Showbox Alternatives – Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS, iPhone)

Showbox has long made it easy for people to get access to their favorite movies and shows online. The ability of Showbox to work on various platforms has particularly made it popular among people who want the most out of their entertainment desires. But there are many alternatives that people can find to Showbox that deserve to be explored just as well. These options provide people with great ways to enjoy their programs.

showbox alternatives similar apps

Best of all, these Showbox alternative apps can work on various platforms without having to cause people to spend lots of money on what they might be interested in the most. You can find many of these apps for free. But be advised that there might be some restrictions over where you can use these programs.  If you can not access these programs due to some restriction, you can use Couchtuner website to watch movies online.

What are Best Alternatives to Showbox?

Here is list of apps similar to Showbox.

PlayBox HD

You can start looking for an alternative with PlayBox HD. Designed for use on any Android or iOS device, PlayBox is made to work as a program that works with similar controls to what you would get off of Showbox. This works with many display options, but it works even better if you have a tablet or other screen with a slightly larger size. The app does well with HD content.

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MegaBox HD

You can control the video resolution on MegaBox HD to fit your needs. You can go from 360p to 720p depending on your net connection, thus making it easier for you to handle a stream.

Another feature of MegaBox entails the ability to add certain programs to one’s favorites list. The user can add a program or show onto MegaBox and choose to go back to it after a while. This ensures that users can quickly enjoy watching shows and come back to them later as desired.

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PopcornTime has become a heavily reliable program for people thanks to its immense variety of programs and choices for streaming. The service sorts programs by resolution and has many search parameters to help you find what you want right away. PopcornTime does require you to go to its official site to download its APK so you can start using it on your mobile device though, so this would require an extra bit of effort to make it ready. This would be worthwhile when planned right though.

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Hub Streaming

You can go between many Android media players with Hub Streaming. The program lets you go around players to watch multiple feeds at once. You can also download entire movies to watch without risking lag or other streaming issues, although this would require enough room on your mobile device to work. You can also share movie links with other people if desired, thus making this a more social choice among streaming options. Check out more free movie streaming apps for Android.


Hubi is a choice that can work for all major mobile phone models. Hubi gives you control over the movies you watch by letting you stream and download various movies and shows with direct URL download access. You can choose to stream or download things off of the same menu, thus giving you a better option for using media depending on your phone’s ability to handle the content you want to enjoy.

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The guide on TerrariumTV helps you to identify details on what’s on the app and what you can enjoy downloading at any time. The simple layout of the guide ensures you will have access to all the programs you want to enjoy watching.

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Newest Movies HD

As the name of this program suggests, Newest Movies HD concentrates more on helping you to find new movies that you might be interested in watching. It offers television series as well. Newest Movies HD is laid out with a basic structure to provide you with choices for entertainment.

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CinemaBox is another program that requires you to go to its website to download its APK so you can get it to start working on your device. But when you get CinemaBox working, you will find that the app contains many great programs that you will love to stream. The app regularly updates with the latest programs and movies available. You have the option to both stream and download movies. A kids mode is also available with this controlling what younger users can get access to. You also have the option to get various subtitles ready for your programs with many languages available.

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Stremio is a little different from other Showbox alternatives in that this program organizes all of the streaming sources that one already has access to. By working with Stremio, you can get many programs organized to fit the desires you have for your streaming control needs. The Stremio app particularly focuses on commercial and noncommercial streaming options alike, thus giving you a better opportunity for managing all the streaming functions you want to enter into. The streaming performance works well, but iPad users have particularly found this app to be very fast and useful. If you get bored watching movies, you can watch sports online using sports streaming websites.

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Flipps HD

Flipps HD is special in that it does more than just stream things onto a tablet or smartphone. You can also get Flipps to work on your smart TV setup. This programs works on Apple TV and Chromecast sets among others, thus giving you simple access to everything you want to stream. The assorted variety of streaming options you have with Flipps can be accessed through the basic screen on the program. The extensive support of many resolution levels makes this indispensable for those looking to get more entertainment options.

