TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) Review

Are you looking to enjoy high quality and better wireless connectivity whenever you are traveling? Do you want a very good router that will help you in sharing Wi-Fi internet connection when you are traveling? Well, there is no better wireless travel router that you can think of than the TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) that will satisfy all your wireless connectivity needs.

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC)

This is the ideal travel router that you would like to carry with you whether you are traveling abroad or visiting any place within the country or even when you are simply sitting in your home. It is a device that will help you to easily and quickly setup a Wi-Fi network in your hotel room. All that is needed is to plug LAN cable of the hotel room into the port provided in the wireless router and enter the default password to quickly establish a Wi-Fi hotspot in the room.

This is a very useful device for anyone who has to be connected to the internet at any time of the day or the night. There is no way you can carry your home router wherever you travel as it is big and bulky. This is why you have the portable travel router from T-Link, the leading manufacturer of world-class routers that are very reliable and affordable.

Features of TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router

The following are some of the impressive features TP-Link AC750 Travel Router

  • This is the first AC750 travel router in the world and is very sleek and attractive
  • It will fit easily in your pocket as it is very compact and lightweight
  • Any internet connection will be transformed into a dual band Wi-Fi network with high speed
  • Creates high-quality and high-speed Wi-Fi network through WISP, 3G/4G USB modem or Ethernet connection
  • Comes with dual band technology with 2.4 GHz (300Mbps) and 5 GHz (433Mbps) bands
  • The dual band technology allows you to connect more devices to the network and also multiple types of devices like laptops, smart phones, and tablets
  • It helps create a private Wi-Fi network in a hotel room by just plugging it to the hotel room
  • Enjoy Wi-Fi hotspot option for your devices in any place and at any time by connecting the router to an outdoor WISP access point
  • Use this device to extend your home Wi-Fi network to unreachable places and to enjoy maximum Wi-Fi coverage without any interruption and dead zones
  • Any Wi-Fi device can be connected to the router through the access point mode feature
  • Comes with a client mode feature that needs a wired connection to get access to the prevailing Wi-Fi network
  • Has a USB2.0 sharing port built into it for easy file sharing
  • The USB port functions as the charging point for any device as well as the file sharing port and therefore is multi-functional


  • Very compact travel wireless router that easily fits in your pocket
  • Easy to setup and create a quick and secure Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Compatible with Amazon Fire TV stick and Chromecast
  • Perfect traveling wireless Wi-Fi router
  • Dual-band AC7500 Wi-Fi for very fast connection so that you can watch HD movies on your devices without any interruptions
  • 20-year warranty on the product with 24×7 technical support
  • Data transfer speed upto 750MB per second
  • It is very compact with dimensions 2.6 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches and 8 ounce weight
  • Offers various operation modes like router mode, hotspot mode, client mode, access point mode and wi-fi range extender mode
  • Built-in USB2.0 port for file sharing
  • The USB2.0 port can be used as a charging dock to charge one device
  • 2-year warranty
  • 24×7 technical support


  • Does not offer decent Wi-Fi connectivity in large rooms or in apartment with many concrete walls


If you are looking for a very compact and versatile Wi-Fi router that you can carry wherever you travel, then the TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) is a very good product to try out. It helps you to easily setup a Wi-Fi hotspot in minutes and will ensure that the connection is secure. It is a very useful device to be used in hotel rooms or in homes to setup a Wi-Fi network so that many devices can access the internet without any interruptions. It will help in creating a Wi-Fi network easily when there is only wired connection in a room. There is no better life saver Wi-Fi device that you can use while traveling than this wireless router from T-Link.

The travel router is very sleek and stylish and has got the modern looks to grab the attention of everyone. It has rounded corners and shiny plastic and hence is a modern router in all respects. It is so compact that the unit can be easily slipped into your pocket or your purse. It will not take a lot of luggage space while you are traveling. It is very easy to setup and you will get quick access to Wi-Fi internet using this portable router.


If you are looking for a reliable, long lasting, affordable and high-specs portable router, then TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) is the best router you will find in the market today. It has all the important features that you need in a high-end portable wireless router. It comes with handy Wi-Fi modes and switching between these modes is a breeze. Setting up the device to offer Wi-Fi in a hotel room or car or any other place is very easy and will just take a few minutes. As it is very easy to use, even non-technical users or first-time users can easily operate the router to meet their Wi-Fi needs.

The USP’s of this travel router are clean and sleek design, indicator lights to show what is happening, fast and easy connectivity, 750 Mbps speed, dual band connectivity, multiple modes with a single switch, 2-year warranty, and micro USB2.0 port for file sharing and for powering a device. With so many handy features and affordable cost, the TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) is best suited for all travelers looking for fast Wi-Fi connectivity.

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