The Nixoid Watch Is Different From Most Other Watches

The Nixoid Watch is being designed as a watch that will stand out from other watches out there today. The watch is organized as a model that features a tube lighting design. The design creates an old or classic look, but the layout introduced here adds a good organization.

nixie watch

Old Nixie tubes are used in the Nixoid watch to cleanly tell time. The design of the watch is attractive and features some of the strongest materials around. The watch has been heavily anticipated as a Kickstarter campaign for the watch has become a huge hit.

Strength Is the Key

The Nixoid watch’s IN-16 nixie tubes are made with thick glass materials that can resist vibrations and warping. These include materials similar to what was used by the Soviet Union for military use. The fashionable design offers a retro look that will immediately bring about attention, and in a good way as well.

A Useful Layout

The design of the Nixoid watch uses two IN-16 nixie tubes to tell the time and date. The user can utilize the buttons on the side to adjust the time and date and to switch between different display modes.

This works with a lithium-polymer battery on the inside; the unit can be recharged with a micro-USB port connection in moments. The watch remembers the time setting even when the power is off, thus ensuring the user does not have to change the time or date even when the battery dies out and needs to be recharged. Also, the watch works for about 20 days on active mode and two months on standby mode with one charge.

A 22mm strap is also included. The watch is compatible with most other 22mm straps.

A Bright Glow

The glow produced by the Nixoid watch makes this a useful watch for many needs. Part of what makes the glow work is the filaments included. The NOS glass filaments work in the nixie tubes to produce the bright display. This adds an immediately noticeable look to the watch.

The glow produced by the watch adds a comfortable organization that is dynamic and intriguing. People who are looking for a special watch for any intention will need to see what makes this watch appealing and different from others.

A Useful Plastic Case

The ABS plastic case on the outside also ensures the watch will stay protected. The ABS plastic will not rust or be at risk of harm from various acids. In fact, each case that is produced is made by hand, thus ensuring each product is made to look outstanding and attractive.

The outstanding layout of the Nixoid watch makes it something that people are bound to notice anywhere.

The Nixoid watch is currently being promoted on Kickstarter. The campaign has already met its goal, but people can continue to contribute to get their hands on one of the first Nixoid watches to be produced.

The watches are expected to be released in October or November and will be available throughout the world.

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