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Tubi TV

Not to be confused with Hubi, Tubi TV offers a good layout that makes it easier for people to find television and movie files. You can reserve certain things that you want to watch for later as well. The versatility of Tubi TV gives you more control over your viewing experience. You can access Tubi TV for free, but a paid version will provide you with access to more detailed streams and with fewer commercials involved. The setup will work well for your entertainment needs, so be sure to see what you can get out of Tubi for your streaming desires.

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PlayView works well on mobile devices, but this Showbox alternative can also be used on your desktop computer. A dedicated desktop app gives you access to everything PlayView has to offer. The best part is that the content can be linked from your computer to a larger television set provided you have the materials on hand for making it work, including the correct wires. You also have the option to download an entire movie file for later use, a point that works very well for people with computers that feature larger hard drives.

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Mobdro is a choice for iOS devices that has recently expanded to be included on Android devices. You can organize the content you download or stream based on topic, things of interest, or other points of value. Bookmarks can also be placed around something based on your favorite scenes or where you might have left off when watching something. The general organization of Mobdro ensures that you can watch things effectively and without lots of distractions getting in the way. Mobdro also works as an open source program, although only those who are the most technically adept may be able to handle the extensive programming code used here.

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Movie HD

Movie HD is an attractive choice thanks to its versatility. You can use Movie HD to download videos in many resolution levels. You can find options for 360p, 720p and 1080p playback. You can also download videos and movies for offline use. The casting feature also makes it easier for you to stream things onto a larger screen. The added Chromecast support feature adds a convenient layout.

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You can search for your favorite movies to watch online with MovieTube. The setup lets you find movies in many genres, languages, and other features. The layout lets you find options that are available through different groups with many of these programs being available for free. Be advised that MovieTube lists both free and paid options, so watch for what is being listed as you find choices to load up.

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Big Star Movies

Big Star Movies works on iOS and Android devices alike. The interesting part of Big Star is that it lets you find movies based on recommendations over what you have been watching in the past. The design that Big Star uses on its app layout lets you have more fun over whatever you might be interested in watching. The organization gives you a better opportunity for finding movies that you could like that you might not have even heard of in the past.

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Torren TV

An important part of what makes Torren TV special is that it offers AceStream functions. This gives you access to AceStream downloads that work with the BitTorrent protocol to play back videos in many forms. The simple layout of AceStream gives you access to more items that might be more fun for you to enjoy using. The app does well with many devices but it is organized for better use with the Windows Mobile system, thus giving you extra control over your streaming experience as you look for something fun to play along with.

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The last of the popular options to see when finding a Showbox alternative is Yupp TV. This is a program that offers a basic layout for finding movies and shows. But while this app does work with many Hollywood programs, it does particularly well with Indian content. You can find many Bollywood films and shows sorted by genre and language. This also offers access to hundreds of popular Indian TV channels and even seven days of catch-up where you can see on-demand streams of older Indian programs that had just aired recently.

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Gigaplex HD

Gigaplex is another program that has grown to include Android support alongside iOS functionality. This does well with streaming content, but you can also choose to buy HD copies of movies and shows that are streaming on the program for your use later on. The great part of Gigaplex is that each of these programs is organized well while also having great design features that add to what you might be interested in finding.

Sky HD

Not to be confused with the British television channel, Sky HD is an option that offers a vast variety of movies and shows to watch. You can use this to quickly access more programs while getting a better picture quality on whatever it is you are watching. Be advised though that Sky HD does cost money to utilize and that the free version does not offer as many free things to check out. You can still get access to the app for free, but it costs extra to enjoy the best programs with the best possible resolution.

What About Commercial Options?

You have many commercial choices to consider when finding an alternative apps similar to Showbox. Choices like Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, and HBO Now have all proven to be influential and popular for people to check out. But even then, you should watch for the costs associated with those commercial programs. Also, the programming choices you might come across would be limited in terms of what is available based on what these commercial options can get access to at a moment.

You can also find some free streaming options like Pluto TV that give you live streaming content. But some of these programs will not give you much of a choice over what you can find for streaming right now. Be aware of what is available when finding something of value that offers such streams right now.

A Final Note

Each of these alternatives to Showbox apps come with many appealing features and access points that will help you get the most out of your entertainment while online. Be sure to look at how these programs are varied and that you have a good plan on hand for getting the most out of your entertainment.

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