Tivoo-Max: Smart Creative Bluetooth Speaker with Pixel Canvas

Tivoo Max, developed by Divoom, is truly a different kind speaker. Because it’s not only a speaker but a 16×16 Pixel Art canvas. There are 256 LED panels inside of it which are capable of generating 16 million colors. It doesn’t just provide you an amazing sound but also amazing visuals that you create by yourself!

It is designed to look like an old era mini TV which stands on its four little legs. There is a screen surrounded by its squire shaped body frame. The screen contains 256 LEDs that project the visuals on the screen. The screen can be programmed with RGB colour space which means it gives out a fully colored picture. There are three retro styled buttons present on the outside. First one is for changing the pixel art. Second one is for increasing or decreasing the volume. The third button is the switch on/off button. It is available in six colors : White, Black, Red, Pink, Blue and Green.

When it comes to playing music, it comes with a 6 Watts 360 degree full range audio speaker. There is a separate bass port as well. You can connect your device via Bluetooth or insert a TF card or connect an AUX cable.

Talking about the visuals, you can program the LED and create your own designs by using their official editing application. You can create your own lighting or draw your own art. Or you can download a design that you like from their online Divoom Pixel Art gallery. If you like what you have created and think others would like it too, you can upload your own creation to the online gallery too. There is Pixel Chat where you can talk to other users and creators along with downloading the creations.

tivoo max

Along with animations and gifs you can even play pixel art games like Tetris on the screen.

That’s not it. You can use it to get your social media notifications from Facebook or Twitter etc. You can get call alerts. You can set up an alarm. You can create voice memos and then can even use them as alarms or notification sounds. It can work as a stopwatch. It can be a calendar. It can give you weather reports. It can pick up your calls. There is an in-built voice morpher so that you can prank your buddies or do some top secret detective work when you are at it. There is a DJ mixer application as well. Then it can even tell you scoreboard updates. It does everything.

And that’s still not it! Tivoo Max works as a sleep aid as well. It make sure you have a great sleep. The smart alarm mimics a real-life like sunrise effect, where both the light and audio turn on slowly. There are 48 built-in sleep aid profiles so that you can choose what’s best for you.

Tivoo Max easily stands out as a unique product. With so many features included, it is an epitome of creativity, productivity and versatility combined. All of it makes Tivoo Max a one of a kind gadget that you need to have.

Source – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tivoo-max-smart-bluetooth-speaker-with-pixel-art#/

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