The Passport Pro is A Must Have Travel Accessory

One of the greatest concerns people have when traveling around the world is that they might bring items with them that do not work in certain electrical outlets. Zendure has launched a new power adapter that will correct this concern for travelers. The product is called the Passport Pro and is designed to be easy to use in many places.

passport pro gobal travel adapter

The Passport Pro is the follow-up to the original Passport, a travel adapter that features an auto-resetting fuse. The Passport Pro works particularly with a push-button resetting fuse.

The item has become popular on Kickstarter are people look for solutions for their travel needs that are easy to set up and use. The design of the product is compact and easy to work with, thus making it a more efficient and useful product for many of the power needs people have while on the go.

Great Functionality

The Passport Pro uses a simple function that features a series of levers on its side. The levers are utilized to adjust the type of plug that will be used. This ensures that the device can plug into any wall outlet throughout the world.

The device also includes a series of small USB outlets. These are utilized to help people with powering up many items. The Passport Pro works with four separate ports. The design allows people to power up more mobile items and can work in just moments.

An added port on the side is also included for items that a person needs to plug into the charger. The setup works for people who have laptops and other large battery-powered items that cannot be charged with a basic USB charger.

How This Works

The Passport Pro works by having the user add the unit into a power outlet. The proper levels will be adjusted to produce the correct outlet wire for use on a wall. The live wire inputs are linked to a bimetallic strip that will trip if there is an overload identified. A contact strip is also used with circuit breaks to identify the signals coming through.

The most important feature is the reset button found on the top part. The reset button configures the circuit breaker to work in a matter of moments. When pressed, the button will adjust the amount of power that will move into the devices that are attached. This ensures the power that moves through will go evenly and carefully through each device.

A Special Design

The design of the Passport Pro makes it appealing for all to take a look at. The Passport Pro uses a layout that was honored with the Good Design Award from the prestigious Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

The Passport Pro is one of the most anticipated products for people to take a look at. This device works well for many people who need help with getting their devices ready and powered no matter where in the world one is. The push-button control for the circuit breaker adds to the convenience and functionality of the product.

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