftPoint, TRACPOINT is a portable and ergonomic wireless mouse. Its body is built in a way such that it fits in your hand with a comfortable and strong grip. It has pen-like grip which makes it feel like holding a pen. It feels like writing something with a pen which we are used to of and comfortable with. TRACPOINT is small and lightweight which makes it easy to use during presentations. It weighs just 24 grams, less than even a 1oz (37.8 g) which is 25% of the weight of any standard mouse.

TRACPOINT uses wireless presenter technology. It has an integrated presenter so you don’t have to carry and worry about two devices while traveling or during a presentation. You can use the buttons or its scroll wheel to navigate through slides and presentations.

TRACPOINT has a unique SPOTPOINT feature. By using it, you can highlight any area on the screen that you want to focus on by just pointing at it. This is a useful feature that comes handy when you want a specific part to be in focus. You can also customize the size and style of the spotlight with the Swiftpoint Control Panel application. You can activate any hyperlinks present in your presentation and open them by using the on-screen cursor too.

The Swiftpoint Control Panel can also be used to configure and optimize all presenter functions, colors, button functions and speed of cursor or the wheel. TRACPOINT has an application changing feature. You can use it for managing and swapping between  presentations or applications.

tracpoint travel mouse presenter

As it is wireless, it means it must run on a built-in battery. All the features of a device would be of no use if it doesn’t have a battery that lets you use the features. That’s not the case with TRACPOINT however. A 60 seconds of charge will provide 1 full hour of use. And if you fully charge it for 1 hour you get use time of up to 2 whole weeks which is really impressive. For charging, it has a RapidCharge supported USB A type charging dongle. The mouse has self-aligning magnetic connector that keeps the charging pins aligned and the mouse fixed in a position while it charges.

TRACPOINT also uses Swiftpoint’s unique Gestures feature. When you tilt or rotate the mouse to right it can perform different functions that assign to it. Thus makes things even easier.

TRACPOINT is a very useful gadget with some exclusive features that boost the productivity while working from home or during presentations.

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