Best Spotify Music Visualizers

“Unlimited Data Connection, a free music streaming platform and a pair of earphones” is all you need.

Spotify, the Sweden based online music streaming platform was launched in the year 2008 and has managed to garner a lot of attention of the major proportion of user base since its launch. This is evident from the fact that it is the top music service provider when it comes to the subscriber/user base globally.

The traditional interface of switching between the songs and playlists is boring. It’s not a smarter idea in today’s smartphone or the tech-based world. This is when the concept of visualization comes into limelight. Basically, visualization is the process of generation of animated images on the screen along with playing the music. Thus, adding visualization makes the whole interface a bit more fancy and interactive.

When it comes to Spotify, the sad part is that it doesn’t have its own native visualizer. Though a few years ago a desktop music visualizer was under experimentation, eventually the idea was dropped because of some unknown reasons. So, if you’re using Spotify and want to visualize the music tracks on your playlist, you’ve to switch to third-party visualizers. Today, we have listed a list of the best Spotify visualizers available in the market for 2019.

The whole process of activating music visualizer in Spotify involves the following three steps:

  1. Activating Music Visualizer in Spotify.
  2. Selecting the Music Visualizer of your choice.
  3. Adding Spotify Music to the Visualizer.

Step 1: Activating Music Visualizer in Spotify.

It wasn’t a long time ago that the Spotify introduced the idea of native visualizer for their desktop users. Though the idea was dropped for the mobile app users, the desktop app worked well among the masses. For activating the visualizer follow the below-listed steps:

1. Search for visualizer in the app’s search bar.

2. Search and choose the generator for your music.

3. The task is done. Now all you’ve to do is to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the music.

Unfortunately, due to some unknown reasons, Spotify dropped this concept and took the initiative to eliminate the native visualizer for all Spotify users.

So, the next step is to select a third party music visualizer.

Step 2: Selecting the Music Visualizer of your choice.

A large number of third-party music visualizers are available in the market that improves your Spotify experience. Some of these available visualizers offer good audio as well as visual patterns while the other ones generate a monotonous pattern. So, here we’ve listed the best music visualizers for the Spotify users:

Step 3: Adding Spotify Music to the Visualizer.

Once you’re done with the selection part for the Spotify music visualizer, all you have to do is add the music to the chosen visualizer. It is to be noted that the Spotify is very strict with its copyright policies and preserves the rights by using Ogg Vorbois format. Not many third-party music visualizers support this format. In case you want to use a third-party visualizer:

The primary step is to convert the desired Spotify music to mp3 or other visualizer-friendly format. There are many converter tools available in the market. You can use any one of them.

After conversion, all you have to do is add the converted music file to music visualizer app and you’re ready to enjoy all your favorite tracks!


The first music visualizer on our list is AIMP. It is definitely our first preference and is one of the best visualizers currently available in the market. This music visualizer is available for both Android and Windows devices. This music visualizer application was developed by a Russian app developer, Artem Izmaylov and is named after him i.e., Artem Izmaylov Media Player(AIMP).

It is one of our top choices and is a powerful tool in this aspect. It supports both audio and video files just like traditional players and also allows the user to visualize simple audio tracks. Currently, this application offers three modes to visualize Spotify music. These modes are:

  1. CoR’s Aorta 1.1
  2. Analog Meter Classic
  3. Analog Meter Night

Users can select any one of them at a time as per their choice for visualizing their Spotify audio tracks.

2. Resolume

The second name on our list of top Spotify audio visualizers is Resolume. It allows the user to play all the Spotify audio tracks in a visual format. This specific visualizer is way too easy to use as it comes with a proper guide sequence to demonstrate the preinstalled directions feature for use. Besides, preinstalled navigation feature this music visualizer also permits third-party plugins to improvise the Spotify interface.

Also, Resolume extends supports and compatibility with other plugins like Syphon, Spout and windows visualizer. This aids in sharing music visual sequences and visual effects in real-time use.

3. Bazik

The third name on our list is Bazik. This Spotify music visualizer has a large database of themes and images that forms the central frame for generating a large number of visual effects by changing the frequency and volume. This app comes with a user-friendly and interactive interface with many customization options. This app permits the users to customize the generated music visuals as per their choice for a better experience.

Specifically, this app generates HD (high definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition) music videos. There are many color options available and offers an overall better experience. Besides all these features, the other thing is this app can accept music from all the sources i.e., from a Spotify account, device storage etc.

4. Synesthesia

The next Spotify music visualizer on our list is Synesthesia. This one is a Smash Hit and is quite popular among the masses. This music visualizer is easy to operate. All thanks to its easy to use preinstalled direction guide. This app also extends support for third-party plugins. Thus, allowing the user to improvise Spotify as per their choice.

Apart from all the above-listed features, this visualizer extends support for over 40-built-in scenes. These scenes help in delivering quality visual effects. Also, this app allows the user to get control over video effects. Thus, the complete power for generating the better output version lies in the hands of the user!

5. PotPlayer

The last Spotify music visualizer on our list is the PotPlayer. This spotify visualizer is developed with respect to a powerful algorithm that generates real-time visuals on the basis of the loudness and tempo values of the audio sound to be played.

This app ensures that the user enjoys their Spotify experience by delivering a wide range of great visual effects. Some of the commonly generated visual effects are: WMP visualization, Floating Ball visualization etc.

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